Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : In Brook Town II

Because guilds have the image of a place where rough people gather, Hajime thought it’d be a dirty place, but it was unexpectedly clean. There was a counter in front of the entrance, and a restaurant to the left. There were some people that seemed to be adventurers, eating and chatting. Judging from how no one ordered sake, it might be because they didn’t serve it. For those who wanted to drink, they had to go to a bar.

When Hajime and his party entered the guild, naturally the adventurers turned their gazes toward them. At first, because it was just three unknown people they only paid a little attention to them, but when their gazes turned toward Yue and Shia, the curiosity in their eyes increased. There were those who, “Hou”, raised voices of admiration, there were those who stared blankly in admiration just like the guard, and then there were those that were beaten by their girlfriends. It was just like adventurers to not stop at a slap.

It was a favorable template, even though there were some people that tried to mess with them, it seemed that they logically held back and simply observed. Because there was no need to keep standing still, Hajime happily went toward the counter.

In the counter was a charming… … smiling auntie. Her build was good. Her width about twice Yue’s. Apparently a beautiful woman as a receptionist was just a fantasy. It was like how the real and professional maids on Earth were aunties. No matter which world you’re in the harsh reality is the same. By the way, Hajime was just normal, he didn’t expect to see a beautiful woman as the receptionist. If he said he didn’t then he didn’t. That’s why, Hajime wanted Yue and Shia to stop their icy glares. From a little while ago, their glares had been pierced into him.

Maybe because she knew what was going on in the mind of Hajime and his party, the auntie kept giving them a charming.

“Even though you have a flower in both hands, is that still insufficient? It is regrettable that I am not a beautiful receptionist”

… … The auntie probably didn’t use special magic for mindreading. Hajime, with twitching cheeks was somehow able to give an answer.

“No, I have never thought about that”

“Ahahahaha, are you underestimating a woman’s intuition? I am simply able to understand a man’s simplicity. Don’t try to avert your eyes too much, it’ll reduce your credibility, you know?”

“… … I am deeply impressed”

Hajime’s answer was, “Oh my, to be old and suddenly giving out a sermon, because it was our first meeting, can you forgive me?”, an unapology-like apology to the auntie, after all it’s not like he hated her. The adventurers who were eating, took a peek at Hajime while saying, “Ah~ he also got preached to by the auntie~”. It seemed the adventurers were behaving because of this auntie.

“Well then, once more, welcome to adventurer guild, Brook’s branch. What is your business?”

“Aa, I want to know where to sell raw materials”

“Selling raw materials it is. Then, can you show me your status plate first?”

“Nn? Is it necessary to show your status plate for purchasing something?”

To Hajime’s question, the auntie was, “Oh my?”, showing that kind of expression.

“Aren’t you an adventurer? Certainly, the status plate isn’t necessary to purchase something, but if you are confirmed as an adventurer there will be a 10% increase in the price of the things you sell”

“I see”

Just as auntie said, there were various privileges as an adventurer. It was because the adventurers were the ones that collected raw materials such as magic stones and recovery medicine that’s necessary for everyday lives. Also, it wasn’t known when the town would be attacked by demonic beasts, so no amateur tried to collect those raw materials. It was natural to give out privileges corresponding to the dangers.

“There are other benefits, such as 10-20% discount for hotels and shops associated with the guild, and it’s possible to freely use carriages for people with a high rank. What will you do? Do you want to register? The fee is 1,000 ruta.”

Ruta is this world’s common currency that’s used in the northern continent, Tortoise. Zagaruta ore is the special ore used to make this currency, the difference in colours are made by mixing it with different minerals using a special method along with the carved seal. Blue, red, yellow, purple, green, white, black, silver, and gold were the colours, from the left the values are 1, 5, 10, 50,100, 500, 1.000, 5.000, and 10.000 ruta respectively. Surprisingly, its value was the same as Japan’s.

“U~n, I see. Even though it was explained with great effort, I can’t register now. I am sorry, I don’t have any money at all. Is it possible for me to sell it first? Of course, the first sale value is good as it is.”

“Don’t say that in front of these two cuties. I will help, it’s not like it’ll inconvenience me, you know?”

Auntie was so cool. Hajime decided to accept her goodwill, and showed his status plate.

He made sure to conceal it this time, it only displayed name, age, sex and job. Although auntie also asked for Yue and Shia’s, but was cut off. Although these two didn’t have plates to begin with, it was possible to ask for it. However, their status’s numerical value and skills column would be seen by auntie.

