Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 15 - Sensational! Fighting to Be the First to Sign the Contract!

Chapter 15: Sensational! Fighting to Be the First to Sign the Contract!

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Following the female host’s reminder, everyone thought of the question.

Yes, this young man on the screen was only eight years old. What had he experienced to be able to master so many wilderness survival skills?

Instantly, everyone was interested in Bell.

At the same time, someone noticed the business opportunity.

After some bloggers realized this hot topic, they immediately rushed to create a video.

“An 8-Year-Old Boy Alone in the Wilderness Survival!”

“The Story Behind Bell”

“Shocking! A Genius Friend of Mine Used to Make a Fire Like This.”

Videos with eye-catching titles began to circulate crazily on the Internet.

Soon, Bell’s popularity rose on the trending topics on weibo and douyin.

Some netizens who did not know about Bell before were curious and doubtful when they saw these articles.

“Hmph, the news these days really has no bottom line. At the age of eight, you would be afraid to even sleep alone. How can such a child possibly survive in the wild?”

“That’s right. The news and bloggers these days really have no bottom line. They dare to hype up any topic. They don’t even need to draft their lies.”

“The photos must be fabricated.”

There were photos of Bell cooking snake meat beside the fire in the videos and articles, but these people were still unwilling to believe it.

They thought that this was just a publicity stunt.

They felt that the Internet was just using a child like Bell to attract attention.

However, there were also many audience members and even Bell’s fans online.

After seeing these people say that the matter was fake publicity, these people were unhappy.

“The people above, did you even watch the video? We saw it on the live broadcast. These are all real.”

“The news and articles this time are not exaggerated. This eight-year-old child is really taking part in the Wilderness Survival.”

Some of Bell’s fans did not want Bell to be slandered, so they stood out and explained.

The Internet was a magical place. It could help people increase their intelligence, but it could also reduce their intelligence.

“I don’t believe it. Even if there are videos, there must be a team helping him from behind. Otherwise, how could an eight-year-old survive alone in the wilderness?”

Even though they had already said that there were videos to prove it, a portion of the netizens still felt that their first thought was correct. They were even unwilling to take a look.

Everyone was helpless against such people.

There were trolls everywhere.

As the news became widespread, not only did all the platforms in the country know about it, even the large news and video platforms overseas also learned about it.

On Twitter and Instagram, Bell’s video was forwarded crazily.

“God, China is really a magical place. A child at such a young age can actually survive in the wilderness.”

“How is this possible? He’s even grilling the snake meat by himself. My son can’t even cook a steak. By the way, he’s already 14 years old.”

“Hehe, my daughter also can’t cook steak. She is 28.”

The topic was brought to a strange place.

But the attention on Bell was still increasing.

As the news spread, everyone focused on Bell.

Some people even joined Bell’s live broadcast.

Such a huge amount of attention also attracted the attention of various reporters.

In an office building of America. A middle-aged man was reading the information in his hand.

On his left and right were the senior reporters of this media office.

Looking at the reporters, the man said solemnly, “This is big news. I don’t have to say much about how many people are paying attention to it. We have to get the exclusive news. Everyone, get into action and contact this boy named Bell as soon as possible.”

“I will set up a project team for whoever can obtain exclusive reporting rights. The position of the supervisor and the company’s shares will also be prepared.”

The man immediately took a fancy to the business opportunity on Bell.

Unlike other internet celebrities, Bell’s potential could be continuously tapped.

He was young and had enough attention gathered on him.

Similarly, his survival skills were also real materials that could support his videos.

At the same time, how he grasped these techniques was a mystery. All these factors combined could definitely make him a huge hit.

The middle-aged man looked at Bell in the video as if he was admiring a treasure.

However, he was not the only one with such thoughts.

The live-stream platform Twitch also realized the value of Bell.

Similar scenes appeared in the conference room.

The boss was an experienced woman.

“No matter what, we have to contact him immediately and sign a contract with him at all costs.”

“Boss, what level of contract do we give him?”

One of the employees asked.

However, just as he said this, the woman also glared at him fiercely.

“Do you have a pig brain? The highest standard! Let him talk about the conditions himself as long as he can be contracted to our company.”

All the managers present gasped.

Good lord, this was really major. When internet celebrities were signed to the company, most of the smaller internet celebrities were only tools to make money for the company.

Even if some internet celebrities with tens of millions of followers had a certain degree of autonomy, the ones in control of everything were the companies.

But for Bell, his boss actually chose to let Bell negotiate. How was this signing a contract with an internet celebrity? This was simply looking for a partner.

In other words, once Bell arrived at the company, his status would immediately be higher than theirs.

Hearing this, all the managers lost interest.

After all, no one wanted to find a higher up for themselves.

However, the female boss’s next words stirred up everyone’s emotions.

“As long as someone can sign Bell, the company will set up a project leader position for him alone. 5% of the company’s shares will be handed to him. 10% of all the benefits related to Bell will be given as well.”

This company had really invested a lot in order to sign Bell.

With the temptation of benefits, all the managers perked up.

Everyone wanted to contact Bell immediately.

Media world was in an uproar, and the reason was Bell.

But Bell, who was the cause of the matter, was in the primeval forest, and unknown about the matter outside.

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