Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 27 - The First Player to Succeed

Chapter 27: The First Player to Succeed

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When they saw that Bell was finally going down the river, the audience erupted in excitement.

“Oh my god, I think our first contestant to successfully leave the primeval forest is here.”

The female host said excitedly. She even ignored her image and stood up.

Ed and Bear also nodded and clapped in agreement.

Li Ziqi covered his mouth in shock, her eyes filled with disbelief.

“It’s hard to imagine that such a young child can really survive in the wilderness for so many days. Moreover, he’s even more powerful than most professional contestants.”

Bear sighed.

“I think we will be able to see this contestant soon. Let us see where he will go ashore in the end.”

At this moment, only Bell’s image was left on the screen.

As for the other contestants, they were automatically ignored.

As long as Bell successfully landed on shore, the show’s selection would be over.

Most of the remaining people were just playing along.

Although they could survive in the wild, they were clearly too amateur compared to Bell and the others. Most of the time, they relied on luck.

Soon, a day passed.

Bell was finally discovered by someone.

This was no longer a primeval forest, but the civilized world.

The forest ranger on the mountain only realized that there was a wooden raft in the river and hurried over, thinking that someone was playing with the water.

“Child, don’t play in the river. Come up quickly. This is very dangerous!”

The forest guard shouted anxiously.

However, when he noticed Bell’s appearance, the forest ranger was excited.

“You… you’re that live streamer, Bell!”

The forest ranger was clearly in disbelief.

Bell smiled.

“Uncle, are you watching the program too?”

“It’s not just watching! I’m your fan!”

“Heavens! I thought it was just the effect of the show. I didn’t expect it to be true. You really floated down from the river!”

The middle-aged man was extremely excited, and he began to speak incoherently.

Bell smiled.

“Haha, I really didn’t expect to float for so long. I actually floated for a day and night…”

Bell was a little embarrassed.

Comments began to appear on the screen.

“Wow, the first lucky person to meet the host has already been born!”

“Damn it, why isn’t it me? Jealousy has changed me beyond recognition.”

“Uncle, tell me! Where is Bell? I’ll pay 1,000 USD for the address!”

Some fanatical fans seemed to be eager to see Bell.

The forest ranger did not expose Bell’s location. He only looked curiously at Bell’s recording tool.

The recording device was like a small drone that kept floating beside Bell. This was specially created by the production team for this show. No matter where it was, it could get signal and record and stream clearly.

After seeing Bell and the uncle greet each other, the broadcast room also applauded excitedly.

“Our show has already given birth to a champion. He’s our youngest contestant this time. Quickly prepare for the exclusive report.”

“That’s right, I can’t wait to see this young contestant!”

“Please bring me along!”

In the broadcast room, Ed, Bear, the female host, Li Ziqi, and the other guests were all excited, wishing they could meet Bell now.

This boy seemed to have many secrets, making everyone curious.

After talking to Bell for a while, the forest ranger seemed to come to his senses. He slapped his head and said with a vexed expression.

“Look at my memory, I forgot. I have to report to the higher-ups first.”

Bell nodded. Good lord, this uncle was really too chatty. It made Bell wonder if he had drifted far to the northeast area.

News of Bell coming ashore spread, and the news quickly caused a global sensation.

Countless hot topics began to shift.

Bell became famous.

All sorts of discussions and rights to news interviews were going on.

Of course, this also included the production team of Wilderness Survival.

After bidding farewell to the uncle, Bell returned to his residence.

In less than half a day, the Wilderness Survival’s production team came looking for him.

The production team was indeed very efficient. At least, they were really professional in finding people. They had already confirmed his location and rushed over.

Along with the program team came Bell’s reward.

Because it was sent by the production team at the last minute, only the beautiful female host was sent.

After seeing Bell, the host was very excited.

“My God, Bell, I didn’t expect you to be so cute—”

The female host thought for a long time but could not find a suitable adjective. However, the word cute was true.

Looking at the beautiful host in front of him, Bell was puzzled.

“You’ve seen me?”

“Haha, Bell, you’re a celebrity now. There are many people who have seen you, but I’m different from them. I’m the host for the Wilderness Survival program.”

“We saw many of your stunning performances on the show.”

The beautiful host displayed her professionalism and chatted with Bell.

Bell finally understood.

“Alright.” Bell spread his hands to show that he understood.

“Mr. Bell…”

The beautiful female host had wanted to call Bell ‘Mr.’, but with Bell’s age, it was indeed strange to call him a mister. However, if she called him little brother, it would look a little rude on the show. She fell into a dilemma over what to call Bell.

This was not a simple interview program. Moreover, Bell’s various abilities made everyone subconsciously ignore his age.

After all, this eight-year-old child was a true survival expert.

Bell smiled and spoke.

“Don’t worry about it. Just call me Bell.”

The host spoke after obtaining Bell’s approval.

“Bell, we came to look for you this time because we want to give you the reward for winning the show. We also want to invite you for an interview. I wonder if you’re willing to accept it?”

The female host asked carefully.

Although Bell was not a celebrity, his influence was not lower than those B-list celebrities.

Most importantly, there was a lot of growth potential.

Bell thought for a moment and finally nodded.

“Alright, I’m willing to accept the interview…”

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