Archean Eon Art

Chapter 682 - Attention from Everywhere in the River of Spacetime

Chapter 682: Attention from Everywhere in the River of Spacetime

The nearly trillion-kilometer-tall, black stone giant looked down at the tiny Fiend Eye, but he was extremely furious.

Meng Chuan was his prey!

Meng Chuan now had an Eighth Tribulation array formation treasure—Ten Directions Samsara Array Formation. This was originally something that belonged to Guild Master Darkstar. At the same time, Meng Chuan had treasures bestowed by the Nine Trials Pagoda that were even more precious!

Guild Master Darkstar originally thought that he would make a killing from obtaining the treasure. Now that Fiend Eye had suddenly interfered, his plan had been for naught.

How could Darkstar be willing to accept the loss of so many treasures?

“Fiend Eye!” The black stone giant’s voice rumbled, echoing in the surrounding spacetime.

Everything trembled. Even some of the nearby barren planets were shattered to dust.

The towering, black stone giant’s eyes were filled with anger. He stared at Fiend Eye and gritted his teeth. “Fiend Eye! Are you really going to stop me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Fiend Eye grinned. “I’m naturally here to help Eastcalm.”

“Fiend Eye, I’ve been avoiding you the entire time, but you came to ruin my plans!” The black stone giant roared angrily. He knew his limits. Although his body—which had the Matter law as its foundation—allowed him to be reckless, he still tried his best to avoid the top Seventh Tribulation Eminences. This was because top Seventh Tribulation Eminences were on a higher level than him. Even if they couldn’t destroy his body, they could still toy with him.

Being toyed with like a fool was very embarrassing. Darkstar would naturally try his best to avoid conflict.

In terms of cultivation realm, Fiend Eye was already the strongest Physical Body Tribulation Eminence over 80,000 years ago. Back then, he was already a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence. Although he had completely vanished and abandoned all his factions, he remained very low-key after returning to the human world. However, his understanding of laws would only increase, not decrease! Fiend Eye’s mastery of laws would only be much higher than it was 80,000 years ago.

Even though he had never revealed his combat strength as a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence after his return, every faction still feared him.

For example, this time…

An array formation that isolated spacetime was enough to stop most Seventh Tribulation Eminences. However, Guild Master Fiend Eye took a step forward and entered! His accomplishments in spacetime made Darkstar’s heart tremble. Fiend Eye could clearly come and go as he pleased.

“Ruin your plans?” Fiend Eye shook his head. “You are the one bullying the weak. You clearly know that Eastcalm and I have a friendship, but you still ambushed him like a bully. How can I tolerate that?”

Guild Master Darkstar was furious. He was momentarily speechless, not knowing what to say! Friendship? What nonsense!

Everyone in the River of Spacetime knew that Guild Master Fiend Eye didn’t care about relationships. He only cared about interests. If one were to say that Guild Master Darkstar was sinister and shameless, Guild Master Fiend Eye could be considered a fiend. He could do whatever he wanted, and his means were much more terrifying.

How could such a fiend consider friendship?

Seventh Tribulation Eminences could naturally lock onto other cultivators through karma. This was purely an instinctive reaction.

Normally, they would completely ignore it. Only special situations would attract their attention.

For example, the meeting of two Seventh Tribulation Eminences?

For example, a Seventh Tribulation Eminence entering the universe through a special spot?

They would only pay attention to such special situations warily! As for other Seventh Tribulation Eminences summoning Sixth Tribulation Eminences, there were countless such matters. They instinctively ignored them. Therefore, when Darkstar and Meng Chuan met, even if they could sense it, the Seventh Tribulation Eminences would ignore it. Such trivial matters weren’t worth their attention.

However… Fiend Eye and Darkstar had met?

One of them was an existence that ranked in the top five in the River of Spacetime and didn’t appear unless there were benefits. The other one was a sinister and shameless person, who loved to deal sneak attacks. Why were they gathering?


Origin Realm Chieftain observed a silver cube floating in front of him. He sensed something and turned to look into the distance.

His gaze followed the karma and instantly arrived at Taidong River Zone. He could see everything that was happening there.

“Fiend Eye and Darkstar?” Origin Realm Chieftain sneered. “Fiend Eye is extremely ruthless. Why would he care about that idiot Darkstar?”

When the Realm Ancestor died of age, Origin Realm Chieftain would be one of the only top Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminences in the River of Spacetime. Relying on the uniqueness of the Essence Soul Tribulation realm, he could act on his ambitions.

