Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 2 - Newbie Gift Package! Parachuting Technique!  

Chapter 2: Newbie Gift Package! Parachuting Technique!

On the plane, the contestants had already received their items.

Just like what the production team had said, there was an empty water canteen, a dagger, a pair of shoes, and a backpack.

There were no other resources.

“As you can see, every contestant will only bring the resources given by our program team for wilderness survival. Other resources are not allowed to be carried.”

“Soon, we will start the live broadcast. The audience can send comments and rewards to the contestants they like.”

On the screen, the beautiful female host was still introducing the program.

After the supplies were distributed, Wilderness Survival officially began.

At the same time, a voice sounded in Bell’s ears.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for officially activating the Wilderness Survival System!]

[The host can sign in every day in the midst of wilderness survival and receive rewards!]

[Do you want to sign in now?]

The system voice sounded in Bell’s head.

Joy appeared on his face.

“It’s finally activated? I’ll sign in now.”

He had participated in this program to activate the system to obtain rewards, so he naturally agreed to sign in without hesitation.

Bell sent a command with his thoughts.

[Ding! Congratulations, host, you have signed in successfully. You have received a newbie gift bag!]

[Newbie Gift Bag: Parachute landing skill Level MAX!]

Bell felt a huge pile of information flood into his brain.

It was all about parachuting.

Although he was a special forces soldier in his previous life and knew how to parachute, this parachuting technique rewarded by the system had raised his level.

The current Bell could guarantee that his parachuting skills were not inferior to even the best air force.

He could definitely land quickly and accurately without being injured.

At the same time, the instructor’s voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Put on your parachutes and prepare to land!”

The door opened ten thousand meters in the sky, below was a dense primitive forest.

“When I call your name, get up and come here.”

The instructor shouted as he looked at the people in the cabin.

“Martin Dana!”


Following the voice, a muscular white man walked forward with a parachute and arrived beside the instructor.

“Martin Dana, right?”


“Very good. I have told you how to use the parachute. Remember, don’t panic if anything happens. Remember the technique I told you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Martin Dana was very confident.

The man jumped!

The television audience was shocked!

Everyone thought that this was an expert, but soon, they realized that this was not the case.

Bang! The contestant only opened the parachute when he was about to reach the forest.

In the end, he miscalculated and was severely injured, withdrawing from the competition.

The cheers instantly fell silent.

“Looks like this contestant is not well-prepared.”

Seeing the first contestant end in a tragic manner, the atmosphere in the live-stream turned cold. The beautiful host could only interject.

“Actually, parachuting is a very profound knowledge. At the same time, this is the first test for these contestants.”

“Being able to parachute safely will affect their next journey.”

“In the wilderness, even a slight injury can cause a lot of trouble, and the difficulty of survival will increase exponentially.”

Bear and Ed explained.

As the two of them spoke, many contestants on the plane also began to jump.

Unfortunately, almost every contestant was like Martin Dana.

They were all in a sorry state and were covered in wounds.

“The key to parachuting is to control the balance of the body and the judgment of the distance of when to open the parachute.”

“By grasping these two points, we can reach the predetermined location without injuries.”

Seeing the tragic looks on the contestants’ faces, Bear and Ed explained the skills of parachuting to everyone in the live-stream.

As the number of people in the cabin decreased, it was soon Bell’s turn.



A slightly tender voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

The screen broadcasted Bell’s image. Seeing Bell’s appearance, the audience was instantly excited.

“It’s that child!”

Bell was really too young. Just his appearance had left a deep impression on everyone.

Seeing Bell’s appearance, many people were worried.

“This child is still so young. Can he really participate in this program? What if something happens?”

The instructor looked at Bell hesitantly.

“Child, are you sure you can do it?”

The instructor asked worriedly.

Hearing the instructor’s words, Bell did not answer. He took the parachute and skillfully arranged every part. Then, he checked again, looking like a veteran who had trained in it countless times.

It was so fast that even the instructor could not react.

“This movement is so smooth!”

“Lord! How is he so skilled!”

The audience, who were still worried about Bell, were stunned when they saw his actions.

“Good. These movements show us that this young contestant should be a professional in parachuting.”

Bear and Ed’s eyes lit up when they saw Bell’s actions.

“Instructor, can I jump now?”

Seeing that the instructor was still in a daze, Bell asked.

“Oh, no problem. You can jump anytime.”

Immediately after, Bell jumped out of the cabin.

The screen audience was shocked when they saw Bell jump down. They covered their eyes, not daring to look.

However, time passed slowly, and they did not hear the expected screams.

Everyone looked at the screen again.

Bell had already calmly opened the parachute and was flying down.

The beautiful host and everyone else were shocked.

“This child is a genius!”

“Success! He really succeeded!”

Bell landed easily and stored the parachute in his bag.

Bear and Ed stood up excitedly and looked at Bell.

“That execution was perfect! It’s hard to imagine that such a technique was executed by an eight-year-old child!”

“That’s right! In all these years, I’ve never seen anyone so skilled and precise in parachuting.”

Bell had calculated the distance to open the parachute and easily controlled his balance in the air, landing with the help of a tall tree trunk.

He was calm throughout the whole process, unlike the previous contestants.

And it was because of this parachute jump that a large number of the audience was instantly attracted to Bel’s stream.

[Ding! Received x 1000 popularity]

[Congratulations, host. Your popularity has reached 10,000. The system store has been opened.]

After Bell landed, the system’s voice sounded in his ears again.

Hearing the voice, Bell opened the system interface.

“Exchange the popularity for wild plant identification LV MAX!”

Bell knew what skills he needed to live in the forest. One of the most important things was being able to identify plants as there were many plants that were quite poisonous or harmful.

He had to ensure his safety first.

[Ding! Congratulations, host, you have exchanged 10,000 popularity for wild plant identification skill LVMAX.]

“Looks like the sign in rewards are not enough. I have to have enough popularity to exchange for skills.”

The system could give the sign in reward once a day which was not very helpful in the wilderness where many unexpected situations could arise.

Fortunately, there was another way for him to obtain skills. It was to interact with the audience to increase his popularity. This way, he could obtain the corresponding rewards.

After the exchange was completed, a large amount of botanical knowledge entered Bell’s mind.

Bell scanned the area, grabbed a bunch of weeds, and placed them in his mouth.

Everyone in front of the screen exclaimed.

“What… What is this child doing?”

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