Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 194 - The Will to Survive  

Chapter 194: The Will to Survive

Looking at the heartless comments in the live-stream,

Bell couldn’t help but frown.

These guys really did not want his journey to be smooth.

He curled his lips. “Remember the comments you sent. Moderators, remember those guys.

Who said that my raft would sink? If it doesn’t, I’ll settle the score with them! ”

However, Bell’s angry expression did not stop anyone. Instead, they felt even more excited.

The river water was not very rapid.

Therefore, the raft was very stable.

Riding on the raft was not only energy-saving and safe, but also fast.

Bell also saw a few rainbow trout and muskellunge in the water.


He was already thinking to himself that he would catch a few fish to fill his stomach later.

These were all high-quality proteins.

Thinking that he was about to escape danger and had food to eat, Bell became happy.

At the same time, he could not help but tease the audience in the live-stream.

“Hehe, who said that the raft would sink? Come out and don’t run.

My raft is extremely stable, and the water is not rapid. Unless there is an accident, it will not sink at all. ”

Seeing that the raft did not sink, the audience could not help but be disappointed.

The comments in the live-stream were filled with sad and grimacing emotes.

Bell did not know what to say to these shameless guys.

Due to it being polar night, although it was noon, the sky looked gloomy.

Sitting on the raft, Bell and his teammates floated for nearly an hour.

It was moving at such a good speed that Bell was speechless.

If they continued to move like this, they might even make it out today.

This was definitely good news.

It saved both effort and time.

Bell was in the mood to look at the surrounding scenery.

A cool breeze blew.


“In this situation, it’s not bad to calm down and appreciate the scenery.

Look at the tall snow mountain.

Also the lush trees on both sides.

The river water is also extremely clear.

It is like a painting.

Sometimes, people have to be closer to nature. This way, you will realize… F*ck! ”

Bell was halfway through his sentence when he exclaimed.

Everyone was given a fright as they looked at Bell.

The terrain ahead suddenly became steep. Countless boulders piled up on the river, and the river became narrow.

At the same time, the water became faster.

From afar, one could see the violent movement.

“No way, don’t hit it directly!”

Bell said with a long face.

He quickly called for Ped and the man to lower their bodies.

The three of them adjusted the direction of the raft.

The center of gravity could change the direction of the raft to a certain extent.

However, this was not a speedboat.

In addition, the water was rapid.


With their efforts, the raft finally hit the rock accurately.

The raft shook violently. Fortunately, the three of them held onto the raft tightly, so they did not fall.

However, the danger was not over.

The raft returned to the center of the river.

Immediately after, the raft hit the second and third rock as if it was a bumper car.

In just a moment, the raft was shattered.

The three of them fell into the water as expected.

The moment he fell into the water, the cold and bone-chilling river water instantly seeped into Bell’s skin and into his bones.

Under the sudden coldness, the blood vessels in the body would expand and contract.

This could cause the human body to lack blood supply, spasm, or shock.

In such a cold lake, once this happened, the outcome was obvious.

Therefore, the three of them swam towards the surface immediately.

Bell even activated the Wilderness Hunter skill.

After floating to the surface, Bell grabbed the nearest remains of the raft.

Ped and the man also grabbed the remains and floated on the water.

But although they floated out of the water, the three of them could not go ashore.

“What should we do now, Bell?”

Ped and the man shouted.

Bell frowned.

The current situation was very bad, because in such a rapid river, the nerve endings on the hands and feet would quickly be frozen.

The human body would lose the sense of pain at the same time.

It was definitely not a good thing to lose pain in such a rapid river. Otherwise, even if you were injured, you would not feel it at all. If the wound was not treated in time, it would only become a bigger problem.

“F*ck, there’s no need to be so efficacious!”

“As expected, as long as it’s Bell’s ship, it will definitely sink.”

“A new law has been discovered.”

“Sigh, I was prepared to fulfill my promise and fire the rockets, but you didn’t give me a chance. ”

Bell’s face darkened.

Fortunately, this situation did not last long.

After being washed down by the water for about 50 meters, the river became wider, and the water was not as rapid as before.

While their limbs were not numb, the three of them quickly swam ashore.

“No, it’s too cold. We have to quickly start a fire to warm us up and dry our clothes.”

The cold made Bell tremble when he spoke.

Although they were no longer within the tree line, the day temperature was still -10 °C.

In this temperature, Bell had no time to choose a shelter.

The most important thing now was to gather firewood.

His bowstring was still in his backpack.

Bell unzipped his backpack and poured out everything inside.

The Arctic Fox fell to the ground, not knowing what had happened.

Bell had no time to fool around with it. He quickly picked up the bowstring.

He warmed his hands and barely felt some feeling.

He began to start a fire.

Ped and the man were not in as good a state as Bell. They were already losing consciousness.

Bell quickly reminded the two of them.

“Don’t just stay there. Start doing push-ups immediately to maintain your heart rate.”

The two of them forced themselves to move according to Bell’s instructions.

This situation had nothing to do with the physique. The most important thing was the willpower.

The will to survive could make people do things that they could not imagine.

Bell had such a will!

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