Archean Eon Art

Chapter 269 - Fate and Glory (Final Chapter of Volume)

Chapter 269 Fate and Glory (Final Chapter of Volume)

Meng An nodded seriously

“An’er has indeed reached the Realm of Force. He has already demonstrated it in front of me,” said Liu Qiyue. “Show me,” said Meng Chuan, unable to hide his excitement. He wanted to see with his own eyes the extent of his son’s spear art now that he had comprehended Force.

“Okay.” Meng An stood up confidently and walked out. Meng Chuan, Liu Qiyue, and Meng You arrived at the door.

Soon, Meng An took out his spear. “Dad, watch carefully.” Meng An was in high spirits. He swung his spear down violently, lashing out at the lake in front of him. With a rumble, a spear beam whizzed out, causing the lake water to part for dozens of feet as it exploded violently.

“It’s Force. You have indeed reached the Realm of Force.” Meng Chuan’s heart was filled with pride. He had risen from a remote place like Eastcalm Prefecture, and his master highly valued his Essence Soul cultivation talent. This made Meng Chuan very proud. During the process of nurturing his children, he had taught his children how to paint, but his son wasn’t very interested in painting. His daughter was interested, but she was far from reaching the stage where she could seek answers for her inner self.

Meng Chuan had even considered the possibility that his children might be mediocre, but he still did his best to groom them.

And now…

The scene before him made Meng Chuan understand one thing. His son, Meng An, was no less of a genius than the likes of Xue Feng and Yan Chitong because he had comprehended Force at the age of 13.

“Good.” Meng Chuan laughed loudly. “An’er, well done.”

Meng An was delighted to receive his father’s praise.

“Your talent in spear arts is higher than I expected,” said Meng Chuan with a smile. “Your future achievements will definitely surpass your mother’s and mine.”

Liu Qiyue nodded as she looked at her son with anticipation. Although she knew that her husband’s greatest talent was his Essence Soul cultivation talent and that it was very difficult for her children to catch up to their father, she was still filled with anticipation.

Furthermore, her son’s talent was also at the level of a peerless genius. Even a Creation Supremacy needed to cultivate from the beginning, one step at a time. Her son might go very far on his cultivation path in the future.

“I will work hard.” Meng An nodded.

The family returned to the dining room and ate dinner.

“An’er.” Meng Chuan looked at his son in relief. “Since you’ve comprehended Force, you can enter Archean Mountain to cultivate.”

“Enter Archean Mountain?” Meng An’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

His parents were Archean Mountain Godfiends. From a young age, he and his sister, Meng You, had vowed to become Archean Mountain disciples!

“With your talent, Archean Mountain will directly recruit you,” said Liu Qiyue. “An’er, when do you plan on going to the mountain?”

His elder sister, Meng You, couldn’t help but ask, “If my younger brother goes to Archean Mountain, will he be staying there for a decade or even longer?”.

“Yes.” Liu Qiyue nodded. “During our time, the average time a disciple spent on the mountain was longer than a decade. Now, there are too many demon monarchs in the world. Only peak Great Solar Godfiends are qualified to join Godfiend teams. Therefore, disciples will stay on the mountain longer… However, with An’er’s talent, he will probably be able to leave the mountain within 15 years. Even if he leaves the mountain, he will have to follow Archean Mountain’s arrangements.” Meng An said softly, “Will it be difficult for me to meet you?” “Yes.” Liu Qiyue nodded gently. “I need to preside over Jiang State Capital. I can’t leave without permission. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you for more than ten years. Your father can occasionally go up the mountain to see you.” “Archean Mountain has its rules. We can’t disturb the disciples frequently,” said Meng Chuan. “The number of times I can see you is limited as well.”

According to the rules set by Archean Mountain, disciples had to grow independently and cultivate in solitude. “Okay.” Meng An nodded gently. “I understand. Dad said that the sooner one cultivates the path of the Godfiend, the better. I’ll have a higher chance of becoming a Marquis Godfiend and even Regis Godfiend if I begin on this path earlier. I’ll head up the mountain as soon as possible.”

Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue exchanged looks.

She was pleased with her son’s choice, but also couldn’t bear for him to leave. After more than ten years of teaching him, her son had grown up. Now it was time for them to be separated.

“I’ll write a letter and inform Archean Mountain about you,” said Meng Chuan. “Stay at home for a few more days. Make preparations before going up the mountain.”

“Yes,” replied Meng An obediently.

Archean Mountain, night.

“Supremacy, this is today’s dossiers.” Archean Mountain Lord carried a pile of dossiers over.

Qin Wu sat there and calmly received the dossiers and began reading. “Is there anything important?”

“It’s rather stable. Nothing major has happened in the Great Zhou Dynasty,” said Archean Mountain Lord. He smiled. “By the way, Junior Brother Meng Chuan wrote to me.”

“To you?” Qin Wu was astonished. Meng Chuan’s secret identity was Archean Mountain’s top Patroller. He usually sent letters directly to Supremacy Qin Wu.

“It’s business,” said Archean Mountain Lord with a smile. “His son, Meng An, is 13 years old this year. He has already reached the Realm of Force. His talent is comparable to Xue Feng and Yan Chitong.” “Oh?” Qin Wu revealed a look of delight. He was naturally satisfied that Archean Mountain had another peerless genius. “I remember that Meng Chuan only had a pair of children when he was 36. If I remember correctly, his children’s birthdays are on 3rd September.” “Archean Mountain naturally needs to recruit such a peerless genius. I’ve already written a letter to Junior Brother Meng,” said Archean Mountain Lord with a smile. “I won’t arrange for someone to pick him up. Let Junior Brother Meng personally send his son over.”

