Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 39 - Food Shortage, Fainting

Chapter 39: Food Shortage, Fainting

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Time passed.

Although there was the snow cave to maintain the temperature, the work they did exhausted their stamina.

Cold and hunger attacked them.

The comments were constantly flooded with messages, wanting to make them more focused.

At that moment, anyone with sharp eyes could tell that the two of them had reached their limits.

In fact, the reason they could hold on was because of their willpower.

In such a harsh environment, it would be extremely difficult to stand up after falling.

The tree roots and tender leaves found before were not enough to fill their stomach.

Suddenly, a loud falcon cry sounded above their heads.

Bell, who was already dizzy, perked up.

The falcons in the sky were clearly hunting. There would definitely be prey.

Looking at the sleepy Scarlett Johansson, Bell said, “Stay here and watch. I’ll go out and see if I can find some other food.”

Bell stood up.

Seeing Bell get up, Scarlett Johansson wanted to stand up too, but she staggered and sat on the ground again.

Her stamina had reached its limit.

Bell quickly helped her up so that she would not be injured.

“Alright, listen to me. Wait for me here. I’ll be back soon.”

In the end, Scarlett nodded and stopped struggling.

Walking out of the snow cave, Bell looked up.

A falcon was hovering in the sky, clearly hunting its prey.

“Everyone, I’m afraid we’re going to face a challenge.”

“The prey on the snow is quite obvious. As long as we pay attention and follow the direction of this falcon, we can find some traces.”

Bell forced herself to focus and explained to the people in front of the screen.

Seeing Bell’s weak expression, the people in front of the screen sent the comments to her heartache.

“Host, don’t speak anymore. Save your energy.”

Bell began to carefully observe the traces on the ground.

The prey running on the snow would leave some footprints.

Bell judged carefully.

“This should be a fox.”

“In this weather, foxes often go out to hunt for food like rabbits.”

Following the footprints left on the snow, Bell walked forward.

Soon, Bell saw a snow fox running on the snow.

The falcon kept circling around, looking for an opportunity.

Bell seized the opportunity and chased after the running snow fox.

The snow fox was very fast.

Under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult for Bell to capture this snow fox.

Moreover, Bell had exhausted too much energy.

At this moment, he was already energized to be able to find this snow fox.

However, his will to live made him move.

Because this snow fox was holding a dead hare in its mouth.

They might not be able to get fish.

If he could capture this snow fox or the hare, they would be able to survive in this snowy world.

Fortunately, this snow fox had already been chased by the falcon for a long while, and its stamina was greatly exhausted.

The human and the fox ran on the snow.

In the end, the snow fox could not continue..

Under Bell’s continuous pursuit, it had no choice but to give up on its prey to reduce its weight.

Without the weight of the hare, its speed increased by a lot, and it quickly disappeared from Bell’s sight.

Bell took two more steps forward and slowly stopped.

Because of the intense running for a long time, Bell’s stamina was further consumed.

His vision was already a little blurry.

“Looks like our luck is not bad.”

He bent down and picked up the snowshoe hare, a rare smile on his face.

The audience heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this.

With food, at the very least, Bell would not have to worry about hunger for the time being.

Carrying the wild rabbit, Bell hurried back the way he came.

The wild hare was not particularly fat.

However, it was barely enough for two people.

However, just as he entered the snow cave, Bell was shocked by the scene before him.

Scarlett collapsed beside the snow cave, unconscious.

Bell quickly put down the hare and ran to her side.

“Wake up!”

Bell called out to Scarlett, who was lying on the ground, but she was in a daze and had no intention of waking up.

The audience was a little afraid. They didn’t know what Scarlett’s condition was.

Bell checked her breathing and found that she was still breathing.

“She’s too hungry.”

Bell came to a conclusion.

He looked at the hare and denied the thought.

In Scarlett’s current state, she could not actively consume ordinary solid food.

After some thought, Bell turned his gaze to the fishing hole.

Bell pulled out the fishing line below. There were really two trout hanging on the hook made of iron wire taken from the parachute, although the two fish were not big.

He was relieved to have food.

He had no time to explain to the audience what he was doing.

The most important thing now was to save Scarlett. He could not care about the effects of the program.

Bell reached into the gills and grabbed the fish to prevent them from sliding away.

Then, he cleaned the fish scales slightly and bit the spinal cord.

Without the support of the spine, the moving fish immediately fell limp.

They were clearly killed by Bell.

Bell chose the flesh on the back of the fish and tore it off with his teeth.

Seeing Bell’s expression, the audience felt a chill.

Bell was like a primitive human who ate raw meat.

“What is the host doing? Doesn’t he have to save Scarlett? Why is he eating fish?”

The audience was puzzled, not knowing what Bell was planning.

Bell did not explain further.

The fish meat was constantly chewed in his mouth. After the fish meat was completely chewed, Bell helped Scarlett Johnson up.

He opened the other party’s mouth and fed the fish meat with his saliva.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked. Many Scarlett Johansson’s fans drooled with jealousy.

With the energy from the food, it did not take long for Scarlett to wake up.

“What happened?”

After waking up, Scarlett Johansson looked around. Her memories were a little blurry.

Bell walked over with a roasted hare.

“You’re awake? You fainted from hunger. Eat something. There are grilled fish and roasted hare.”

Scarlett Johansson passed a crisis again.

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