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Chapter 765 - World's Strongest Lifeform

Chapter 765: World’s Strongest Lifeform

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In a wild forest in the countryside, there were layers of Exorcism arrays that spanned several kilometers. Earth City—which spanned several kilometers—was built here, and the various large sects in the world had Exorcism disciples stationed here permanently. There were also soldiers guarding the city—they mainly prevented ordinary people from approaching.

One of the nine Origins Fiends, Tongue Prison Fiend. A one-armed man in cloth clothes and shoes carried a box to the city gates.

Many soldiers at the city gates pointed their guns at Meng Chuan. “Leave quickly.”

“You are not to approach.”

The soldiers shouted.

Most of the soldiers in charge of guarding the nine Origins Fiends came from a lineage of soldiers! Some had taken on their ancestors’ mantles for more than 1,000 years, and they were people who would use their lives to guard the forbidden grounds.

Meng Chuan put down the box and took out a dark-purple token.

“Heaven Master Token?” The soldiers looked at each other in shock. Immediately, soldiers ran toward Earth City.

Moments later, a thin man with an umbrella on his back walked out. The moment he saw Meng Chuan, he immediately bowed. “Greetings, Heaven Master Fang. I’m Liu Qu from the Clear Sky Sect!”

Meng Chuan nodded.

After interacting with the various Exorcism factions over the years, Meng Chuan’s strength had been recognized. The Exorcist Alliance had also given Meng Chuan a Heaven Master Token! Meng Chuan had also become a member of the Exorcist Alliance.

The Exorcist Alliance was established to form a better alliance that could deal with the threat of Origins Fiends!

“I want to enter and try to deal with the Tongue Prison Fiend,” said Meng Chuan.

“Deal with the Tongue Prison Fiend?” Liu Qu was alarmed. “Heaven Master Fang, you can’t do that. Origins Fiends are indestructible; they can only be sealed. There’s no way to kill them.”

“I want to give it a try,” said Meng Chuan. “Don’t worry. I won’t touch the sealing array at all. I’ll enter it alone.”

Liu Qu heaved a sigh of relief. The sealing array was constantly reinforced by generations of Exorcists. No matter what identity one had, they couldn’t be destroyed! As long as Meng Chuan didn’t destroy the sealing array, everything was negotiable.

“Heaven Master Fang, you will encounter that Origins Fiend once you enter the sealing array formation. When that happens, we won’t be able to help you from outside the array formation,” said Liu Qu worriedly.

“There’s no need.” Meng Chuan shook his head.

“This is too dangerous.” Liu Qu was very impressed by Heaven Master Fang. After all, he was only 29 years old. He was definitely a legend in the entire Exorcism world.

“I can enter with my Heaven Master Token, right?” Meng Chuan looked at him. Heaven Masters were already the highest-ranking members of the Exorcist Alliance.

Liu Qu said respectfully, “We naturally can’t stop you if you insist on entering. However, I hope you will be careful.”

Meng Chuan nodded and put away the token before walking in with the box.

Earth City quickly stirred.

“What? Heaven Master Fang wants to enter the sealing array formation alone and try to deal with the Origins Fiend?”

“This is too dangerous.”

“Even the number one Heaven Master Exorcist in the world might die if he enters.”

“What kind of strength does a Heaven Master have? Since he dares to enter, he should at least have the confidence to escape.” The soldiers, Exorcists, and Master Exorcists lived very mundane lives. Now, everyone was talking about it.

None of them believed that Origins Fiends could die! For millennia, the nine Origins Fiends had never died. There was once when more than ten Heaven Master Exorcists worked together to set up an array formation, but they failed to kill one.

Over the years, generations had guarded this place. They subconsciously believed that Origins Fiends were immortal.


Meng Chuan carried the box and walked into the sealing array formation alone. He saw the forest in front of him.

At a glance, he could tell that there was a manor that occupied a large area in the middle of the forest. But over the years, only a few residual foundations of the manor remained. Even intact tiles were difficult to find.

Furthermore, the wild trees grew very well. After all, no living beings had entered for a long time.

Meng Chuan walked to the abandoned manor’s foundation and placed the box by his feet.

“An Exorcist actually dares to enter.” A deep, powerful voice sounded from underground.

“I heard that the nine Origins Fiends are very powerful,” said Meng Chuan. “I’m very curious. Is there anyone stronger than you in the world?”

“At the very least, I’ve lived for 7,000 years and broken out of the seal several times, but I’ve never heard of an existence stronger than an Origins Fiend. Could it be that a puny Exorcist like you knows of someone stronger than an Origins Fiend?” the powerful voice said with interest. It had been in solitude for too long. It was rare for someone to come in unafraid of death, so it naturally chatted with him.

