Astral Apostle

Chapter 14 - Accelerated Learning (1)

Chapter 14: Accelerated Learning (1)

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According to these hunters, this forest was called the Black-Clothed Forest, and it was vast. Frostwood Village was located at the edge of the forest. In the outer forest not far from the village, there was a Subterranean lair.

Mutated beasts ran rampant during the Wilderness Era, and humans were divided into two groups. One group struggled at death’s door while the other group started digging underground caves to live to avoid the Mutant beasts. This was the origin of the Subterraneans.

Unlike the humans on the ground, the Subterraneans relied on underground caves and burrows to live. Due to geographical factors, they were very isolated and lacked communication, causing the intelligence of their race to be uneven. Some could build underground cities and trade with human tribes, while others were still at the stage of eating raw meat and drinking blood, no different from savages.

The nearby lair was the latter. It was barbaric and backward, as though they were bandits that had just formed up and gone into the forest. There would often be groups of Subterraneans wandering in the forest, and sometimes they would even walk out of the forest to plunder the passersby.

According to the hunters, Frostwood Village had always wanted to uproot the lair that threatened security, but they were short on manpower. They had visited the feudal lord many times, but the latter did not pass down any commands.

This group of Subterraneans probably came from the nearby lair…

Zhou Jing vigilantly sized up the enemies that surrounded him.

Well, those hunters had said that the Subterraneans were weak. If it were a one-on-one fight, they could easily finish them off. However, the Subterraneans usually moved in groups and were good at jungle stealth. They posed a fatal danger to people in the forest.

Just as Zhou Jing was thinking hard, the group of Subterraneans slowly approached underneath the cover of the trees. Their group soon increased from 10 to nearly 50, faintly surrounding the camp. The two sides were in a deadlock.

There are too many people. I feel like I’m going to become cold1… What’s this? I haven’t even fully understood the situation in this world.

Zhou Jing’s heart jumped when he saw the group of Subterraneans moving around, ready to pounce at any moment.

As someone who was as clean as a whiteboard when it came to combat, he did not have the ability to deal with this situation…

He was more likely to die than to remain alive when faced with such a wave of creatures.

He hoped that the information given by the interface was correct. The death of the Astral Apostle would not affect his main body.

However, it was impossible to wait helplessly for death… Zhou Jing’s eyes narrowed. He gripped his dagger tightly, ready to attack at any moment.

Although his mind was on high alert, he had no intention of retreating in a panic. Instead, his mind seemed to work faster and clearer.

As a citizen of an interstellar era, living in a society where safety was guaranteed, Zhou Jing had never faced such a life-threatening situation. He originally thought that he would be nervous or timid, but when he really encountered it, he realized that he didn’t seem to have such emotions.

He was even vaguely excited about the upcoming bloody battle and… impatient?

This is so weird. Why do I feel like this? I’m more excited than I am when I see a beautiful woman…

Zhou Jing was secretly surprised.

At that moment, Barong suddenly let out an angry grunt. His voice was like muffled thunder, leaving a ringing in everyone’s ears.

Everyone looked on as Barong took two steps forward, grabbed the long-handled ax that never left his body, and suddenly swung it.

Wuuuunnngggg –

The giant ax brought about a powerful force, sweeping out a gust of wind that shot out not unlike a shock wave.

The fallen leaves on the ground were instantly blown up and fluttered all over.

The wind pressure was so strong that the faces of the closest few Subterraneans trembled. They took a step back in fear.

“Get lost!”

Barong let out a roar like a giant bear.

The group of Subterraneans became restless as if they were intimidated by Barong’s immense strength. After hesitating for a while, they slowly retreated into the dark forest and disappeared out of the range of the campfire.

The dense rustling sound gradually faded into the distance as the group of Subterraneans quickly retreated, just as quietly as they had crept closer.

“Alright, it’s safe for now. I don’t think they’ll come again.”

Barong was expressionless as he placed the ax on his back again. The crowd of hunters also heaved a sigh of relief. Their tense bodies relaxed, and the murderous atmosphere dissipated.

Zhou Jing blinked, a little confused.

They… they ran away just like that?

They were already here; they should have at least shot an arrow or something!

I was excited when you guys left. This puts me in such an awkward situation…

As if sensing Zhou Jing’s surprise, Griff patted his shoulder.

“The Subterraneans live in the forest, so they need to preserve their strength. That’s why they always bully the weak and fear the strong. They’re extremely cunning, and once they feel that their enemies are too strong, they will avoid fighting.

“Furthermore, those of them in this lair know about Frostwood Village. We hunters have met them in the forest many times, and they understand our combat strength. As long as we have enough people, they will not dare to truly attack. They’ll only strike if you’re alone.”

“I see… Then why did you suggest sending one or two people to escort me out of the forest?” Zhou Jing nodded in realization.

“We can’t just stand by and do nothing… Fortunately, Captain Barong decided to bring you along, so we don’t have to try our luck.”

Griff managed a wink. Apparently, he’d said that on purpose.

While the two were chatting, Barong walked over and looked at Zhou Jing with slight surprise.

“You were the first to discover the Subterraneans?”

“Yes, I vaguely sensed something approaching. To be cautious, I woke everyone up.”

Zhou Jing answered carefully.

He did not forget the “code of conduct” of this apostle from the astral world and tried his best to show his personality.

“You did a good job. The forest is the home ground for the Subterraneans, and they’re good at hiding in the shadows and ambushing. Everyone’s an old hunter, but you found out earlier than any of us, and you didn’t let them sneak up on you… Either way, that proves you’re pretty observant.”

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