Archean Eon Art

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Meng Chuan’s Third Saber Strike

“We underestimated you too much,” Murong You—with his white-brows and golden eyes—spoke in a low voice. Following that, he transformed into a blur and fled east.

“Trying to flee?” Meng Chuan immediately pursued him without using the Power of the Soul. He could keep up with Murong You with his normal speed alone.

They rushed across roofs like ghosts in the night. Only the sound of the howling wind prevailed.

“Hubby, there’s some movement outside.”

“It has quietened down.” Inside the residence—which had its yard wall smashed through by Murong You and Vice Branch Master Tu Shang—a thin man stuck his head out from underneath a fallen roof beam. He looked outside carefully. In the darkness, he vaguely saw a muscular man about ten feet tall on the ground not far away. He was covered in black fur. At first glance, he looked like a large black bear. The thin man’s face turned pale, and he shrank back.

“Let’s not go out. No matter what happens, don’t bother.”

“What happened?”

“I didn’t see clearly, but it looks like a bear demon is lying in our courtyard. It’s about ten feet tall, much taller than our house’s roof beam.”

“What? A demon?”

The couple hid inside, not daring to go out again.

Within seconds, Murong You and Meng Chuan arrived close to a large river.

“Oh?” When Meng Chuan saw the river, he immediately understood. He’s unable to escape from me on land, so he wants to escape using the river? I’m not good at fighting underwater.

To experts, normal swimming and diving weren’t considered good enough.

Some water-aligned Godfiend bodies allowed one to be more agile than fishes when in water. They were extremely fast, and they could maintain high combat strength. Some demonic arts from the Skydemon Sect allowed their disciples to maintain relatively high combat strength in the water. The cultivation formula Meng Chuan had cultivated didn’t give him proficiency to fight in the water. He couldn’t even exert 10% of his strength underwater.

Humph! He’s so fast. He should have a Lightning Divine Body. I refuse to believe he still dares to chase me underwater. Murong You rushed towards the river.

At this point, Murong You had given up capturing Meng Chuan alive. All he wanted was to survive. This was because the Meng Chuan was unimaginably fast. Meng Chuan had even used him to kill Tu… It was a blow to his confidence.

As long as I can escape and report this to the higher-ups, I’ll gain plenty of credit. Meng Chuan has really hidden his strength well. He has clearly comprehended Saber Force for quite some time.

Meng Chuan’s saber arts were too exquisite. He didn’t look like a novice that had just comprehended Saber Force.

In truth, it had been more than half a year since Meng Chuan had comprehended Saber Force. Furthermore, he had fused some of the Lightning Devastator Saber’s secrets into his saber arts, making them more exquisite. With his hundred-foot domain, Meng Chuan was very capable in combat, thus giving Murong You the impression that Meng Chuan had comprehended Force for quite some time.

He might’ve comprehended Saber Force when he was sixteen. No. He might have comprehended when he was fifteen. The reported time for when he achieved the secret technique should be fake. He had probably figured out the secret technique when he was eleven or twelve. I was suppressed by him even though my demon core has been condensed for years. His talent is simply terrifying. If I report this to the demons, the demons will probably place a bounty on his head. When that happens, he’ll definitely die.

Oh? Murong You suddenly realized that Meng Chuan had suddenly increased his speed. In the blink of an eye, he was right behind him. He’s going all out. Murong You was alarmed. Back when Meng Chuan killed Tu, Murong You had witnessed the speeds Meng Chuan was capable of. Even so, he was still shocked seeing it a second time.

He was too fast!


After confirming Murong You wanted to escape via the river, Meng Chuan did not delay any further. He had originally been stalling for time because he was waiting for his grandaunt to arrive. However, if he waited any longer, the other party would jump into the river and escape.

“Kill!” He decided to take one last gamble. He fused the Power of the Soul into his whole body. The absolute control over his physical body and Quintessential Energy made Meng Chuan feel omnipotent. He unleashed his power and chased after Murong You. As he did so, he struck out with his saber.

As his saber struck out, the lightning within his body exploded.