“You’ve never heard of anyone stronger than an Origins Fiend in 7,000 years?” Meng Chuan nodded slightly. “I think I should be stronger than you.”

With that said, Meng Chuan waved his left hand. A talisman flew out and floated in the air.

“Hahaha, how arrogant.”

Blood fog rose from the remnant foundation of the manor as long tongues appeared within it. Each tongue rapidly expanded to hundreds of feet as they swept toward Meng Chuan.

Lightning Dharma, destroy! Meng Chuan formed a seal with one hand and activated the lighting dharma talisman in the sky.

This Lightning Dharma Talisman Token was a Dharma artifact personally refined by Meng Chuan using supreme-grade Lightning Strike Wood.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Lightning Dharma Talisman Token hung high in the sky as cyan lightning struck down. The might of the lightning caused the world to change color, and the sound caused the expressions of the Master Exorcists, Exorcists, and soldiers to change.

Several bolts of lightning struck the tongues in succession. Some of the tongues cracked, but new tongues grew out as the blood fog churned.

“What a powerful lightning spell. You are one of the top three lightning Heaven Master Exorcists I’ve encountered in the past 7,000 years, but you can’t threaten me.” The many tongues spoke with immense calmness.

“Go.” Meng Chuan waved his hand again, and five more talismans flew out from his sleeve.

Five talismans surrounded the Lightning Dharma Talisman Token, forming a runic array.

Over the years, Meng Chuan had fused the five-elemental Dharma spells and the Lightning Dharma into one. The five elements were the foundation of the world. The Heaven and Earth powers gathered by the five elements allowed lightning to descend.

It was over ten-fold more powerful than when he used the Lightning Dharma via stirring the Heaven and Earth powers alone.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Five Elements Talisman Token and the Lightning Dharma Talisman Token formed a talisman array formation. Meng Chuan then formed a seal with one hand and activated it with his vast psyche power.

Instantly, a large number of lightning bolts struck down.

In the blink of an eye, over 100 bolts of lightning struck down! Furthermore, Meng Chuan continued to attack.

The five elements cycled endlessly, allowing it to last for a long time.


In the blink of an eye, there were hundreds of lightning bolts. Soon, there were more than 1,000 lightning bolts, thousands of lightning bolts, and tens of thousands of lightning bolts…

Massive amounts of lightning rumbled!

“Interesting—” Tongue Prison Fiend was most unyielding in the beginning.

In just six seconds—


“Heaven Master, spare me!”



In the end, it wasn’t able to say anything other than ‘spare.’

The sea of lightning completely enveloped an area spanning one kilometer. The trees and soil were completely pulverized, and the large number of tongues hidden underground were reduced to dust. Even the blood fog was destroyed.

The Master Exorcists, Exorcists, and soldiers watching from outside the sealing array were dumbfounded. They looked at the terrifying scene of tens of thousands of lightning bolts striking down one after another.

The one-armed man standing in front of the lightning looked very tiny from afar, but they would never forget this scene for the rest of their lives. The tiny figure in the terrifying sea of lightning had also become an existence they admired the most.

Meng Chuan maintained the endless lightning for a minute. Even with the six talisman token Dharma artifacts’ help, he had expended 30% of his psyche strength. He felt a little weak.

He stopped the lightning and reached out to retrieve the six talisman tokens. Meng Chuan then looked at the charred pit in front of him and nodded slightly. “It’s dead.”

His senses were extremely sharp. He could confirm that the Tongue Prison Fiend was dead.

I only managed to kill it with six talisman tokens. Meng Chuan glanced at the box beneath his feet. However, I wasn’t forced to use the array formation.

The box at his feet was his strongest move.

I didn’t sense the end of the Tribulation Transcendence despite killing an Origins Fiend. If it’s not over, it means that I’m not the strongest existence in this world. The so-called strongest existence deemed by the laws of endless spacetime? Is it based on my strength alone, or does it count array formation Dharma artifacts?

Meng Chuan was somewhat uncertain.

The Array formation Dharma artifacts were personally refined by him, so they should be considered a portion of his strength. If they were counted, he should be stronger than an Origins Fiend. After all, he had only used a portion of his means to kill an Origins Fiend—Tongue Prison Fiend.

If external objects weren’t included, he wouldn’t be able to match an Origins Fiend with just hand seals and Void Talismans.

If external objects aren’t counted, I can’t compare to Origins Fiends. Therefore, I’ll kill all nine of them. That way, I should be the strongest in this world. I can transcend the tribulation successfully.

Meng Chuan carried the box and walked out.

“Tongue Prison Fiend is dead?”

“Tongue Prison Fiend has disappeared?”

“The sealing array formation can no longer sense Tongue Prison Fiend. Could it be that it’s really dead?” The Master Exorcists and Exorcists in charge of guarding the array formation were somewhat shocked. They were in charge of the array formation. Through the array formation, they could constantly sense the behemoth. However, after the bombardment of the massive amounts of lightning, the behemoth had completely vanished. The array formation couldn’t sense it either.

