Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Volume 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 : Miledi Raisen II

At the doorway of a certain passage. You’d noticed that somehow there were only walls in the passage. Normally, one would see it as a dead end. However, some parts of the walls were actually connected to a room from several minutes ago.

Silence lingered in the air, immediately, sparks started to appear from the dead end-like wall, and a hole where people could pass through in a half-crouching position appeared. Creeping out of it were…

“Zehah zehah, hu-hurry it up.”

“… …Nn, it’d be troublesome to be crushed by this.”

“Well, I don’t think that was at a level where you’ll only feel troubled, right? Wouldn’t you normally die from it?”

It was the trio of Hajime, Yue, and Shia. Hajime and his party were wandering around after escaping via the tunnel inside the scorpions’ room. Then, they arrived at a room that had a standard trap where the ceiling dropped down and crushed them.

They were unable to escape the room because the range was too vast. Immediately, Hajime and Shia used their backbones to support the ceiling, and with that chance he used transmutation to make a hole in the ceiling.

Most of all, transmutation was becoming harder to use because of strong magic disintegration in this place, the speed of transmutation became a quarter of the usual, and the range only one meter, while the amount of magic consumption became tenfold the usual. That’s why, Hajime only managed to transmute a small space just enough to hold three people, and they moved toward the exit.

“Damn, even “High-speed magic recovery” was useless. The amount of recovered was too small”

“… … for now, do you want to drink… … recovery potion?”

“Now now, please drink your full~”

“You guys, somehow you have too much composure…”

Hajime who felt a little tired, sat while leaning on the wall, Yue held the gesture of feeding someone chocolate, while Shia got the magic-recovery potion from her pouch. Although it was possible to use the magic crystallization stone to replenish his magic, while it was convenient to get magic power from it, he wanted to preserve it. Furthermore in this situation it was more appropriate to use a magic-recovery potion.

Hajime who felt that he was in a play, as a salary-man with Yue and Shia, and thought, “I can’t make any rebuttal on it”, while he received the recovery potion and drink it in a flash. It tasted almost the same as Li**vitan D. Hajime felt the differences in speed and amount of recovery from magic crystallization stone was significant compared to this, but he could feel that his vitality had recovered a lot. “Ush!”, was how he psyched himself up and stood up.

Once again, they discovered those annoying sentences.

“Pupu—, in a hurry~?, how uncou~th”

Apparently these annoying sentences were a set along with the traps. Miledi Raisen… … was a person who put in a lot of effort to harass someone.

“W-we aren’t in a hurry! Absolutely not! We aren’t that uncouth!”

Having traced Hajime’s gaze, Shia who found those annoying sentences let out, “GRR!”, while protesting toward those characters. It seemed Shia’s hostility toward Miledi already reached the heavens. She reacted every time she found those annoying sentences. Probably, if Miledi was still alive she would have said, “Good prey have come!”, while grinning.

“Ignore that, let’s go. You don’t need to mind that every time.”

“… …What you thought is important.”

“Uu, okay.”

Afterwards, they advanced on the passage, and they reached rooms with other traps waiting. Suddenly, poisoned arrows came from every direction, sulfuric acid-like liquid which melted anything that entered the pitfall, there was also a room where the floor turned into something like an Antlion Nest, with a worm-like demonic beasts in the center of the room, also the annoying sentences. The stress level of Hajime and his party increased at mach speed.

Even so, they passed through all of the traps, and arrived at the biggest passage they had gone through in this dungeon. Its width around 6-7 meters. It gradually became a slope that bent to the right. It was probably a passage that descended in a spiral shape.

Hajime and his party kept vigilant. There was no way that a passage like this didn’t had any traps in it.

After a while, their thoughts proved to be right. An unpleasant sound, “GAKONn!”, of a mechanism could be heard. Immediately, they realized that they hadn’t stepped on or pushed any switches. Then, you didn’t need to use switches before!, was the grand rebuttal that Hajime thought, surely Miledi Raisen would have been happy to hear that as he let out a “Guh.”

What kind of trap is it now?, was what Hajime and his party thought while examining their surroundings vigilantly. Then they heard something.


It was the sound of something heavy rolling down.

“”” … …”””

The trio went silent and looked at each others, then they looked overhead at the same time. They couldn’t see anything because the slope was curved. The strange noise became louder, then… … a giant boulder as big as the passage rolled down from the curve. The rock was in the form of a big ball. It was a completely standard trap. Surely, after they desperately ran away, those annoying sentences would be there.

Yue and Shia already turned their heels to run away as fast as they could. However, they were immediately stopped. It was because Hajime didn’t move away.

“… …Nn, Hajime?”

“Hajime-san!? Let’s hurry or else we will be crushed!”

The duo called out to him, however Hajime didn’t answer back, then kneeled down while extending his right hand straight forward. His palm hung towards the big ball. Finally, he drew out his left arm with ‘Ghgh’, to the limit, and “Kiiiii!!”, the sound of an activated mechanism resounded.

