Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 35 - Trapped in Snow Cave

Chapter 35: Trapped in Snow Cave

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The night passed peacefully.

The snowstorm had stopped.

A pile of snow suddenly trembled.

Immediately after, a face that had become red from the cold popped out of the snow.

This head was none other than Bell.

Then, Scarlett Johansson popped her head out.

Seeing that the two of them survived, the comments were filled with joy.

“The host is too awesome. Many contestants were eliminated last night. Many rescue teams are trying their best to save them.”

The audience in the comments explained the situation of the other contestants to Bell.

Bell smiled and did not say anything. It would be a miracle if they could survive in such an environment.

In fact, it was normal to be eliminated.

Glancing at Scarlett, Bell asked, “How are you? Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell?”

After all, she was a woman, and her physique was probably not as tough as those who often trained.

However, to Bell’s surprise, the other party was not as fragile as he thought.

“Don’t worry, Bell. I’m not as weak as you think.”

Scarlett said proudly.

Bell only smiled and said nothing else.

Since the other party was fine, it was naturally the best thing for him.

“Alright, we have to get out of here.”

They walked out of the snow cave and looked around.

The surroundings were desolate and there was no food.

All they saw was white.

Even the audience could not help but worry for the two of them.

This scene was indeed beautiful if they were to only appreciate it.

But if they were to try to live here, they would feel the strong killing intent hidden in this whiteness.

Without food and warmth, this was definitely a terrifying thing.

“It’s really cold. We need to find some firewood to start a fire.”

“Let’s split up.”

Bell glanced at Scarlett.

It would be more efficient for the two of them to gather firewood.

Scarlett nodded. She was about to leave when Bell stopped her.

“Wait, take this with you. This way, you won’t fall into the snow.”

Bell walked to Scarlett and tied the parachute that had become a huge snowbag to her feet.

Seeing how attentive Bell was, Scarlett blushed.

She, a 28-year-old adult, was actually taken care of by an 8-year-old boy, and in front of millions of audience.

There was no lack of people who hooted at this scene in the comments.

Bell finished his actions soon.

After confirming that the ropes were tightened properly, Bell turned and left to gather firewood.

Before leaving, Bell said.

“If you feel that the weather is becoming bad, hurry to the snow cave.”

The two of them split into two directions and began to search for firewood.

Bell moved carefully every step.

On the other hand, Scarlett’s progress was not too slow.

She would do her best to pick up any flammable items that she saw.

Compared to the other celebrities that were matched with the contestants, Scarlett Johansson was much more useful.

The two of them had already gathered a lot of firewood and were preparing to return.

However, an accident suddenly happened.


Scarlett had been talking with the audience when the next second, the ice surface shattered and she fell into the water.

Even some of the audience were not able to react for some time.

Scarlett felt a biting chill.

She kept trying to swim upstream, but her body was abnormally stiff.

Moreover, the ice surface around her was constantly shattering.

Every time she wanted to crawl on the ice, the ice would shatter, making it impossible for her to crawl to the ground.

The thin ice surface could not withstand the weight of her entire body.

Her body temperature was lowering bit by bit.

The audience panicked.

“It’s over, what to do? Quick, contact the production team.”

“What’s the use of telling the production team? If the contestants fall into the ice lake and can’t get out within a short time, there’s no hope of survival. Their body temperature will disappear immediately.”

Some people knew about this and knew how dangerous this emergency was.

Suddenly, a comment caught everyone’s attention.

“Hurry up and contact Bell. He should have a way. Moreover, he’s not far from here. He might be able to save her.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately switched the channel and flooded Bell’s screen crazily.

Bell, who was gathering firewood, suddenly saw the comments and was stunned for a moment.

He didn’t dare to delay and quickly chased after the footprints left by Scarlett.

Sure enough, before long, he saw the shattered ice lake. The surrounding ice had already broken.

Clearly, during this period, Scarlett had been trying to climb up but to no avail.

Although some bubbles could still be seen on the ice, they were no longer obvious, proving that Scarlett’s life was dissipating.

Bell put down the firewood and jumped in.

In the ice lake, the other party was indeed unconscious.

Bell quickly swam toward Scarlett.

Looking at the unconscious Scarlett, Bell first used the buoyancy of the water to hug her. Then, he held her hand and tried his best to help her control her breathing and maintain her calm.

With Bell’s help, Scarlett saw hope of survival and began to struggle. She regained consciousness.

Bell made a few simple gestures to Scarlett Johnson in the water.

The general meaning was to breathe less and not inhale cold water while maintaining her mental state.

Bell pulled Scarlett and swam towards the spot where she had fallen in. Because the other party had already stepped on it before, it meant that the ice bank there was stronger than other places.

After confirming the toughness of the ice, Bell dug two holes in the ice with his hand. Then, he showed Scarlett the correct way to go ashore. Like a sea lion, she crawled out of the water and reached the surface.

This was because lying on the ice like this could lower the center of gravity and reduce the pressure on the ice.

The two of them were like real sea lions, constantly crawling on the ice.

Because of the cold, Scarlett’s consciousness had become extremely blurry.

Bell had to shout constantly to keep her focused.

After crawling for a while, they stood up. Unfortunately, only Bell stood up. Scarlett had already fainted.

The audience was shocked when they saw the unconscious Scarlett. They thought that there was an accident.

Bell went forward to check her breathing. At this moment, her breathing was very weak.

Picking up the firewood, Bell supported Scarlett and carried her to the snow cave.

Bell skillfully started a fire and covered the two live stream devices beside them with clothes.

“Everyone, I’m sorry. I don’t have time to explain now, but our teammate is in extreme danger. Her clothes are wet with ice water. Such clothes will quickly drain her body temperature.”

“Considering Miss Scarlett’s reputation, I can’t let everyone continue watching. Sorry.”

Bell explained to everyone.

After starting the fire, Scarlett felt a little warmth and woke up.

Instantly, she felt a bone-chilling cold. Before she could react, Bell shouted at her.

“If you’re awake, don’t just stand there. Move your body quickly, don’t stop!”

With their lives in danger, the two of them could not care less and were naked.

The most important thing was to live.

The exercise would allow the blood in the body to flow again. Gradually, Scarlett’s body regained energy.

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