Astral Apostle

Chapter 22 - Return (1)

Chapter 22: Return (1)

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A sneak attack!

Zhou Jing’s mind instantly sharpened. The dozens of arrows seemed to have slowed down, and the trajectory of each arrow became clearly visible.

Sharp bone heads, pitch-black arrow shafts, quivering tail feathers…

Damn it. 

His body was too injured to keep up with his thoughts!

It was already too late to escape all the arrows. Zhou Jing could only drag his injured body and try his best to hide in the area with the fewest arrows. At the same time, he pulled out his hunting blade and dagger to deflect the arrows.

Clang! Clang! Psh psh psh—

The arrows aimed at his neck and legs were sent flying, but there were still three arrows that broke through the encirclement.

The sharp bone arrows penetrated his body, and one could hear the sound of flesh being pierced,

First, there was a chill, followed by intense pain. After that, Zhou Jing almost lost all his strength.

Although his body’s physical fitness was good, he wasn’t strong enough to deflect five arrows simultaneously, and he had already been injured previously.

His mastery of the hunting blade and dagger was only at the Apprentice level. Although he was currently well versed in operating weapons, his weapon mastery was not enough for him to perform more difficult moves.

With a weapon in each hand, he accurately deflected two bone arrows. He was immensely concentrated.

At the same time, the sound of arrows hitting could be heard from all directions, mixed with the cries of two to three hunters.

“Ambush! It’s the Subterraneans!”

“When did they arrive?!”

In the shadows of the forest, groups of Subterraneans appeared in the dark. At a rough glance, one could see that there were no less than 50 of them. They held short black bows and kept shooting arrows down on the group.

This group of Subterraneans seemed to be the group that was scared off by the hunters after having foiled their night attack a few days ago.

When everyone recognized the origin of these Subterraneans, they were both shocked and furious.

To think they would attack at this moment!

The commotion from the hunt must have been too loud. The light from the inferno they created shone far away, and the roar resounded through the forest, attracting the nearby Subterraneans.

It was also possible that the group of Subterraneans had been secretly tailing them and looking for an opportunity, keeping a distance so that they would not be discovered. When they realized that the group was fighting the mutant beasts from afar, they waited for both sides to suffer heavy losses before launching an attack and taking advantage!

The White Spider was long considered a threat to the Subterraneans who lived in the forest… So they were probably waiting for the hunters to get rid of the White Spider so that there would no longer be any threats to them!

“What a bunch of despicable little b*st*rds!”

Everyone was furious, having come to a similar conclusion.

A few days ago, the hunters would not have been afraid, but three of their comrades had just been killed while hunting the white spider beast. The rest of the hunters were exhausted, and they had varying degrees of injury. They were in very bad condition. Barong, who had suffered the most injuries, said that he was fine, but he was actually exhausted.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The arrows were too sudden, and everyone was caught off guard when handling the spoils of war.

Including Barong, four hunters were shot, and one was even hit with seven arrows!

Only the other three survived because they stood a little further away.

“Run into the forest!” Barong roared.

To create the pit trap and make it easier for them to rain arrows on the mutant beast, they specially chose a relatively empty space to set their ambush. The sparse trees now proved to be a disadvantage for them.

They had to escape into the forest to use the trees as cover to block the rain of arrows from the Subterraneans.

Everyone could not even care about the spoils of war and the corpses of their companions as they fled.

The two hunters who were hit with the most arrows were too heavily injured to run. They were shot in the back by the next wave of arrows and fell to the ground with a thud, eventually drowned by the swarm of Subterraneans.

Zhou Jing had three arrows stuck in his body. Every step he took brought about bone-piercing pain.

He suddenly sensed the whistling of arrows behind him. Gritting his teeth, he pounced to the side.

Du du du!

Seven to eight arrows appeared on the ground where he previously stood.

He felt another sharp pain in his back and shoulder blades as he tried to dodge. He was once again shot by two arrows, making him gasp involuntarily.

By the time Zhou Jing got up from the ground again, the Subterraneans had already closed in. The bone blade in its hand ruthlessly stabbed out, aiming for his heart.

Zhou Jing endured the pain and loss of strength as he fought with both his blades.


The hunting blade and dagger intersected, blocking the bone blade that was stabbing over.

Then, he raised his left hand and swiped it. The dagger instantly slit open the neck of this Subterranean without any hesitation.

Fresh blood spurted out!

Even though he was injured, his physical fitness was still much stronger than these skinny little skeletons.

Although the Subterraneans were a part of the human race, Zhou Jing did not hesitate.

When he was hunting the mutant beasts just now, he felt as if a switch had been turned off in his heart. It was as if he had broken through the shackles of a stable life and vented out his anger.

Zhou Jing’s hunting blade went straight into another Subterranean eye socket and pierced through the head.


When he pulled out his blade, a stream of blood that was mixed with white brain matter spewed out. He expressionlessly watched the Subterranean before him spew blood and fall.

However, even though he had killed the enemy, his footsteps had still paused for a moment to execute the move.

And following the fall of the Subterranean, he saw three or four more Subterraneans behind the first, as well as more Subterraneans drawing close.

I can’t turn around. If I do, I’ll be stabbed to death…

Zhou Jing immediately understood the situation. As he retreated, he gripped his two weapons tightly, preparing to face the Subterraneans head-on.

At this moment, a gust of wind whistled past.


Barong’s giant ax spun out, smashing into the Subterraneans with irresistible force.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The few Subterraneans at the front could not dodge in time and were directly bisected.

In an instant, broken limbs flew everywhere!

It was not obvious when they were fighting against the mutant beast, but when fighting against other races, the overwhelming power of the Mutant Blood Warriors was fully displayed!

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