Astral Apostle

Chapter 228 - Journey (2)  

Chapter 228: Journey (2)

Roman did not look at him. He only patted the guards and spoke simply,

“We were unlucky to encounter a mutant beast. I’ll have to rely on you guys to deal with it.”

The four guards secretly swallowed their saliva, feeling nervous.

They were not proper Mutant Beast Hunters, and their experience in fighting Mutant Beasts was limited.

They could still deal with more than twenty wild beasts, but if there was an additional high-risk mutant beast, they were likely doomed.

The guard captain blamed Roman for bringing them to such a dangerous place, but it was useless now. He gritted his teeth and said, “Lord Roman, quickly escape. I’ll bring my men to cover your retreat!”

“Yes! Lords, leave quickly!”

The other three guards’ palms were sweating.

“We’re in the forest, I’m afraid we won’t be able to shake off this group of wild beasts,” Roman said casually.

At this moment, the Black Fire Leopard roared as if it had given an order. More than 20 Long-toothed Leopards immediately pounced from all directions.


The four guards roared angrily and waved their weapons to kill the long-toothed leopards that were pouncing at them. They wanted to protect Roman and Zhou Jing for them to escape.

One by one, the leopards charged forward. Their sharp claws and teeth struck the guard’s shield, producing muffled sounds.

The four Mutant Blood Warriors defended tightly and kept slashing out with their silvery blades, cutting off the heads and stomachs of many of the leopards that pounced over. Blood immediately covered the ground around them, and many of the beasts fell down, whimpering and howling.

However, there were too many of them, and the four of them could not withstand all the attacks. From time to time, they would be pounced on by the leopards and dragged around, suffering from multiple scratches.

Little Black #1 guarded Zhou Jing. Once any fish escaped the net, it would rush up and fight with the other party.

The size and combat strength of the black-spotted hyena were far inferior to that of the leopard, but Little Black #1 had been raised by Zhou Jing for a long time and had taken countless medicines. Its body was strong, and it could actually fight evenly in a one to one with a leopard. Once it found an opportunity in battle and used its ability to bite off the enemy’s “vital points”, it could win in one strike.

As for the sword-tailed eagle, it circled in the air and swooped down from time to time, like an arrow that was shot repeatedly. As long as it pecked the leopard, it would leave a bloody hole. With a sweep of its tail, it was akin to a sharp blade that cut through the flesh of the leopard. If a pair of eagle claws hit the spine of the leopard, it could even paralyze the enemy immediately by breaking its bones.

As a low-risk mutant beast, the Sword-tailed Eagle’s combat strength was far higher than that of the dog.

Although Zhou Jing had a physique higher than that of ordinary people, he could not deal with so many enemies. He only let his pet help, but Roman did not move at all.

Just as the four of them were fighting with all their might, a black shadow suddenly flashed past, as fast as an illusion.


With a scream, the guard captain was sent flying by the Black Fire Leopard. Before he could get up, he was pressed under the Black Fire Leopard’s claws as he struggled non-stop.

The guard captain gritted his teeth and waved his weapon, wanting to stab the Black Fire Leopard’s leg and force it to move its claws. However, at this moment, he saw the Black Fire Leopard open its bloody mouth at him, and a red light ignited in its mouth.

Whoosh — Pu!

The Black Fire Leopard suddenly spat out a mouthful of surging crimson flames that swallowed the head of the guard captain.

The fire only stopped after a few seconds. The head of the guard captain had already turned into charcoal on the ground. He was deader than dead.

italics “Oh no!”

Without their backbone, the remaining three guards were in chaos.

The Black Fire Leopard flashed past again and bit another guard in half.

The remaining two guards could no longer resist. They were bitten by the wild beasts and their struggles gradually became weaker and weaker.

Zhou Jing turned to look at Roman, “Do you have to wait until all the guards are dead before you attack?”

“I don’t want to show the power of a sorcerer in front of outsiders.”

Roman thought nothing of his actions.

This trip to find the nature spirit might result in him having to display the power of a sorcerer. He did not want to leak it to too many people, so he did not bring a large team.

However, with two people traveling, there was no one to order around. It was too troublesome, so he brought a group of weak fringe level guards. It was equivalent to finding a few subordinates to take care of him. At the same time, when he encountered some small trouble, he did not have to personally take action. Someone would do it for him.

If everything went smoothly, there was no need to use sorcery.

