Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 44 - Sincerity Is Not Enough, Talk to My Manager  

Chapter 44: Sincerity Is Not Enough, Talk to My Manager

Scarlett’s eyes lit up when she heard the name of the company.

Twitch’s live-stream platform was definitely one of the top streaming platforms. Even many popular celebrities signed contracts with them.

On this website, only B-list or above celebrities with a stable fan base could sign long-term contracts.

She did not expect Bell to achieve such an effect with just two live broadcasts.

Bell was not surprised. To be precise, he did not know what this platform meant.

However, he did have the intention to sell his content for a good price.

“I did think of this before, but I want to know what price you will pay.”

Bell was not in a hurry to agree. Instead, he asked for the other party’s offer.

The man was delighted.

Since Bell was interested, it meant that this matter could be discussed.

He took out a contract from his briefcase and placed it in front of Bell.

“Mr. Bell, this is the contract I have drafted for you. You can take a look. It has the conditions you need to fulfill and the reward you will receive.”

Bell took the contract and opened it in front of Scarlett.

The contract in Bell’s hand was a fixed wage contract.

Bell would receive a fixed salary regardless of the benefits of the videos.

According to the contract, Bell could obtain a fixed income of 100,000 USD every month.

Of course, this was assuming that the videos were satisfactory.

If there were no quality videos, this guaranteed salary would decrease.

At the same time, because of the two-year contract, there was a fine for breach of contract as well.

“Mr. Bell, this contract was specially prepared for you. Even the big streamers on the platform will find it difficult to obtain such a contract.”

The man smiled and sounded proud.

Scarlett glanced at the contract in Bell’s hand and frowned.

To be honest, this contract was indeed very good when compared to a newbie who had just become famous. It could be said to be sincere.

But there was no need to mention how popular Wilderness Survival was right now.

Bell was a dark horse in this show. Everyone could see the potential behind Bell. When compared to Bell, this contract seemed to be lacking in sincerity.

“Mr. Hanks, to be honest, this contract is only so-so. You and I both know that Bell is not like those newbies who have just debuted.”

“The contract doesn’t specify what effect the video needs to achieve to qualify.”

“In other words, if all the month’s videos are judged to be unqualified, Bell will not get a single cent of income. He might even have to pay some penalty fees.”

“I don’t think you’re sincere enough.”

Scarlett said forcefully.

The man’s expression changed, and Bell smiled.

He had expected this to happen, so he had let Scarlett stay.

In the eyes of everyone, he was only an eight-year-old child. No matter how mature he was, it was inevitable that others would look down on him.

Therefore, if Scarlett Johansson, the current popular female celebrity, helped him, he could increase the price.

The man was troubled.

He had thought that Bell would definitely agree happily if he took out such a generous contract.

If he had known that Scarlett Johansson would speak up for Bell without regard to her status, he would not have let Scarlett Johansson stay or at least choose a time when the two of them were not together. Now, it was a little difficult.

The man did not speak for a long time, and Scarlett Johansson spoke again.

“I know that Twitch’s platform has a lot of traffic, but after these two shows, Bell is already a broadcaster with a certain number of fans. He can bring these fans to any video site, so your buyout contract format is unreasonable.”

“Bell is my friend. Don’t think of him as a child. Or I can get my manager to talk to you.”

Scarlett Johansson was firm.

The man was finally moved.

Previously, he had thought that Scarlett Johansson might have spoken up because of her friendship with Bell, but now, it seemed like the two of them were more intimate than he had imagined. The fact that Scarlett was willing to use her private connection for Bell’s sake meant something.

Bell also saw some trickery.

“Alright, Mr. Hanks, I don’t think my friend will lie to me. Since she said that there are some risks to this contract, I think we should consider it carefully.”

“But I’ll tell you my opinion. Firstly, I won’t agree to sign such a long contract. The longest I can accept is three months. This is my bottom line, and I can’t change it.”

“The other is the way to split the profits. What I want is not a base salary, but a satisfactory share of the profits with the premise of minimum guarantee. After all, you are only providing the platform.”

“To be honest, in this era when content creators can publish their articles at will, I feel that although your platform has a lot of traffic, the benefits it can bring me are not as much as I thought. Of course, this also depends on your side. In short, I can’t agree to this contract right now.”

With that, Bell stood up, seemingly preparing to see the guest out.

Seeing that Bell was so determined, Hanks panicked.

The little bit of pride he had kept earlier dissipated in fear.

The chief had given an absolute order to recruit Bell.

If they could not reach an agreement this time, who knew how many more fans Bell would attract when he took part in Wilderness Survival again.

By then, the difficulty of signing him would increase exponentially.

Moreover, no one could guarantee that Bell would not agree to other platforms. Twitch was indeed a mainstay in the live-stream community, but it was not without competitors.

The man quickly tried to calm the situation.

“Wait, wait, Mr. Bell, everything can be discussed.”

“How about this? Give me some time. I’ll report this to the chief and see if we can get the best solution.”

Scarlett handed a business card.

“This is my manager’s card. Bell, why don’t you let him negotiate? He will definitely get a satisfactory contract for you. Of course, the final decision is still yours.”

Bell nodded.

“Alright, sorry for the trouble.”

The man looked troubled.

The other party had found a professional manager. If the company wanted to poach Bell, they would have to pay a huge price.

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