The sealing array couldn’t sense the Origins Fiend? This was something unprecedented.

Liu Qu and the Master Exorcists—as well as the soldiers—looked at Meng Chuan as though they were looking at a god as he walked out with his box.

Liu Qu couldn’t help but ask, “Heaven Master Fang, what happened to the Tongue Prison Fiend?”

“We finally succeeded in killing it,” said Meng Chuan.

“It’s really dead?”


Everyone present was somewhat dazed.

Some of the soldiers had guarded the city for generations, and some families had even guarded the city for more than 1,000 years. Yet, the Origins Fiend was now dead? Was humanity’s greatest nightmare gone?

Upon seeing this, Meng Chuan left Earth City.

Not long after leaving Earth City, Liu Qu ran over.

“Heaven Master Fang,” shouted Liu Qu immediately.

“Oh?” Meng Chuan looked at him. “You aren’t guarding this place anymore?”

“I’ve handed it over to the other Master Exorcists,” said Liu Qu. The Master Exorcists could occasionally leave and let their companions guard it.

Liu Qu smiled and said, “We have already sent people to pass the news to the Exorcist Alliance. I believe the various sects will soon know about it. Other Heaven Masters will come to confirm it.”

Several factions would probably be needed to unanimously confirm the death of an Origins Fiend.

“I want to ask if you wish to continue dealing with the other Origins Fiends?” said Liu Qu.

“You guessed it?” asked Meng Chuan with a smile.

“If any Heaven Master Exorcist can kill an Origins Fiend, they will naturally think of ways to kill the other Origins Fiends.” Liu Qu was extremely solemn. “If we completely kill all nine Origins Fiends, it will be a deed of immense merit.”

Meng Chuan nodded. “I plan on dealing with the other Origins Fiends.”

“Please allow me to follow you and serve you.” Ardor and zeal coursed through Liu Qu’s blood. He wants to completely resolve the nine Origins Fiends? This is the wish of many generations of humanity. Is it really going to be fulfilled? I have to participate. Even if it’s just pouring tea and running errands for Heaven Master Fang, I will feel extremely honored.

Meng Chuan smiled at him and nodded. “Let’s go.”

Therefore, Heaven Master Exorcist Fang Qi traveled the world and headed to the forbidden grounds of the various Origins Fiends to kill them.

After the three Heaven Master Exorcists and several senior Master Exorcists publicly acknowledged that the first Tongue Prison Fiend had completely disappeared, the entire Exorcism world was in an uproar.

Apart from Liu Qu, more and more Exorcists followed Heaven Master Fang and participated in this grand event.

Hell Tongue Fiend! Thousand-Eyed Fiend! Mountain Fiend! Three-Headed Fiend! Scarlet Corpse Fiend! Lightning Roar Fiend! Ba-Serpent Fiend! Earth Wyrm Fiend! Island Dragon Fiend!

Each of the nine Origins Fiends had their own strengths. They were strange and inexplicable, but Heaven Master Fang had many means. He might send thousands of lightning bolts that fell from the sky, send out a rolling sea of fire, ice that froze an area of dozens of kilometers, or send surges of Water of the Nether River…

He opened the box three times, and the array formation he used each time was different. The Master Exorcists and even Heaven Master Exorcists—who followed Meng Chuan—were dazzled.

In six months, Meng Chuan walked through nine forbidden lands and killed nine Origins Fiends. More and more Exorcists followed him to watch the battle.

This also allowed Meng Chuan to ascend to pinnacle prominence. He was publicly recognized as the strongest Exorcist in the Exorcism world’s history, and even the other Heaven Master Exorcists of the current generation believed that Heaven Master Fang Qi was at a higher level than a Heaven Master Exorcist.

The three armies and factions that were still at war in the world publicly congratulated him in the newspapers. They were grateful for the great contributions he had made to the people of the world.

There were also legends about Heaven Master Fang. They knew that the nine most terrifying Origins Fiends had been killed by him.

Heaven Master Fang’s prestige was instantly immeasurable.

In a tea house in Binhai City.

An old man was playing the erhu in the tea house as a young girl sang a song. Meng Chuan sat in the corner of the tea house and drank his tea as he watched the people walking down the street with mixed emotions.

I’ve killed all nine Origins Fiends. Why haven’t I transcended the tribulation? Am I not the strongest in this world? Meng Chuan pondered.

“Brother.” A voice came from downstairs; it was Fang Qian, who had a youth with her.

Fang Qian quickly led the youth upstairs to the second floor of the teahouse. Although the guests had heard of Heaven Master Fang, none of them knew what he looked like.

“Sis.” Meng Chuan looked at his sister.

