Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 309

309 Hungry Brown Bear

The audience in the live-stream became excited.

They were guessing what kind of beast was outside the shelter.

“Didn’t Bell find footprints earlier? Do you think it might be a Siberian tiger?”

“Won’t Bell be finished if it was a Siberian tiger?”

“Hehe, the previous poster is too naive. According to the progress of the show, the Siberian tiger might be made into tomorrow’s breakfast by Bell.”

“Yes, I agree with the previous poster.”

“F*ck, what’s the use of agreeing? Bell is not awake yet!”

Only then did everyone react.

“Bell’s mental strength is really high.”

The comments in the live-stream were filled with the continuous sound of digging

Even so, it did not affect Bell’s sleep.

boxn ov el. c o m

Two days and two nights of high-intensity work had really exhausted him.

However, Bell was still very sensitive to danger.

Bell suddenly opened his eyes in his sleep.

But at the same time, the snow cover shattered, and a big furry head poked in.

Because the head was too big, it could not enter completely through the narrow hole. Instead, half of it was stuck in the hole.

Bell could not care less.

He quickly got up.

His heartbeat was thumping madly.

Who could stand seeing such a huge brown bear facing them?

Fortunately, this brown bear did not expect there to be a person in the shelter.

The scene was a little awkward.

The man and bear stood rooted to the ground. Other than the crackling sound of the fire, there was no other sound.

Although the brown bear was big, it was very timid, especially when it saw food that it had never seen before.

The timid creatures would choose to hide.

The old hunters or forest rangers who lived in the deep mountains knew of this.

Most of the time, brown bears would watch from afar. If a human made a loud noise, they would immediately escape.

However, this was under normal circumstances. In some special circumstances, brown bears would overcome their timidity.

For example, hunger.

Or when they were threatened and angered by humans.

There were also female bears who attacked to protect their cubs.

Bell had encountered the female mother bear once in the Arctic Circle.

It chose to attack Bell without hesitation.

Bell did not dare to act rashly.

The brown bear opened its round eyes and looked at Bell curiously.

The man and bear did not dare to act rashly. Bell whispered to the camera to calm his tone.

“If you encounter this situation, you have to be careful.

At this moment, even the slightest movement from you might scare it. ”

“Although I can’t see its body, I can tell from its head that this brown bear is definitely not smaller than 2.5 meters.”

“Its claws are probably bigger than my head. If I get hit by its claws, the show will end completely.”

The audience in the live-stream was not afraid. Instead, they were excited.

After watching Bell’s Wilderness Survival so many times, they were already used to such scenes.

They even had the mood to joke.

“Bell, this is your specialty.”

“The black bear’s paw was not cooked properly last time. It must be a problem with the cooking method. You still have a chance to try it.”

“Aren’t brown bears a protected animal? Isn’t it illegal to kill brown bears?”

“That will depend on how you kill it.

If you kill brown bears with your bare hands like Bell, the country will definitely not pursue the matter. They will even give you special treatment.”

“I’m not bragging, but this matter is not as dangerous as you think.

When I was eight years old, I could fight brown bears barehanded.

I am even watching the broadcast… from a hospital.”

“Previous poster, can I ask which ward you are in?”

The audience in the live-stream continued to tease in a good mood, but Bell was not in the mood.

In fact, before sleeping, he had expected a creature to attack his shelter.

It might be a Siberian tiger or a tundra wolf, but he had not expected an awakened brown bear.

After all, bears rarely woke up in the middle of hibernation.

“Our luck is not good. The smell of roasted meat was probably smelled by this brown bear.”

Brown bears had a very sensitive sense of smell.

Seeing that Bell did not seem to be a threat, the huge bear head began to turn to see if there was anything else in the shelter.

When it saw the fragrant bones beside the fire, its eyes lit up and it struggled even more violently.

It clearly wanted to crawl in.

This action shocked Bell.

His hand fell to his leg.

His dagger was there. If there was really any danger, like when the brown bear attacked, he could draw his weapon immediately.

This loose snow could not resist the strength of the brown bear.

In just a moment, the bear’s huge head completely squeezed in.

But there was still a fire in the shelter. Any wild animal would be afraid of the flames.

Even the burly brown bear was no exception.

It did not advance immediately due to the fire.

Hunting brown bears was allowed in Siberia. Of course, you needed to get a hunting permit approved by the government.

Moreover, you could only hunt adult brown bears, and you could not sell bear skin.

Of course, indigenous groups like Yakuts had special privileges.

Illegal hunting of brown bears was sentenced to five to ten years in prison.

However, the premise was that the brown bear did not attack you.

Once the beasts attacked, human rights would be the priority.

Bell did not think he could kill such a huge brown bear.

“I have to use some tricks.”

“If we encounter brown bears or black bears, we can choose to scare them away; for example, imitating the growl of a Siberian tiger.”

“Of course, I’m talking about Siberia. Siberian tigers are at the top of the food chain here. No one dares to provoke them, be it the black bears or brown bears.”

“If it were anywhere else, I suggest you change the method.”

Bell stared at the brown bear in front of him, and his gaze gradually changed.

His chest slowly rose.

A roar erupted.

His astonishing lung capacity actually made the surrounding snow tremble.

This tiger roar was vividly imitated. Not only the brown bear, but even the audience was stunned.

However, the scene of the brown bear escaping did not appear.

After the shock, the brown bear began to twist its body crazily and even looked at Bell with hatred.

“F*ck, this is bad. It is angered!”


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