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Chapter 518 - Black Fiend Hall

Chapter 518 Black Fiend Hall

“All cultivators have to leave by today?” asked Meng Chuan as he received the halved Outer Realm Essence Crystal. “Yes.” The puppet attendant nodded. “All cultivators on Black Dragon Planet have to leave. When night falls, Black Dragon Planet will expel all the cultivators who haven’t left.”

Meng Chuan nodded slightly and watched the puppet attendant leave. “Pack up. Let’s quickly leave,” instructed Meng Chuan.

“Yes,” said Supremacy Qing Gu with a nod.

Meng Chuan and Supremacy Qing Gu came to the streets and saw many cultivators walking towards the city gates. Most of them looked uneasy.

“What is the patriarch doing by expelling all the cultivators?” “Black Dragon Planet wants to destroy its own foundation?”

“Patriarch’s reputation is still very good since he’s returned the Essence Crystal fees for the rental. There must be a special reason this time.”

The cultivators were panicking and discussing silently. Most of them didn’t know the reason why Patriarch Black Dragon was asking everybody to leave. Meng Chuan and Supremacy Qing Gu followed the crowd of cultivators and walked out together.

“Patriarch.” At the foot of the towering mountain outside the city, three figures stood respectfully. The leader was a golden-haired man with a carapace on his back. He said loudly, “Please save


The towering mountain was silent. The three figures exchanged looks, becoming even more anxious. The golden-haired man said loudly, “Patriarch, our Essence Water Manor has been on Black Dragon Planet for over 10,000 years. We have been doing business here for so many years. Please, on account of our friendship over the years and our Manor Lord, save us.”

After a long while, the towering mountain still didn’t react.

“Black Dragon.” A blurry figure appeared. It was a handsome and elegant man.

“Brother Essence Water.” Patriarch Black Dragon’s blurry figure appeared as well. With his status as a Fifth Tribulation Eminence, he couldn’t be bothered with the Imperial Lords’ pleas. However, he still had to meet Manor Lord Essence Water personally.

“You sure hid the news well,” said the handsome man with a chuckle. “We only learned of it today.”

“I’m sorry,” said Patriarch Black Dragon casually. An old man who was about to die was more carefree in his actions.

Manor Lord Essence Water said, “Black Dragon Planet has many Imperial Lords and Supremacies. Black Fiend Hall has probably done the investigations. I know you can’t protect too much.”

Patriarch Black Dragon nodded. “Brother Essence Water, it’s good that you understand my difficulties.”

“Can you help me protect Imperial Lord Lin Xu?” asked Essence Water. “After this matter is over, I’ll personally receive Lin Xu. Just protecting an Imperial Lord shouldn’t have much of an impact on you. Of course, Lin Xu will also offer you 100 Outer Realm Essence Crystals.”

Patriarch Black Dragon smiled. “Aren’t you afraid that I will kill Lin Xu and snatch all his treasures?”

“I trust you,” said Essence Water.

“I don’t care about karma now,” said Patriarch Black Dragon with a chuckle. “If you are fine with it, just let Imperial Lord Lin Xu come up the mountain. Three years later, come to Black Dragon Planet and receive Lin Xu. I’ll stay on Black Dragon Planet for a few more years.”

Essence Water nodded. “Alright.”

Soon, the three Imperial Lords split the items they had. Imperial Lord Lin Xu brought treasures worth a total of 1,300 Outer Realm Essence Crystals and went up the mountain to seek refuge with Patriarch Black Dragon.

The other two Imperial Lords brought 1,200 cubes worth of treasures, hoping to try their luck and escape. Manor Lord Essence Water clearly didn’t trust Patriarch Black Dragon completely. He split Essence Water Manor’s treasureswhich were on Black Dragon Planetinto two portions and moved them away.

The Imperial Lords’ lives weren’t too important because they had another true body in their homeworld! No, they didn’t want to die because they wanted to protect the treasures on them. Apart from their own treasures, Essence Water Manor’s three Imperial Lords also carried Essence Water Manor’s treasures. They belonged to Manor Lord Essence Water.


“Patriarch, save us.” Many Imperial Lords and even two Tribulation Eminences came to beg Patriarch Black Dragon. However, Patriarch Black Dragon didn’t care about them. If he protected too many… Black Fiend Hall would wage a full-out war with him. Although Black Fiend Hall didn’t wish to risk their lives to fight a dying old fellow, they were willing to do so if the temptation was large enough.

Meng Chuan left Black Dragon City with the crowd and flew away from Black Dragon Planet.

He flew into the vast void.

The 64 Grand Yang Stars and the 64 Grand Yin Stars—which had been hidden in the shadows—were all emitting light. The Grand Yin Stars was revealed as a result. Extremely cold light and extremely hot light enveloped Black Dragon Planet. Meng Chuan and the other cultivators—who had flown into the void—were also enveloped by the light.

“He wants us to leave, but still uses the Yin-Yang Stellar Array to restrain us. What is he doing?”