Although Hajime wanted to see their statuses, he thought their special magic would be described on the skills column for sure. If these three existences were publicized it’d only be troublesome, so they decided to put it on hold.

New information was written on the returned status plate. There was an occupation column beside the job column, what was written there was “adventurer” along with a blue mark at its side.

This blue mark was the adventurer’s rank. It continued with red, yellow, purple, green, white, black, silver, and gold. … you might have noticed it. That’s right, adventurer ranks are the same as currency. In other words, blue ranked adventurers were, “Your value is only 1 ruta, ptchoe”, or something along that line. It was painful. Surely, the previous guild master who thought of this system was someone twisted.

By the way, the limitations for someone with a non-combat profession was black. It seems because the black rank barely reached four digits, you’d be applauded to make it that far. Someone who reached gold rank would be the object of admiration, you should be able to understand how the colours stand for adventurers now.

“If you’re a man, then work hard to reach black, okay? Don’t show any uncool sides to these girls.”

“Aa, I’ll do that. Then, is it okay to sell them now?”

“No problem. I have the qualifications for appraisal, so show it to me.”

It seemed auntie was not only a receptionist but also able to appraise sold items. She was an excellent auntie. Hajime already took out the raw materials from the “Treasure Box” and placed it in a bag beforehand. Those items were demonic beasts’ furs, nails, fangs and magic stones. When the container was put on the counter and the raw materials were seen, auntie displayed an astonished expression.

“Th-these are-!”

She timidly took it, then ascertained the items inside-out. After holding her breath in nervousness, auntie finally looked up, then she gave out a sigh and looked at Hajime.

“You’ve brought something unexpected. Aren’t these… … from the Sea of Trees’ demonic beasts?”

“Aa, that’s right.”

Hajime also wanted to remove the template here, that was why the raw materials from Abyss’s demonic beasts couldn’t be taken out here. If unknown materials were taken out, it’d immediately cause a big commotion. Even though he was hesitating because the raw materials from the Sea of Trees’ demonic beasts were also unusual, he didn’t have any other raw materials, so he sold that. Having seen auntie’s reaction, it was unusual after all.

If he took out raw materials from the Abyss, it’d be like, the Guild head appeared! Sudden raise in rank! The Receptionist lady’s eyes became hearts!, it’d be that kind of template… … it was a good thing he didn’t do that. That’s why, Hajime wanted Yue and Shia to stop looking at him with icy glares, because it made his body tremble.

“… … You are also unexpected” Auntie looked at Hajime in amazement.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Even though he had changed, his otaku soul couldn’t be erased… … somehow it became like this. Hajime who pretend to not know anything, looked away from reality.

“Because there are a lot of good quality raw materials from the Sea of Trees, thanks for selling them.”

Auntie, even though she didn’t know anything, continued to speak. It seemed she was capable of reading the mood. She truly was a pleasant and excellent auntie.

“Are these unusual after all?”

“You know. A human’s sense of direction would be driven out of control inside the Sea of Trees, because once you get lost there would be no second time. It’s a place with high risk. That’s why no one tries to go there. Although it’s possible to buy demi-human slaves to enter it, it’s more profitable to sell them at central. They will sell at a high price, and it’ll make it easier to raise one’s name.”

Auntie took a peek at Shia. She probably guessed that they received Shia’s help to go around the Sea of Trees. It seems, thanks to Shia, she didn’t become suspicious of the raw materials from the Sea of Trees.

After auntie assessed all of the raw materials, she presented the money. The value of the sold items were 487,000 ruta. It was an excellent amount.

“Is this much okay? I think it’ll sell for more at central.”

“Well, I don’t mind this much.”

Hajime received 51 pieces of the Ruta currency. This money, maybe because of an ore characteristic was strangely light, that’s why it wasn’t bothersome to carry more than 50 pieces ruta currency. After all, if it was a bother, Hajime could just put it inside the “Treasure Box.”

“By the way, I heard from the guardsman that I can get a simple map of this town…”

“Aa, please wait a moment… … here, this is it. Please refer to it because the recommended inn and stores are written there.”

On the given map, there was elaborate useful information and descriptions written with simplicity that made it a wonderful item. He felt it was rather unbelievable for this to be free of charge.

“Oi oi, is this okay? For such a splendid map to be free of charge. I thought it’d need some money to make something of this level…”

“I don’t mind, I only do it as a hobby. For those that have the job to make it, that’s just like a scribble.”