The 17th stance of the Lightning Devastator Saber—the first strike of the Five Lightning Descent!

If the Saber Drawing Stance was Meng Chuan’s go-to for dealing sneak attacks, then the partial Five Lightning Descent move was his strongest killing blow in a frontal assault. Its power was monstrous.

This strike was as fast as lightning, and an oppressive aura of magnificence accompanied it.

It’s so fast. Murong You felt like Meng Chuan’s attack was too fast. The saber strike was even faster and more domineering than Meng Chuan’s previous strikes.

It doesn’t pose a threat to me. Murong You instantly used a forbidden technique. His strength increased by a great deal, and his pair of scimitars perfectly sealed the area in front of him. With the sound of weapons clashing, Murong You perfectly parried the attack.


Meng Chuan quickly followed up with a second strike.

His second strike carried the first strike’s might with it. The lightning in his body surged, and his Quintessential Energy gushed like tidal waves. This saber move was even more domineering. Although the saber beam was only ten feet long, it was much stronger than the Lightning Ultimate Saber Drawing Stance he had unleashed earlier.

Under the dark sky, Murong You’s vision blurred. He found the saber beam blinding.

Bam! Murong You was indeed skilled with wielding his two scimitars. He was able to block the attack with great difficulty. However, the beam transmitted a heavy force that reached his organs. Murong You’s body jolted, and his nasal cavities were filled with the smell of blood.

Now, the third saber strike! Meng Chuan’s eyes were filled with killing intent. After repeated usage of the Power of the Soul, Meng Chuan could only unleash one final strike. It was a desperate move.

He had obtained a portion of the Black Metal Sutra’s Lightning Devastator Saber 17th stance. He knew only the first two moves; the third move was unknown to him.

However, he used his knowledge of the first two moves to achieve his own version of the third attack. The lightning within his body rampaged. His Quintessential Energy flowed through his meridians, wave after wave. He wasn’t able to suppress the energies. He couldn’t redirect the energy and channel it into a fourth attack. All he could do was completely unleash all his power without any thought.


The lightning and Quintessential Energy in his body entered his saber as he executed his final strike.


It was unlike his previous two strikes. The first two strikes were powerful and dominating. Each strike faster and more domineering than the previous. The third strike was extremely soft. It was the Swaying Moonfall he had been cultivating for a very long time! He had used this technique to kill Tu Shang. However, the speed at which he delivered this Swaying Moonfall was far faster. After all, he had fused all energy accumulated from his first two moves, thus allowing him to deliver his most terrifying Swaying Moonfall.

The saber art was gentle and sinister, making its trajectory unpredictable.

This was a combination of moves Meng Chuan had devised by himself. By combining Five Lightning Descent’s first two moves, he could create a three-strike combo with Swaying Moonfall!

A combination of domineering and softness.

Not good. Murong You was used to blocking fast and furious strikes. He was prepared to block the third attack, but who would have thought the third attack would suddenly turn sinister and gentle? Murong You frantically tried to block it.

Murong You’s scimitars collided with the saber beam, but the beam was like moonlight pouring down, detectable but difficult to capture.

When Murong You’s scimitars touched the saber beam, a strange revolving force broke through his defense. The saber beam appeared before him.

This is bad. Murong You’s heart sank when he failed to block the attack. He instinctively used his arms to block.


An ethereal saber beam flashed.

An arm flew up, and a bloody gash appeared on Murong You’s chest.

Am I going to die by Meng Chuan’s hands? Murong You’s heart chilled. Although he survived the terrifying strike, he had lost an arm. The gaping wound on his chest caused his strength to drop drastically. He had half of his strength left.

He had been suppressed at his peak.

With half his peak strength left, Murong You felt disenchanted with the situation.

I didn’t manage to kill him? A chill ran down Meng Chuan’s spine. Using the Power of the Soul had exhausted him. He wasn’t able to unleash his full strength again. Without the Power of the Soul, his strength was the same as the two vice branch masters. Even if Murong You was severely injured, he didn’t have the confidence to keep him here.

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