Arrival of the Alternate World: My Identity as the Holy Emperor Got Exposed by My Daughter

Chapter 625 - Chapter 625: TuQ Uncommon Otherworldly Beast!

Chapter 625: TuQ Uncommon Otherworldly Beast!

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“What’s different?”

“Is it points?”

“The points obtained from hunting uncommon otherworldly beasts in Area D are at least 100,000, right?”

“If you kill an overlord of a sinkhole, which is an ordinary otherworldly beast above lv.35, you can obtain more than 10,000 points. If you kill an uncommon beast above lv.35, you will definitely obtain more than 100,000 points.” While the netizens were discussing this topic, there were also many netizens who looked at the live broadcast of the other Chosen Ones.

One had to know that currently in the Otherworldly Beasts of Mountains and Seas dungeon, uncommon otherworldly beasts had appeared in all four regions at the same time.

Moreover, they appeared for as long as three hours.

The appearance of uncommon otherworldly beasts for a long time actually did not affect the so-called overall situation.

In other words, everyone had a chance to hunt uncommon otherworldly beasts and obtain enough points to pass the trial.

Area C, on the fourth island.

Huang Lu and the others looked at a hazy fog ahead.

This scene was more than familiar.

“Could it be Zheng and Ning, these two uncommon otherworldly beasts again?” “Could it be that the uncommon otherworldly beasts in Area C are always Zheng and Ning?”

“That’s perfect.”

“One uncommon otherworldly beast per person.”

Everyone looked at each other before their gazes landed on Huang Lu.

They were waiting for Huang Lu to make a decision.

Huang Lu said, “If there’s no problem, let Uncle Liu and Tao Zhiming hunt first?”

Hearing this,

no one had any objections.

Zhang Bo and Liu Guangwei didn’t refuse, and just nodded.

Obviously, Huang Lu had made this decision after careful consideration. The reason was very simple. Liu Guangwei and Tao Zhiming were the weakest in the group.

If they were left behind in the end, it might give Jiang Che, who was not far away, an opportunity.

The methods of the cultivation family of the Zongheng lineage could really catch people off guard.

Huang Lu planned to hunt uncommon otherworldly beasts with Chu Xinran. After all, with their combined strength, they could completely deal with the crisis brought about by Jiang Che.

Now that Huang Lu was temporarily the leader, her decision was very wise. Sometimes, villains had to be guarded against!

If Jiang Che could really unite with them against the external enemy, Huang Lu and the others would naturally not treat him in a selfish manner. However, everyone seemed to know what Jiang Che was thinking.

The reason was also because Jiang Che actually appeared last. Wasn’t this the behavior of a hunter?

Why did he hide himself so deeply?

Therefore, it was impossible for Huang Lu and the others to accept him.

Once Jiang Che really attacked the other Chosen Ones, Huang Lu and the others would not be polite to him at all.

Chu Xinran said to Huang Lu, “Qianqian should have encountered an uncommon otherworldly beast too.”

Huang Lu frowned slightly and pondered for a while before saying, “It’s hard to say.”

Everyone knew that Su Qianqian had the special power of automatically finding her way, and could lock onto her target.

But if she didn’t even know the target, how could she lock onto it?

It didn’t matter even if she missed it. After all, the fourth trial lasted for a month.

Su Qianqian had only been in Area D for about four hours.

Therefore, even if she missed out on an uncommon otherworldly beast, it would not affect her at all.

Chu Xinran touched her nose, and entered a state of deep thought.

It was as if Su Qianqian had stolen their hearts.

They could not tell what this feeling was, but it was invisible. They wanted to follow the feeling because they wanted to follow Su Qianqian.

Of course, it was not because Su Qianqian was lively, cute, and charming, but because of her personality.

They seemed to be able to find traces of Su Yang in Su Qianqian.

Actually, Chu Xinran and the other Chosen Ones were not the only ones.

The netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream also felt the same.

They did not know if they were used to it, but they felt that Su Qianqian’s trial in the Otherworld Instance Dungeon had a different kind of beauty.

It was clearly a nightmare.

However, Su Qianqian was really like a ray of light in the darkness.

Perhaps this was everyone’s chicken soup for the soul?

Sometimes, material satisfaction was far less enjoyable than mental satisfaction.

Just like love.

Love was the foundation of materiality©, but love that was bone-deep was spiritual.

Perhaps Huang Lu and the others had already regarded Su Qianqian as a form of spiritual sustenance.

As long as Su Qianqian was still alive, as long as they saw Su Qianqian’s pretty and adorable face, their hearts would be filled with joy, and it would be easier for them to enter another mental state.

Wasn’t this the light of life?

Everyone had their own confusion and darkness in their hearts.

As long as one’s life was not gray, he would definitely believe in light.


In a sinkhole.

This place was like a lake.

However, the otherworldly beast Xing Xiu smelled a very strong smell of blood. On the surface of the water, there were streaks of bright red, as if several large dye vats had been thrown into the water.

However, upon closer inspection, one would realize that it was blood.

However, the corpse of the otherworldly beast did not float up.

There was no otherworldly beast’s corpse under the water.

What did that tell us?

This meant that the otherworldly beast had been eaten.

The otherworldly beast Xing Xiu realized that it was a step too late.

The otherworldly beast Xing Xiu ran up the rock wall of the pit.

“My master, we’re late.”

The otherworldly beast of Xing Xiu clearly felt that it was about 20 minutes late.

If they had already been on their way when the uncommon otherworldly beast had appeared half an hour ago, they would definitely have been able to encounter the uncommon otherworldly beast here.

Su Qianqian asked, “What kind of uncommon otherworldly beast is it Xing Xiu?”                   ’ 5

The Xing Xiu otherworldly beast shook its head, and said, “With just its aura, I can’t determine what uncommon otherworldly beast it is. I’ll look around first.” With that, the otherworldly beast Xing Xiu sniffed and walked around slowly. That action was a little strange.

It looked like a duck scrabbling for food, or a puppy sniffing, or a crazed tiger roaring.

This series of actions was completely confusing.

This behavior was not only inconceivable, but also extremely strange.

However, Su Qianqian did not care. She was just watching from the side. Compared to half a year ago, Su Qianqian seemed to be much gentler. It was not that she no longer had the childishness of her childhood, but because she had experienced too much, so she was no longer as indulgent as before.

Was this considered another form of maturity?

After a while, the fur on the otherworldly beast Xing Xiu’s body immediately stood on ends.

This was a sign that the sense of danger was getting stronger, just like how humans would feel their hair stand on ends when in fear.

In the Heavenly Dao live-stream, the netizens stared fixedly at Su Qianqian’s live broadcast. Some of them even held their breaths.

They were also very curious about what kind of uncommon otherworldly beast had appeared in Area D. They were just waiting for the otherworldly beast Xing Xiu to say it.

Every second seemed to pass very slowly.

They were looking forward to it because they were curious.

The Xing Xiu otherworldly beast said, “My master, it’s an uncommon otherworldly beast Tu ©?!”

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