Auntie truly an excellent person. Just why did this person become the receptionist of the guild?, was the the level he wanted to rebut. Surely, there might be a sublime drama behind it.

“I see. Well, it helps.”

“That’s a good word. Moreover, because you have money, please just stay here for a while. Although this town’s public order isn’t bad, there might be some reckless men out there, because of these two.”

Auntie who paid attention until the last minute, truly was a good person. Hajime answered, “I’ll do that”, while grinning, then turned his feet toward the entrance. Yue and Shia followed suit after bowing their head. Some adventurers in the restaurant were sneakily whispering, while their eyes were glued to Yue and Shia to the end.

“Fumu, in a lot of ways, they are interesting people…”

Auntie happily muttered toward their backs.

* * *

Hajime and his party, more than a map calling it a guidebook, then decided on an inn called “Masaka Inn.” According to the description, it served delicious food with good security, it also had a bath. The last description was what decided it. Although the price was rather expensive, there were no problems because they had the money for it. Slightly, they thought what followed was that “Masaka”…

On the inn’s first floor, there was a dining room filled with some people having their meal. When Hajime and his party entered, gazes were focused on Yue and Shia as promised. They ignored that, when they arrived at the counter-like place, what appeared was a girl around 15 that cheerfully greeted them.

“Welcome-, welcome to “Masaka Inn”! Today, are you here for lodging? Or are you only here to eat?”

“Lodging. Although I’ve seen in the guidebook, is this place as good as described?”

The girl nodded when Hajime showed auntie’s special map.

“Aa, it’s the introduction from Catherine-san. Yes, it was as written. How many nights do you wish to stay?”

Although the girl tried to promptly continue the staying procedure, Hajime was thinking of something else. Hajime was shocked that the auntie’s name was Catherine. The girl called out to him with, “Umm~ mr. costumer?”

“Ah, aa, sorry. Only for one night. The one with meals and bath.”

“Yes. The bath will be 100 ruta per 15 minutes. Currently, it’s empty at this time”

The girl showed him the time table. Because he wanted to enjoy it, he wanted to book the men’s and women’s side for two hours. When he said that, “Eh, for two hours!?”, the girl was surprised just like that. It couldn’t be helped, Hajime was Japanese after all.

“Then, um~, what about the rooms? Although there are double and triple rooms…”

The girl looked at Hajime and his party with curiosity. She was in her puberty after all. However, Hajime could feel the other customers who were eating their meals perk their ears up. Although he knew Yue and Shia were beautiful, it looked like they stood out more than he expected. Because there are lots of people they don’t know here, Hajime was slightly paralyzed.

“Aa, the triple room please.”

Hajime said that without any hesitation. Their surroundings became noisy, and the girls’ cheeks were blushing in slight red. However, there was a person who objected Hajime’s words.

“… … It’s no good. Two double rooms”

It was Yue. The surrounding customers, especially the males looking toward Hajime with expressions that said, “Serves you right!”. They interpreted Yue’s words as to divide them between men and women. However, Yue’s next words put them in despair.

“… … One for me and Hajime. Shia in the other room.”

“Wa-, what’s with that! I don’t want to be left out! The triple room is better, you know!”

To the fiercely protesting Shia, Yue only said one thing.

“… … It’ll be distracting if Shia was there”

“Distracting… … what do you mean”

“… … What is… … What?”

“Bu!? Wa-, don’t say that in this place! That’s vulgar!”

Having heard Yue’s words, the men who fell into despair begin to turn their eyes filled with flames of envy toward Hajime. The inn’s girl, with a reddened face looked alternatively between Hajime and Yue. Hajime who thought it’d make him ashamed if this keeps up, tried to stop it but his plan was a little too slow.

“Th-then, Yue-san please stay in the other room! Hajime-san and I will stay in the same room!”

“… … Hou, then?”

Yue’s cold and piercing gaze turned toward Shia who pointed her finger. Because of its power, Shia who remembered her training days trembled, “Eei, woman’s courage”, said that, then returned to the gaze while loudly declaring.

“Th-then, I’ll give my virginity to Hajime-san!”

Silence came. No one, not even one word was said, not even noise was heard. Now, everyone in the inn were focused on Hajime and his party, and stared at them. From the kitchen, the girl’s parent were, “Ara ara, maa maa” and “Youth is good”, said something along those lines.