Hajime watched the approaching, roaring big ball, and his lips transformed into a fierce smile.

“Every time, I won’t always do what you expect! It doesn’t fit my nature!”

From his artificial arm, “Kiiiiii!!”, sound of mechanism became louder along with Hajime’s word.



A loud sound of something being destroyed emerged when Hajime’s artificial arm met the big ball. The big ball’s force only pushed Hajime back a little, thanks to his spikes, while Hajime’s attacked crushed the big ball at the center when they collided, and it was cracked all over. The big ball’s force disappearing could be seen.


Hajime shook his left fist along with the roar. Because the big ball’s durability was barely exceeded by the power of Hajime’s fist, it crumbled, and Hajime’s fist was the victor. A thundering sound could be heard when the big ball crumbled and scattered into tiny pieces.

Hajime draw back his fist while shaking it, then “Fuh”, he stood up. The sound of mechanisms couldn’t be heard anymore from his artificial arm. Hajime observed his artificial left arm to check for any abnormalities while clasping and opening the hand. Then he turned to Yue and Shia.

His expression was truly refreshing. “I did it!”, was the feeling it emitted. It seemed Hajime also couldn’t take it anymore, because he had accumulated too much stress from the traps that he couldn’t detect followed by those annoying words.

What Hajime used this time was the same attack that defeat one of Faea Belgaen’s Elders, a combination of a bullet’s explosive power and “Great Arm,” in addition, he used his artificial arm to invoke vibration magic to crush the boulder, in other words an oscillation fracture. Because of the huge burden, it was only to be used once, normally it was his last resort… … but he couldn’t endure it so that happened.

Hajime, with a satisfied expression, turned around and he was greeted by Yue and Shia who were excited.

“Hajime-sa~n! Just as expected of you! That was so cool! That was so neat!”

“… …Nn, neat.”

“Hahaha, of course, of course. With this, the path…”

Hajime wanted to answer to their praise. However, his words were interrupted.


They could hear that sound. Hajime’s smile stiffened. Shia also stiffened her smile and the expressionless Yue twitched her cheeks. Hajime turned around with ‘GIGIGI,’ as if he was a machine that was forgot to be oiled and what greeted him was…

— — — — — a big metallic ball that shone with a black luster.


Hajime inadvertently muttered that while having a stiff smile.

“U-umm, Hajime-san. Maybe it was just my imagination, but, somehow that thing also scatters a strange liquid…”

“… …It melts.”

That’s right, the big metallic ball approached them while scattering liquid around that came from small holes on its surface, and places that got splattered with the liquid melted, with a ‘Shuwa—,’ that kind of dangerous sound.

Hajime, after confirming that, “Fuu~”, let out a breath, then faced Yue and Shia with a smile. After that, while smiling he shouted, “Let’s run! Damn it!”, and immediately he splendidly started running to descend the slope, just like a sprinter.

Yue and Shia also looked at each other for a while then, ‘kururi,’ chased after Hajime in a dash.

At their backs, the sound of metal touching the ground along with the dissolution liquid approached them with its speed that gradually increased.

“NOoOOO!! I absolutely don’t want to be melted~!”

“… …Nn, let’s run for now.”

Shia’s lament echoed inside the passage.

“Rather, Hajime-sa~n! Its cruel to run ahead of us! Cold-hearted! Demon!”

Shia protested to Hajime who ran ahead of them.

“Noisy! It’s a calculation error, a calculation error! Just shut up and run!”

“What’s with that excuse! You don’t care if anything happens to me, right!? Uwaa~n, I’ll come to haunt you if I die!”

“… … Shia, surprisingly calm?”

Even while desperately running away, Shia was able to firmly complain, Yue was amazed by it.

They finally saw the end of the passage. He confirmed it with “Far-sight,” apparently it was quite a big and wide space. However, what he saw was a little strange. He couldn’t see the floor of the room even after a long time. Perhaps, the exit of the passage that Hajime and his party were on was on top of the room’s ceiling.

“It’ll be a descent!”



Hajime and his party were sliding when they passed through the passage to the room, they descended on the exit.





Three different groans were raised. Right under the exit was a pool filled with an obviously dangerous liquid.

“That bastard!”

Hajime immediately shot out knives from his artificial arm, then used his artificial arm’s anchor, while his right arm caught Yue to prevent her from falling.

At the same time, the metallic ball that scattered around dissoluting liquids dashed out overhead, and fell into the pool before their eyes. It sunk with ‘blub blub,’ sounds, while smoke rose.

“”Wind Wall””

Yue used her magic to disperse the scattered corrosive liquid. For a while, they carefully examined their surroundings and nothing else happened, finally Hajime let his tension leave his shoulders.

“Sob, hic, why only me… … only me… … uu, sob”

Somehow at her side, Shia’s crying voice could be heard, if you look carefully she was stuck onto the wall by having several knives pierce her clothing, pinning her to the wall..

” ? Why did you suddenly cry?”

“… …Emotionally unstable?”