As she had such a brother, Fang Qian’s status in Binhai City was very special. Many upper-class youths pursued her passionately, making Fang Qian raise her standards. She was 27 this year and had yet to marry. Only Heaven Master Fang’s sister had the right to be so willful.

“Brother, he’s Li Liangshan,” introduced Fang Qian warmly.

“Since you are my sister’s good friend, just call me Brother Fang,” said Meng Chuan with a smile. He had heard that Fang Qian had taken a fancy to Li Liangshan despite so many noble scions pursuing her.

Li Liangshan’s family passed down a fist art, which he had mastered. In times of chaos, he came to Binhai to make a living. He could be considered a boxing master, and he was probably better than the Fang siblings’ father, Fang Dalong.

However, it was too difficult for Li Liangshan to make a name for himself in this chaotic world with just his fist art and personality. It was precisely because he had a girlfriend like Fang Qian that the various factions took the initiative to help him. Only then did Li Liangshan have a smooth journey.

“Brother Fang.” Li Liangshan was extremely respectful. He knew the status of the one-armed man in front of him.

“Treat my sister well. If I find out that you’ve let her down in any way, you know the outcome,” said Meng Chuan calmly.

“Brother—” Fang Qian blushed. She wasn’t married yet.

“Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will protect Qian’er well and not let her down,” Li Liangshan promised. He knew that if he dared to let Fang Qian down, the entire world would not spare him. But with a wife like Fang Qian, his path would be a thousand times smoother.

Meng Chuan nodded and smiled. “Go and have fun. Sis, you’re 27; you’re not young anymore. Don’t keep delaying your marriage. Dad’s hair is turning white from anxiety.”

“Got it!” Fang Qian quickly left with Li Liangshan.

The guests in the surrounding teahouses hadn’t heard Meng Chuan, Li Liangshan, and Fang Qian’s conversation at all. Ignoring the fact that they couldn’t hear it clearly, it was a trivial matter for Meng Chuan to trap dozens of people in an illusion with a thought.

Years passed.

Meng Chuan had offered a bounty to the world through various factions. He had offered a monetary reward of ten million silver taels for information on new Origins Fiends or an existence stronger than an Origins Fiend!

All the factions respected Heaven Master Fang even more. They believed that he wanted to eliminate all the powerful Origins Fiends in his life. However, be it the intelligence reports from the various sects or investigations that were carried out across the world, they couldn’t find new Origins Fiends, nor could they find a stronger existence.

His younger sister, Fang Qian, only married Li Liangshan when she was 29 years old. After they got married, they had a pair of children.

The entire Fang family was rooted in Binhai City. Although Meng Chuan rarely saw his siblings, the Fang family’s status in Binhai City was already deeply rooted.

In the eighth year after killing the nine Origins Fiends, the world was completely united. Meng Chuan’s bounty continued, attracting many people to risk their lives to do the search for him.

In the blink of an eye, 30 years had passed since he killed the nine Origins Fiends.

Above the sea, a large ship was advancing.

A one-armed man stood on the deck and looked at the endless blue sea.

I’m already 60 years old. I spend most of my time traveling the world every year, but I still can’t find a stronger lifeform. No matter how strong Meng Chuan’s mental fortitude was, he was still worried.

At the age of 60, even though he carefully cultivated and maintained his body, he had still aged greatly. The soul he carried was much weaker than when he was 30. Thankfully, his psyche strength was still 80% of what it was when he was 30 years old.

In the first ten years after I descended to this world, I cultivated many Exorcism techniques. I’ve fused them into one and killed the nine Origins Fiends.

Now, it’s been 40 years. My Exorcism techniques—including artifact refinement and array formations—have reached a new level. Even if I don’t rely on external forces, I have the confidence to kill an Origins Fiend just by forming seals and drawing talismans in the void. However, I still haven’t sensed my successful transcendence of the tribulation.

What kind of lifeform is stronger than me? Meng Chuan pondered. After 60 years of age, my body will age even more, and my soul will become weaker. As for my Exorcism techniques, it will become harder and harder to improve them further.

In the world Meng Chuan was in, there was a massive creature deep underground. It had countless tentacles, each spanning several kilometers in length.

Tens of thousands of tentacles slowly floated around its body. Wisps of aura seeped through the tentacles and naturally spread to various earth veins of the land, and through them, extended across the entire world.

These auras had already become a part of the world. Due to various fortuitous encounters, they naturally formed Bizarro Fiends, Great Fiends, and Origins Fiends. This behemoth was the source of all the Fiends in the world! It was the most terrifying lifeform!

From the day Meng Chuan descended, the endless spacetime law’s invisible forces suppressed the behemoth and isolated the area.

The behemoth wouldn’t awaken for more than 10,000 years. As a result, Meng Chuan would never find this place.

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