Yue was swaying with eyes of absolute zero.

“… … Today is your death anniversary”

“Uh, I, I won’t lose! I will defeat Yue-san and become the main heroine from now on!”

“… … I’ll show you, no disciples were stronger than their master.”

“I’ll usurp it!”

An abnormal pressure gushed out from Yue, and Shia who was trembling shouldered her Sledgehammer. It was truly pandemonium, everyone was nervous and gulped in this critical atmosphere.





The sound of fists hitting the girls came followed by their screams. Yue and Shia, with teary eyes, crouched while covering their heads with both hands. The one who hit the two’s heads were of course Hajime.

“Geez, you’re troubling everyone, and above all it shamed me.”

“… … Uu, Hajime’s love is painful…”

“J-just a little more, just a little more time then… … with body strengthening the pain would be…”

“You reap what you sow, idiot-”

Hajime turned his cold gaze toward the two, then returned to face the girl. The girl corrected her posture when Hajime looked at her.

“I am sorry for the commotion. Triple room, please”

“… … Tr-triple room with this situation… … i-in other words, three person? A-amazing… … hah, don’t tell me booking the bath for two hours is also for that!? Washing each others’ body! Then… … d-doing this and that… … how abnormal!”

The girl’s mind had gone for a trip. The landlady who couldn’t stand it any longer dragged the girl into the interior. The man who seemed to be her parent continued to finish the procedure. When he gave the key he apologized, “I am sorry about my girl”, and in his eyes were, “You’re a man after all, right? I know how you feel”, that kind of unwelcomed misunderstanding. Surely, he was the type that would say, “Did you enjoy the night?”, when tomorrow arrived.

Because no matter what he says it would be misunderstood, along with the other customers who blankly sent skeptical gazes, with Yue and Shia who were still crouched on the floor shoulder to shoulder, Hajime ran away straight to the third floor where his room was located. After a while, the stopped time moved and it became noisy again downstairs, and Hajime who felt strangely tired decided to ignore that. When Yue and Shia entered the room, they moved their bed, while Hajime who had dived into the bed already shut down his consciousness.

After sleeping for several hours, Hajime was woken up by Yue when it was time for supper, then the three went down to the dining room. Somehow, the customers who were there when they checked in were still there.

For a moment, Hajime felt his cheeks twitch, then he assumed his calm and sat down on the seat. Immediately, the inn girl from before came as the waitress and said with a reddened face, “I am sorry for before” Although she apologized, she couldn’t hide the curiosity in her eyes. The food he ordered was delicious and it was the normal food he finally got to eat after a long time, so he wanted to slowly eat it, but he couldn’t help but to secretly sigh.

Inside the bath, although the time for male and female were different, Yue and Shia trespassed, then once again pandemonium was raised only to be punished by Hajime with hits on the head, and the silhouette of the inn girl could be seen moving around sneakily, when it was found out she was peeping by the landlady, she got spanked on the butt…

Even at the time for sleep, Yue and Shia naturally came into Hajime’s bed, while his right arm was clung to, Shia who clung on to his left arm cried because of the coldness of the artificial arm. He could feel Shia through the pseudo-nerves, especially the direct feeling of that lethal weapon, and it disturbed his mind. When that was discovered, Yue stared closely at him with dead-like eyes, it continued for all night long…

The next morning, Hajime vowed. Next time he would just order a double room for Yue and him without anymore questioning. It didn’t matter if Shia sulked because of it. After all, Yue’s silence was not very good for his mental health.

After eating breakfast, Hajime handed some money to Yue and Shia, to ask them to help buy the necessary items for travel. There’s some time until the time for checking out came. So, while Yue and Shia does the errand, he’ll finish his tasks inside the room.

“What tasks?”

Shia honestly questioned him. However, Hajime was,

“There is something I wanted to make. Because it was already planned, I am sure it only needs a few hours to finish. Although I seriously thought to finish it last night… … somehow I was strangely feeling tired yesterday”

“… … Th-that’s so. Yue-san. I-is it okay for me to look for clothes?”

“… … Nn, no problem. I wanted to look around the stalls”

“Ah, that’s good! Yesterday we only saw it for a moment, after we’re done shopping let’s go eat”

While averting their gazes, Yue and Shia began to noisily talk about shopping. Although they knew they were the cause, they didn’t want to admit it, so they changed the topic calmly.

“… … You guys, in truth you’re getting along well.”

Hajime’s mutters only go through their ears.

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