Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 25 - Food Storage, Drying, and Smoking

Chapter 25: Food Storage, Drying, and Smoking

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The bed for the night was built.

Bell kept himself busy for a while before returning to the hammock.

Everything was done with ease.

Seeing that Bell was done with the activities, the comments on the screen gradually decreased. The audience also rested.

However, with the increasing number of viewers, people from all walks of life had joined.

Among them, there were many fans who liked to do video editing. At this moment, they were considering releasing Bell’s live broadcast on video streaming websites.

This could also increase Bell’s popularity faster.

Bell accepted the suggestion happily.

‘With the publicity from other platforms, my popularity will increase faster.’

Bell thought to himself.

The night passed peacefully, and Bell woke up the next morning.

“Ding! Congratulations on obtaining the sign-in reward!”

“Food preservation techniques will be rewarded this time. Host, do you want to receive it now?”

The first ray of sunlight appeared.

A familiar system notification sounded in Bell’s ear.

“Receive. Now.”

Bell said with his thoughts.

He had a wild boar lying under the ground. If he did not use some food preservation technique, the corpse would quickly rot. That would be too wasteful.

Bell had thought that if the system did not reward him with these food preservation methods, he would spend his popularity points to exchange for the skill.

Although he would empty his reserves, it was better than watching a large pile of pork be wasted.

This was a primeval forest. Food and water were very precious things.

As Bell spoke, a lot of information appeared in his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for mastering the food preservation skill LVMAX]

Sensing the knowledge in his mind, he nodded in satisfaction and got up.

“Good morning, everyone. Let me see how many people there are.”

After getting out of the hammock, Bell greeted the audience.

Although it was a little early, there were also some early risers.

The screen was still filled with comments, and it did not look empty.

Seeing that people were online, Bell was in a good mood.

“Everyone is so early.”

“Our goal today is very simple. Let’s see if the wild boar’s corpse is still there. If it is, the problem of our food can be resolved.”

In fact, Bell was a little uncertain.

After all, it had been an entire night. Although the rain could dilute the smell of blood, the rain had stopped near evening yesterday. No one knew if the smell of blood would seep out from the soil.

Bell followed the marks he made and found the place where he had buried the boar.

Seeing that there were no claw marks on the ground, Bell heaved a sigh of relief.

“Looks like our luck is good. The wild boar was not discovered.”

Bell said happily.

Although it was in such a season, a night’s time did not cause the pork to deteriorate.

It took some effort to dig out the soil and pull the wild boar’s corpse up.

This wild boar weighed more than 80 kilograms.

It was slightly heavier than some adult males.

But the audience could not tell it at all in Bell’s hand.

“Oh my god, although this isn’t the first time I’ve seen it, seeing the host’s strength is still surprising.”

Everyone sighed.

Bell ignored the comments. His attention was focused on the wild boar’s corpse.

“This wild boar is not small. Even in the wild, it would definitely be considered an adult.”

Bell looked at the wild boar on the ground and explained to everyone.

“We definitely won’t be able to finish such a huge wild boar in one meal, but we can think of a way to preserve the wild boar meat.”

As he said this, Bell began to think about the food preservation technique.

“Is the host joking? We don’t have a fridge in the wild. Moreover, how can it be preserved for a long time in this season? We can only eat two meals at most, and the rest can’t be eaten.”

“Yeah, if you eat rotten meat, it will be no different from taking poison.”

Many of the audience lived in the city and did not understand how to preserve it in such a season.

But this question was not a problem for Bell.

“There is a way to preserve it, and it’s not only one way.”

“Long ago, our ancestors had already found a way to preserve food for a long time. The people of Sichuan are especially proficient in these methods.”

Bell said mysteriously.

“Haha, I’ve already guessed how the host is going to preserve it.”

There was no lack of Sichuan residents in the comments.

After hearing about their hometown’s specialty, someone immediately reacted.

“That’s right. The method is actually very simple. Drying or smoking it.”

“This way, the food can be stored for a long time without turning bad. Good drying or smoking can even ensure that the food will not change taste even after three to five years.”

“Of course, we need some other materials. We don’t have all of the materials, but we can use what is available to preserve it for a month or two.”

Bell explained to everyone.

One to two months was enough for him to consume all this food.

With that, Bell took out the dagger.

He began the dissection work.

“This wild boar has been dead for an entire night. What we need to do now is to take out its innards and bury them. On one hand, we need to hide its smell like I said before, and on the other hand, the meat can easily turn bad when its innards are ruptured for a long time.”

“Secondly, we need to choose a storage method.”

“I’ll explain the dry and smoking methods here.”

“Everyone can listen and remember this method because this method can not only be used in the wild, but also at home to make some dried meat or smoked food.”

“If you want dried meat, as the name suggests, you need to dry the water in the food. We naturally need to get rid of the blood first.”

“This wild boar’s blood has almost completely seeped out. What we need to do next is to remove the fat and cut the meat into strips that are about 0.5cm wide.”

“The reason I am doing this is to dry it quickly.”

“We are in the wilderness after all. The weather is unpredictable, so we have limited time.”

“We also need to make a support tool to let it air dry.”

“This is relatively simple. Find two wooden sticks and insert them to the ground, then place a wooden stick on them. Do this where the sun is abundant. Put the meat on the stick and let it dry.”

“The time taken will depend on the degree of sunlight. Normally, it will take about a day.”

Bell demonstrated while explaining.

Not only was the meat dried, but even the method of smoking was explained to everyone by how to use fire and smoke to dry the food and give it an antibacterial layer.

And choosing twigs to burn.

There should be some water content in the wood to have the smoking effect.

After making sure the fire was not too big, they could place the meat on top to be smoked.

Along the way, he had to constantly add these branches with some moisture.

Bell demonstrated both methods.

The audience obtained knowledge, and Bell obtained a large amount of food.

Bell was getting closer and closer to completing the challenge.

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