“If you see my current state you should understand. Why was only Yue-san held gently, while I was crucified. Hajime-sa~n, please, can you just be even a little dere to me?”

“Well, didn’t I save you?”

“That’s wrong. I want to be saved in the state that more girl-like… … you understand right!? I wanted to be saved while being held just like Yue-san!”

“… … Shia”

“Sob, what is it, Yue-san?”

“… …Look at the reality”

“What does that mean!?”

“You see, Shia. You’re only our companion, and that’s how I’ll treat you… … Yue is the one I love after all, that’s why it can’t be helped that my body moved on reflex, right?”


After the justifiable complaint and those justifiable words were said, while ‘pura~n,’ crucified, tears floated on the edge of Shia’s eyes and groaning could be heard. When he said, “the one I love”, Yue’s cheeks were blushing, and while being held by Hajime she rubbed her cheek against Hajime’s chest.

“Absolu~tely, I will make you fall for me and save me by holding me!”

“What a spirited fellow~”

“… …You have the spirit… … I will pay attention to it.”

Under them was the pool of corrosive liquid, while hanging, Hajime and his party still did the love-comedy antic. They were quite composed as expected.

Hajime and his party moved like a pendulum using the anchor, then landed to the ground after jumping over the pool of dissolution liquid.

It was a large rectangular room. On the both side of the walls, there were sets of two meter tall knight armor equipped with large swords and shields. Furthest from the room was a staircase, before that was an altar and there was a door that gave out solemn aura. On the altar was a diamond shaped yellow crystal.

Hajime who looked at that surroundings frowned slightly.

“That was quite a door. Is it Miledi’s hobby? If that’s so then I’ll cheer… … is it only me or aren’t those suits of knight armor giving off a bad feeling?”

“… … it’s okay, it’ll be just like promised.”

“Are they going to attack us? It won’t be absolutely okay after all?”

Hajime and his party advanced toward the center of the room while saying that, surely it was as promised.

The sound that was familiar to them came out.


Hajime and his party immediately halt. They thought, “As expected~”, while looking around at their surroundings, and from the eye slits in the knight’s helmets, ‘GINn’, it shone. Then, ‘gashagasha,’ sounds of metal rubbing each other came when those knights moved from their spot. They numbered 50.

Those knights, raised their shields while wielding their large swords in a piercing stance with their waist slightly lowered. Then, they completed the encirclement.

“Haha, it really is as promised. Although it was okay to destroy them before they moved. Well, there is no need to say… … Yue, Shia, shall we?”


“A-aren’t they are too many? Well, I’ll do it anyway…”

Hajime pulled out Donner-Schlag. Although Metherai’s machine gun was more effective against such numbers, he didn’t know how many traps were set in this room. The barrage of bullets that shot out indiscriminately would trigger all of them. Therefore, he chose the two railguns.

Yue answered Hajime’s words with a yell filled with fighting spirit. She understood that she had the least fire-power inside this dungeon. However, she would not be a burden. As Hajime’s partner, she won’t lose to something like this. Even more so from now, there would be existences acting as her rivals in love, so she must not show any weaknesses.

On Shia’s side, she lowered her waist a little. This party member was the lowest in terms of influence, but not her power. She knew her battle experience was still considerably insufficient. First of all the battle against demonic beasts in the ravine merely lasted for five days. Even if the mock battle against Yue was included, it was only a little over two weeks of battle experience. Because she also came from the Haulia tribe renowned for their gentleness, it was impossible for her to have a resolute attitude in battle. Rather, it could be said she showed great guts just to hold Doryukken while confronting her enemies.


“Y-yes! Wh-what is it, Hajime-san”

Shia answered with a nervous voice when she heard Hajime’s voice calling her. His voice was more tender than usual… … or maybe it was just Shia’s imagination.

“You are strong. We guarantee it. You won’t lose against these golems. That’s why, don’t ever think you’re weak. If it becomes dangerous I’ll come to help for sure.”

“… …Nn, it’s my job to take care of my apprentice’s problems.”

Having heard Hajime and Yue’s words, Shia inadvertently became teary eyed. She was simply happy. Although she was treated harshly, when she thought it was because she was a burden, it made her feel uneasy… … it was a needless anxiety. A novice should only do what a novice can do, as best she could. Shia activated whole body strengthening, then she powerfully and firmly stomped on the ground.

“Fufu, Hajime-san is a little dere now. I’m full of motivation now! Yue-san, the day for me to surpass you must be close.”

“” … …Don’t get carried away.””

Although Hajime and Yue said that with amazed looks, Shia who had her tension maxed didn’t hear that. She faced straight ahead and glared at the knights.

“Here I! Come!”

“No, like I’ve said before, how did you get that material… … ah, she’s already gone.”

“… …Daa~”

“… … I won’t refute that. I absolutely won’t refute that”

With 50 Golem Knights in front of him, Hajime carried a tired expression even before the fight began. As if they understood Hajime’s state… … the Golem Knights started to attack the intruders all at once.

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