As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster

Chapter 170 - Chapter 170: Going Home

Chapter 170: Going Home

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“Holy shit, Level 32!”


“Little Xuan, you’re awesome. I knew you were in the third transition, but I didn’t expect you to directly reach Level 32! You’re simply not human.”

Liu Tangshan looked at Zhang Xuan in disbelief. He didn’t expect his level to have already reached this level.

Liu Yunshan, who was at the side, was also shocked. However, in comparison, Liu Yunshan quickly recovered.

“Junior Zhang Xuan, the level of your only hidden profession has probably exceeded most legendary professions.”

“It’s no wonder Dean Dai thinks so highly of you.”

To be honest, it would be a lie not to be envious. However, Liu Yunshan also knew that Zhang Xuan’s professional strength was indeed shocking. It wasn’t something ordinary people could compare to.

However, he didn’t know if Zhang Xuan’s battle power would become even more terrifying now that he had reached Level 32.

“I say, Zhang Xuan, after you changed your profession, did your profession name change? Are there any skills?”

Zhou Yi was also filled with curiosity.

Zhang Xuan was a new student. Although the semester was about to end, he was a new student compared to them.

In such a short period of time, Zhang Xuan had reached the third transition. This was indeed unprecedented.

It made them want to know what kind of changes had happened to Zhang Xuan’s profession.

Looking at the curious expressions of the few of them, Zhang Xuan was rather helpless.

He immediately said, “The name hasn’t changed. It’s still a Necromancer. As for skills, the third skill is considered a support-type. However, the number of the Skeleton Army has increased by 30.”

As Zhang Xuan finished speaking, the three of them were immediately


They didn’t believe in the skill support Zhang Xuan mentioned. Although his profession was a support, everyone knew that his profession was better than anyone’s.

Moreover, the number of the Skeleton Army had increased by 30!

That was a huge increase. Just this point alone wasn’t something other class advancement players could compare to.

Just in terms of summoning, Zhang Xuan’s profession was definitely unique. It was definitely the best.

He couldn’t find any profession that could compare.

After all, even special Beast Tamers and summoners couldn’t compare to Zhang Xuan’s Necromancer.

This was the most important thing.

“Your profession is really abnormal.”

“However, speaking of which, the holidays are coming soon. When are we going to the Black Triangle area?

“Why don’t we confirm the time first?”

Zhou Yi spoke and returned to the topic.

Upon hearing Zhou Yi’s words, Liu Tangshan also said consecutively, “Let’s go back for about ten days. We’ll meet at the academy in ten days, how about that?”

“In any case, if we want to go to the Black Triangle area, we still have to use the teleportation array. The teleportation array outside the academy is extremely expensive.”

Liu Tangshan made a suggestion, but Zhou Yi didn’t care about the price of these teleportation arrays.

For her, a little rich lady, she naturally wouldn’t care about this small problem. In comparison, Zhou Yi was only concerned about dungeons and professions.

“Alright, then let’s meet at the academy.”

After the itinerary was finalized, there were only a few days left until the holidays.

Although Zhang Xuan had reached the third transition and Level 32, he had reached the peak of the lower level among the class advancement players.

However, because he was about to go home, Zhang Xuan also began to


Zhang Xuan’s family background wasn’t good, although he and his sister, Zhang Anya, had already become class advancement players and could support their expenses by farming dungeons and selling materials.

However, the consumption of class advancement players wasn’t small. His sister was in Cherry Blossom Country, so Zhang Xuan naturally had to take responsibility for the situation at home.

Therefore, in the past few days, Zhang Xuan had gone to the trading venue several times.

He sold all the materials he had collected during this period of time and those he didn’t need.

Although some materials were only sold for 10 gold coins, many could reach 100 gold coins, or even more than 1,000.

Because Zhang Xuan was fast and had a high drop rate, all the materials that appeared were naturally not bad.

During this period of time, because the EXP converter had long been handed to Dean Dai, Zhang Xuan kept the materials.

In addition to the school rewards and so on.

With the enhancement of various things, the gold coins accumulated to more than 50,000!

A few days later.

Liu Tangshan and Jiang Lingyue also came one after another.

The three of them came from the same place, so they naturally returned together.

Jiang Lingyue had been working hard during this period of time and had been farming dungeons. Her level had also increased very quickly and she had already reached Level 28!

There was someone to fetch them before they came, so they naturally had to travel alone

Two days later.

They successfully arrived.

Xinyuan City.

In an old neighborhood.

When Zhang Xuan returned and looked at the house, he was also excited.

He pushed the door open and walked in to see that his parents were cleaning the house. They also knew that Zhang Xuan was back today, so they were busy.


“I’m back.”

When Zhang Xuan entered, Father Zhang and Mother Zhang were immediately excited. They hurriedly went forward and sized up Zhang Xuan, afraid that he had lost an arm or a leg.

After all, as class advancement players, they farmed dungeons every day and had various dangers. They were also very worried.

“Dad, Mom, don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Zhang Xuan looked at the worried expressions of the two elders and immediately comforted them.

However, when she heard this, Mother Zhang immediately widened her eyes. “What do you mean you’re fine? Class advancement players are already in danger all the time. The last time your sister came to video call us, she lost a lot of weight.”

“It’s all Father and Mother’s fault for being ordinary people. We can’t help you and your sister. Even the gold coins…”

As she spoke, Mother Zhang immediately sighed and looked sad.

Looking at this situation, Zhang Xuan immediately felt helpless.

“Mom, don’t worry. My sister and I are fine. My sister will probably be back next year.”

“Besides, I’m the number one in the country. Don’t you believe your son??

Zhang Xuan comforted them continuously.

Then, he directly took out the bank card he had prepared long ago.

“Dad, Mom, there’s more than 50,000 yuan here. These are all rewards from the academy for my missions in the academy. You guys keep them.”

Looking at the bank card Zhang Xuan took out, Father Zhang rejected it directly.

“Son, you’ve grown up, but keep these gold coins yourself. If you really can’t, transfer some to your sister. After all, girls spend a lot.”

“You don’t have to worry about us.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Xuan shook his head continuously. He still knew his parents well.

Usually, he couldn’t bear to spend and ate less to support the two of them.

Ordinary people were the cheapest labor in this world. Therefore, wages were also very low.

Especially in a family like theirs, they had no foundation.

“Don’t worry, I just don’t need it, that’s why I sent it to you. Your son isn’t a fool.. How can he starve himself?”

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