“What is the patriarch trying to do by trapping us here?”

Although the cultivators were puzzled, they waited obediently.

Meng Chuan hid in an inconspicuous corner of the void. Supremacy Qing Gu hid in Meng Chuan’s grotto-heaven treasure.

What happened? Meng Chuan speculated about the situation. Due to reading the dossiers left behind by Ancestral Master Archean Eon, Meng Chuan knew about the different types of danger that lurked in the outer realm.

It was very common for a seemingly prosperous organization to collapse in one fell swoop.

Black Dragon Planet must have encountered some danger. Therefore, Patriarch Black Dragon ordered all the cultivators to leave. Meng Chuan pondered. He even took the initiative to return half an Essence Crystal. Clearly, Patriarch Black Dragon is extremely proud and unwilling to take advantage of others. His decision must have been done with good intentions.

What kind of danger is he facing? Meng Chuan carefully pondered.

In the outer realm, many dangers could cause such a disastrous outcome.

Plundering of life, evil Tribulation Eminences, forces from high-level worlds, and so on could force Patriarch Black Dragon to make such a choice. There were some forbidden existences that even Ancestral Master Archean Eon feared. Of course, it was highly unlikely that such forbidden existences would appear.

Meng Chuan and the other cultivators waited in the void for more than two hours. The number of waiting cultivators had reached over 10,000. Almost all of them were Supremacies; only a small number were Imperial Lords. Meng Chuan couldn’t tell if Tribulation Eminences were hiding in the void.

“Truth be told.” A cold voice sounded in the void as a silver-haired woman appeared. She looked at the cultivators in front of her and said, “Outside the Yin-Yang Stellar Array, Black Fiend Hall is waiting in ambush. Their strength far exceeds yours. They want to occupy Black Dragon Planet and plunder all your treasures.”

Many cultivators were shocked. Most began to panic.

Black Fiend Hall? Meng Chuan was alarmed. That is one of the River of Spacetime’s top forces! It’s comparable to Eternal Tower.

Eternal Tower was a more peaceful organization. Eternal Tower’s Tribulation Eminences were extremely proud beings. They disdained bullying the weak.

Black Fiend Hall was different. Their Tribulation Eminences believed in the law of the jungle. To them, they felt like it was right to enslave or slaughter large numbers of Imperial Lords and Supremacies and snatch all the treasures in their hands.

“They wanted to occupy Black Dragon Planet, but were rejected by the Patriarch,” said the silver-haired woman.

Meng Chuan was shocked. If Patriarch Black Dragon hadn’t refused, they wouldn’t have been able to escape. They would have been wiped out. “The Patriarch’s lifespan is nearing its end,” said the silver-haired woman. “He can protect you for a moment, but he can’t protect you forever. We have only thought of a single solution. The Patriarch will use the Yin-Yang Stellar Array to prevent Black Fiend Hall from entering. Black Fiend Hall will also be unable to spy on what is happening in the array formation’s interior. As for all of you, you have to spread to every corner of the array formation. “Once the Patriarch dispels the array formation, you must flee as quickly as possible. The Yin-Yang Stellar Array is set up by 64 Grand Yin Stars and 64 Grand Yang Stars. It envelops a large area. Even if one travels at light speed, it will take one more than an hour to traverse the area. With such a large area to cover, Black Fiend Hall won’t be able to seal off the area completely within a short period of time. “It’s a large area, and many cultivators will be fleeing frantically. It will be an achievement for Black Fiend Hall if they can intercept 20% of the fleeing cultivators,” said the silver-haired woman. “This method sounds a little silly, but the difference in strength between Black Fiend Hall and you is too great. This is the best way for all of you to survive.

“Everyone, please head to the array formation’s corners. In six hours, the array formation will be dispelled. You have to flee as quickly as possible. By the way, don’t enter the River of Spacetime. A Tribulation Eminence is definitely guarding this particular region in the River of Spacetime. They will capture anyone who enters.”

The silver-haired woman disappeared instantly.

Many cultivators were engaged in heated discussions. This was the first time many of them had heard of Black Fiend Hall.

I have to be careful. Meng Chuan was also very solemn. He still had many of Senior Pang Ming’s treasures. He was unwilling to be captured and have the treasures taken away. Meng Chuan looked around. About 20-30% of Heaven Peak River System’s cultivators were gathered here. Considering the vast area the Yin-Yang Stellar Array covered, nearby cultivators would be at least 50 million kilometers away from each other when they fled. If Black Fiend Hall could catch 20% of them, it would already be a testimony of their strength.

I’m just a Supremacy. It’s very normal for me to hide among these people. The probability of me successfully escaping is very high. Meng Chuan had no intention of fighting Black Fiend Hall head-on. Although Black Fiend Hall’s recruitment requirements were lower than that of Eternal Tower—an official member had to be a Fourth Tribulation Eminence at the very least—the forces they had sent here were definitely very strong. Otherwise, Patriarch Black Dragon wouldn’t be so afraid.

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