He had always been fighting White Avian Hall and Six Directions Heaven. There weren’t many in the River of Spacetime that he thought highly of… Fiend Eye was undoubtedly one of them. After all, Fiend Eye was already a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence 80,000 years ago. Who dared to underestimate him?

Guild Master Darkstar only knew how to do sinister and despicable things. Origin Realm’s leader didn’t think much of him.

If Darkstar had the ability, he could directly rob White Avian Hall and Six Directions Heaven just like him! What was the point of scheming against Sixth Tribulation Eminences?

“Fiend Eye is helping that Sixth Tribulation Eminence? His name is…” Origin Realm Chieftain quickly obtained information. “City Lord Eastcalm, Meng Chuan, is a descendant of Senior Archean Eon’s hometown.”

“Meng Chuan? Fiend Eye stood up for Meng Chuan?” A coiled azure dragon looked at the scene in front of him.

Although Hall Lord Azure Dragon was a half-step Seventh Tribulation Eminence, he couldn’t see what was happening in Taidong River Zone from afar with his strength. However, he had many treasures.

As the dragons’ current leader, Hall Lord Azure Dragon had many treasures! Half of White Avian Hall’s heritage was supported by the dragons! It also made Celestial Thearch Myriad Star very envious, but it was useless. Hall Lord Azure Dragon was extremely loyal to Hall Lord White Avian.

Guild Master Darkstar failed to kill Meng Chuan instantly. Could Meng Chuan be a peak Sixth Tribulation Eminence? Hall Lord Azure Dragon thought to himself, I have to investigate carefully.

Fiend Eye and Darkstar are fighting?

Many powerful existences in the River of Spacetime noticed this scene. They either relied on their strength or treasures.

There were more than 20 Seventh Tribulation Eminences. In terms of connections, Manor Lord Centaurea—who had the strongest backer—Peach River Lord, Lord of Shadows, Lord of the East Abyss, Palace Lord Snow Rainbow… More than half of the Seventh Tribulation Eminences noticed Meng Chuan.

Many of them learned of Meng Chuan for the first time.

Hahaha, Darkstar. Oh, Darkstar. He made a mistake again. In a mystic realm, an old farmer covered in wrinkles was diligently planting trees. At that moment, he raised his head and glanced over. He couldn’t help but smile. I’ve advised him so many times, but he’s still greedy for the benefits he earns from sneak attacks.

However, to make Fiend Eye take action. The old farmer looked at Meng Chuan. This young junior is definitely extraordinary.

As he watched, he easily saw everything that had happened.

Peak Sixth Tribulation realm? He has only cultivated for 5,393 years? The old farmer pricked up his brows. His potential is extraordinary.

As for Meng Chuan’s Spacetime Domain, it proved that he had a spacetime treasure. The old farmer didn’t care about it at all. What slipped through the cracks of his wealth far exceeded that.

Fiend Eye is meticulous when it comes to planning and is extremely cunning. There must be a reason why he took action. The old farmer looked at Meng Chuan and saw his past. He saw Archean Eon Realm’s history. Archean Eon’s homeworld? Archean Eon Realm sure has produced talent.

Following that, the old farmer casually looked at Meng Chuan’s future.

With his cultivation speed, he’ll probably reach the Seventh Tribulation realm at the very least. The old farmer watched casually.

However, his expression gradually changed.

What? The old farmer’s expression turned solemn.

Almost everything in the River of Spacetime was under his control. The only ones that could threaten him were Hall Lord White Avian and the Eighth Tribulation Eminences that didn’t appear in this era.

This junior’s potential is even more terrifying than the two from Shadow and Origin Realm? The old farmer’s heart tightened. Lord of Shadows and Origin Realm Chieftain had only cultivated for a short period of time, yet they were both top Seventh Tribulation Eminences. The two of them were enemies of the old farmer. Lord of Shadows was completely on Hall Lord White Avian’s side, but Origin Realm Chieftain refused to look up to anyone! He dared to fight anyone!

If Fiend Eye was one who made meticulous plans, the old farmer’s schemes were much more terrifying. The entire River of Spacetime’s general trends were under his control. If not for Hall Lord White Avian, everything would have been his chess piece.

Hall Lord White Avian cultivated in a chamber and resisted the torture of his Essence Soul injuries. His pale face looked up slightly and revealed a smile. Senior Realm Ancestor’s eyes are truly sharp. In the blink of an eye, Meng Chuan has already reached the peak of the Sixth Tribulation realm. Given his age… he’s not far from reaching the Seventh Tribulation realm.


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