“Okay.” Qin Wu nodded.

Although he was pleased with the news, this was only a trivial matter. As a peerless genius, it only meant that he would definitely become a Marquis. Becoming a Regis Godfiend was still very difficult. Therefore, it didn’t affect the overall situation much. “In the past three months, the number of demon monarch corpses that Junior Brother Meng Chuan has delivered is astounding.” Archean Mountain Lord couldn’t help but say excitedly, “Counting the ones he sent over recently, he has killed more than 9,300 demon monarchs in the past three months. He even killed a fourth Firmament demon monarch.”

Qin Wu looked at him. “Therefore, we have to keep news about Meng Chuan a secret.”

“Among Regis Godfiends, I’m the only one who knows,” said Archean Mountain Lord respectfully. “I didn’t tell anyone about it. Junior Brother Meng and his wife are also cautious. They definitely won’t spread it.”

“Yes, the longer it’s kept a secret, the better,” said Qin Wu.

Archean Mountain Lord asked, “After Junior Brother Meng’s son comes to the mountain, do we groom him as per usual?”

“Do the same as usual. Give him equivalent treatment to what Xue Feng and Yan Chitong received,” said Qin Wu. “As for the future, it depends on his son’s potential.”

“Yes,” replied Archean Mountain Lord.

Dawn, Meng Manor.

Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai arrived at Lake Heart Pavilion. A group of people gathered here to send Meng An off.

“Clothes for all four seasons, as well as your daily necessities, are all here.” Liu Qiyue handed a storage bag to her son. Her eyes were slightly red. “After this farewell, I might not be able to see you for more than ten years. Once you reach Archean Mountain, you have to take good care of yourself. If there’s anything you need, just write to us.” “Yes.” Meng An nodded with reddened eyes.

Meng Chuan silently stood by the side and watched Meng Dajiang, Liu Yebai, and Meng You bid farewell to Meng An.

After a long while, Meng Chuan walked over. “It’s time to set off.”

Meng An looked at his father. “Yes, Father.”

“Remember to write,” Liu Qiyue exhorted.

Meng Chuan’s Darkstar domain enveloped his son as they soared into the sky.

Liu Qiyue couldn’t help but cry. “An’er.”

“When a child grows up, he will eventually need to spread his wings and soar into the sky.” Meng Dajiang sighed.

“That’s how we sent you and Meng Chuan up the mountain back then,” said Liu Yebai.

Meng Chuan flew above the clouds with his son as fast as lightning, heading straight for Archean Mountain.

Archean Mountain had finished arranging for Meng An.


Bright Scenic Peak.

Meng Chuan and his son came to Meng Chuan’s original cave abode. Elder Yi, Steward Liu, and company were already waiting for their arrival. “Elder Yi.” After landing, Meng Chuan cupped his hands and bowed.

“Junior Brother Meng,” said Elder Yi with a smile. “The scene of you coming up the mountain 30 years ago remains fresh in my mind. Now, your son is on the mountain as



Meng Chuan sighed. “Time flies.” Back then, he and Qiyue had started cultivating on the mountain when they were still very young. Now, they had killed a large number of demon monarchs. On the surface, he was a famous Marquis Godfiend, but in reality, he was Archean Mountain’s top Patroller. His wife was also a Marquis Godfiend and presided over Jiang State Capital.

“Kid.” Elder Yi looked at Meng An and said with a smile, “Every Archean Mountain disciple can choose a cave abode for themselves. Are you sure you don’t want to choose one? You plan on staying in your father’s cave abode?”

“I’ve discussed it with my sister. I will live in my father’s cave abode. After my sister comes up the mountain, she will live in my mother’s cave abode,” said Meng An.

“Okay.” Elder Yi nodded with a smile. “Go to the library and read some books. Choose the Godfiend body and spear art that you wish to cultivate as soon as possible. I believe that your parents have told you all about this.”

“Yes.” Meng An nodded.

Meng Chuan didn’t have much time. He was exhausted because of his daily underground reconnaissance. However, Liu Qiyue had instructed him very carefully. She even told her son about the 12 transcendent-grade Godfiend bodies in detail. She found information for her son to read.

“Junior Brother Meng, I won’t disturb your father-son bonding time any further,” said Elder Yi with a smile before bidding farewell.

Meng Chuan accompanied his son to change the items in the cave abode to frequently-used items.An hour later, outside the cave abode.

“Dad.” Meng An looked at his father, filled with reluctance.

They really had to part.

Meng Chuan felt mixed emotions. He looked at his son and said solemnly, “An’er, becoming a Godfiend and slaying demon monarchs is our duty. In the future, you have to bear the responsibility and fight the demon monarchs.” Meng Chuan said, “There’s an old saying… A man should be ambitious. As for us Godfiends, our ambition is to kill all demon monarchs under the heavens. This is our fate and our glory!”

“Dad, let’s slay the demons together in the future.” Meng An’s eyes burned. “Alright.” Meng Chuan smiled. “We, father and son, will kill the demons together! This is our agreement. Therefore, you have to cultivate hard and not slack off!”

“Yes,” replied Meng An. “Father, don’t worry. I will definitely cultivate diligently.”

Meng Chuan nodded slightly. Following that, he turned into a bolt of lightning and flew east.

Meng An stood there for a moment before softly whispering, “Dad, I definitely won’t disappoint you.” Following that, he turned and entered the cave abode. Final Chapter of Volume—Children’s Growth

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