Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 313-END

313 Retirement, Finale

In Shanghai, China.

Today was the third day since Bell returned to China with Scarlett and the others.

However, Bell had not been idle these few days.

He spent almost all his time in the hospital.

Other than removing the parasites in his body, he also took scans to see if there were any injuries in his body.

After all, fighting the brown bear was not a joke.

Fortunately, he had the system.

All his injuries had basically recovered.

Bell looked at the women in front of him.

On the table were the potions given by the system.

“I’ve already told you everything.”

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“I’m preparing to change my identity.”

“I understand everyone’s intentions. Thank you for helping me for so long.”

“Please keep the system a secret.”

Bell had told the girls all about himself and the system.

Scarlett, Li Ziqi, and others looked at Bell and did not know what to say.

As an eight-year-old child, Bell’s various actions were finally explained.

“Bell, are you serious? Can you really become an adult after drinking this potion?”

Li Ziqi was still worried.

Bell nodded seriously.

Scarlett picked up the age fixing potion from the table.

“I believe in Bell.”

Scarlett Johansson was the first to know Bell.

The two of them were similar in their actual age.

Now that she heard Bell speak his mind and that he had a solution, of course, she did not hesitate to support him.

Anne Hathaway held Scarlett’s hand.

“What are you doing?”

Even if she did not want to be with Bell, she should not stop him.

Scarlett looked at Anne unhappily.

“That’s not what I meant. Have you forgotten that we have something to tell Bell?”

Hearing this, Scarlett Johansson reacted.

“Oh, right, how could I have forgotten it?”

“Bell, the channel looked for you before and is preparing to produce a special program with you.”

“If you really drink this potion, will you…”

They were worried that Bell would lose popularity.

Bell smiled and shook his head.

“I won’t record the new program for now.”

“As for the popularity, I have a way.”

Bell was not worried that he would not be able to make a comeback with a new account.

His physique would only continue to strengthen with the help of the system.

Moreover, after these wilderness survival broadcasts, Bell had already thought of the future.

He had already explored some ordinary dangerous areas. It was time to explore some mysterious domains.

It was indeed a little inconvenient to do it in the form of a child.

It was because of this that Bell made such a decision without hesitation.

The women no longer hesitated.

“Alright, since you’ve decided, we’ll support you.”

Looking at the women who were supporting him, Bell smiled and drank the growth potion without hesitation.

The spicy feeling spread down Bell’s throat.

Intense pain enveloped his entire body.

Bell fainted.

After an unknown period of time, he slowly woke up.

He looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar environment.

“You’re awake, Bell!”

Scarlett and the others were sitting by the bed.

Looking at Bell, they covered their mouths and laughed.

Their gaze was indescribably strange.

Bell had a bad feeling.

He quickly got up and looked in the mirror, realizing that he had really grown up.

In various ways.

It was a muscular young man who looked to be in his twenties.

His muscles were well-defined.

It could be said to be in a perfect golden ratio.

Bell could even clearly feel that his physique had increased greatly after drinking the potion.

“Is this the effect of the growth potion? It’s really magical!”

“I can’t wait to try this age fixing potion.”

Seeing Bell’s appearance, the girls were tempted.

Everyone smiled and made a decision.

Time passed slowly.

Bell’s Weibo exploded.

There was no news from him.

Bell seemed to have disappeared from the live-stream.

A new young and handsome host suddenly appeared on a new platform.

The theme was also wilderness survival.

However, the location of the exploration was even more terrifying.

Bermuda Triangle.

The strange areas became the exploration target of this host.

The viewers were slowly convinced in the abilities of the host.

Bell’s name was often mentioned.

Some audience members even compared Bell to this new host.

After all, Bell was only eight years old.

But with the new host’s various challenges,

his strong physique, agile movements, and handsome appearance finally conquered everyone.

As time passed, Bell gradually disappeared from the audience’s mind.

The memories of the Internet were always very short.

Even if they were once streamers with hundreds of millions of fans, no one would care after the popularity subsided.

Another wilderness survival live broadcast ended.

Bell returned to the villa.

Looking at Anne’s slightly bulging stomach and the child beside Scarlett, Bell smiled.

“Why are you trying so hard in the live broadcast? The children have learned bad things from you.”

The women looked at Bell and reprimanded.

Bell smiled.

“How can you call it bad? If there’s a chance, I want to take these little guys with me on a survival adventure.”

“Don’t forget that they are my children. They are born with the genes to conquer the wilderness.”

“By the way, I had a title before. I was called the King of the Wilderness.”

“Then these little guys can be considered princes and princesses of the wilderness.”

Bell touched his nose and teased.

Looking at the little guys in the courtyard, Bell finally felt the warmth of home.

“Maybe it’s time to rest.”

Wilderness Survival, Bell’s name, and the young man who had explored countless dangerous areas and found countless treasures were all recorded.

However, they took advantage of the Internet craze and finally disappeared.

Only countless viewers sighed in nostalgia.

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