However, if he encountered some greater danger and had no choice but to do it himself, but was unwilling to reveal the secret, he would have to sacrifice his subordinates… Therefore, it would be more convenient to bring some worthless people along.

Now that he had a potion master like Bill to improve the Mutant Blood Potion, the number of Mutant Blood Warriors would increase greatly in the future. Therefore, in Roman’s eyes, it was no longer rare to get a first enhancement Mutant Blood Warrior. It was not a pity to have them die in battle.

Seeing that the four guards were dead or severely injured, and that no one could leak the secret, Roman raised his hand, and a flame ignited in his palm.

In the next moment, a ring of fire suddenly spread out.


The dozen or so Long-toothed Leopards that were pouncing over were swept by the fire ring and spontaneously combusted.


Miserable beast roars immediately resounded through the forest.

The high-temperature flames instantly melted the flesh of more than ten Long-Toothed Leopards. Their skeletons quickly turned crispy in the flames and cracked.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Suddenly, a series of sharp popping sounds rang out. All the burning leopards exploded, turning into charred remains on the ground.

Map wipe!

The dog was shocked and quickly crawled under Zhou Jing’s crotch, trembling.

Seeing this scene, the Black Fire Leopard was terrified and roared threateningly at Roman. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spat out a stream of flames towards the two of them.

Roman’s expression was calm as he quickly utilized Merging Thoughts to control the flames that shot over towards them.

In the next second, the flames flowed back into the Black Fire Leopard’s throat.

The skin on the Black Fire Leopard’s throat quickly lit up, emitting waves of red light. In a moment, it was suddenly burned from the inside out and imploded.


The Black Fire Leopard staggered and fell. Its throat was ruined, and it could not cry out even if it opened its mouth.

It kicked its legs and struggled to stand up, stumbling as it tried to turn around and escape.

Roman was about to do the finishing blow when Zhou Jing suddenly whistled.


The Sword-Tailed Eagle seized the opportunity and swooped down, pecking at the Black Fire Leopard’s fragile eyes. Like an arrow that had left a bow, half of its body pierced into the Black Fire Leopard’s eye socket.

The Black Fire Leopard’s brain was severely injured. Its body swayed and it fell stiffly to the ground, no longer moving.

“What a steal!”

Zhou Jing was delighted. He quickly went forward and pulled out the Sword-tailed Eagle from the Black Fire Leopard’s eye socket to shake off the blood stuck to its feathers.

After these few days of training, he had already used the pet function to increase the level of the Sword-Tailed Eagle’s skills by a lot. He had also honed the toughness of its beak. Although it was only a low-risk mutant beast, its lethality was considerable. As long as he hit a vital point, it was not impossible to kill a stronger mutant beast.

The current Sword-tailed Eagle was like an arrow circling around him. It could not be considered as good as throwing with his arm, but it could hit the rough direction he pointed towards.

Roman did not mind that his kill had been snatched. Seeing that the flames around him were burning fiercely and were about to brew into a mountain fire, he activated his Merging Thoughts and gathered the stray flames before extinguishing them. He was very environmentally friendly.

His flame lethality was enough to quickly kill most mutant beasts. Even high-risk mutant beasts were existences that could be insta-killed by him.

Zhou Jing returned to Roman’s side. He took a look at the guard’s corpse before shaking his head.

“If you had done it earlier, they would still be alive.”

“Since they’re guards, then protecting us is their duty. If they die for this, it’s worth it. Otherwise, why would you need a guard… You’d better be like me in the future. Don’t expose your strength as a sorcerer in front of unrelated people because of your weakness.”

Roman waved his hand. He was not a kind person, so he did not want to reveal his abilities in front of the guards.

Zhou Jing shrugged and did not comment.

It was only because he was useful and had the ability to make potions that Roman used sorcery to make a deal with him.

Although Roman was not a good person, he was in no position to criticize him since he was learning sorcery from him.

Only two people, an eagle, and a dog were left in the team. They could only pick up their luggage from the guards’ corpse and continue forward.

On the way, they encountered a few more waves of wild beasts, all of which were easily burned to death by Roman.

Zhou Jing openly observed Roman’s battle and realized that no matter what enemy he faced, he was always at ease. It was difficult to determine the limit of his strength.

The sun gradually set in the west. The two of them climbed the mountain range. The journey was frightening but not dangerous, and they finally arrived at their destination.

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