Archean Eon Art

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Yan Jin and Mei Yuanzhi

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Under the attention of the five great clans and the eight great Dao Academies, the white-robed youth calmly walked up the arena with his sword on his back. His hands reached behind his back. Inside the scabbard were two swords.

He held a sword in each hand and left them pointing askew to the ground as he coldly stared at the tiger demon.

“Another young fellow.” The tiger demon’s face twitched. There was a wound on its face, and more than ten wounds littered its body—the wound on its abdomen was especially large.

“Kill!” It didn’t wish to delay any further as it charged forward.

The white-robed youth charged forward head-on with a sword in each hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tiger demon and the white-robed youth, Yan Jin, clashed head-on. Although the tiger demon looked more powerful with greater strength and speed, its advantage seemed limited! The white-robed youth’s two longswords corresponded to Yin and Yang. When one sword was suppressed, power would be accumulated in the other sword before erupting. The stronger the suppression, the stronger the rebound force.

They were fighting head-on.

The white-robed youth’s sword technique had clearly reached the Unity realm. His technique was brilliant. His sword would occasionally add another wound to the tiger demon.

“The white-robed youth’s sword technique has reached the Unity realm as well. He’s in no way inferior to Meng Chuan.”

“Furthermore, he is likely born with tremendous strength. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to match the tiger demon’s strength.”

“He’s born with tremendous strength despite looking so young and tender?”

Everyone was astonished. Meng Chuan was too.

With high population numbers, there were occurrences of special people who were born with tremendous strength or exceptional speed. For example, his fellow disciple—Wan Mang—was born with tremendous strength. His strength at the Marrow Cleansing realm was comparable to someone at the Mortal Shedding realm! However, the majority of those who were born with tremendous strength were very muscular. It was rare to see someone like the mysterious youth—Yan Jin—to be born with tremendous strength while having such a figure.

Being at the Unity realm, the white-dressed youth’s body, mind, and technique fused as one. The strength he unleashed was 80 percent of the tiger demon’s! His speed was also 70 to 80 percent of the tiger demon’s. With the addition of his dual sword technique, he was in no way inferior to it at all. The direct clash worsened the tiger demon’s injuries.

Roar! The tiger demon roared again as its black and red fur lit up. The might of its claws increased as it once again unleashed the demon monarch bloodline!


There was a loud bang.

The white-dressed youth used both his swords to block as he was knocked back several steps from the impact. Blood trickled down the corner of his lips. He forcefully stabilized himself and stared coldly at the tiger demon.

He dared to block it head-on? Meng Chuan was somewhat surprised. That’s right. The tiger demon’s demon monarch bloodline can completely crush me, but it’s not that useful when dealing with Yan Jin. Besides, his sword technique is clearly good at deflecting forces.

Oh? The tiger demon couldn’t believe it and immediately pounced forward to continue its barrage of attacks.

But with a squishing sound…

The huge wound at its abdomen could no longer withstand it using its full strength. The wound split open again, and blood splattered everywhere. Even the other wounds on its body began to bleed.

Seeing this, the white-robed youth charged forward without any hesitation, continuing his attack with both swords.

Damn it. Damn it. If it weren’t for the punk from before dealing this much damage to me… The tiger demon was infuriated. The other wounds were all superficial, but the wound at its lower abdomen was too deep. Under the explosive power of its bloodline, it couldn’t suppress the wound from being aggravated.

If it were in perfect shape, it would be more willing to fight this white-robed kid.

Although the white-robed kid was stronger and more ferocious in close combat, it wasn’t afraid of ferociousness.

Instead, it was the one who used the saber! He employed hit-and-run tactics! He was extremely slippery, his saber swift and unpredictable. It was how it suffered such serious injuries.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! The severe injuries prevented it from unleashing the strength of the demon monarch’s bloodline. The tiger demon could only resist with great difficulty, but its strength and speed had clearly weakened. It was completely suppressed by the white-dressed youth as more and more wounds appeared on its body.

My fate was determined the day I was captured by that human Godfiend. The tiger demon sensed that its life was coming to an end. When the white-robed kid stabbed out with his final strike, it didn’t resist.


The sword stabbed into the tiger demon’s glabella and penetrated its head.

The tiger demon was dead!

It had not been able to fight ten matches in a row, dying in just two rounds. It had even died under the hands of two Marrow Cleansing realm youths.

“He actually killed him…” For a moment, there was utter silence.

The white-robed youth retracted his sword and walked down the stage.

“Jadesun Palace’s Yan Jin, are you not going to continue?” the official from the Imperial Court asked. Logically speaking, as long as they won and stayed in the arena, Jadesun Palace would arrange for even more powerful demons.

The white-robed youth didn’t say a word as he walked towards his seat.

The Imperial Court official could do nothing.

Since he had already left the arena, that meant that he had naturally given up. He immediately waited for the Jadesun Palace soldiers to remove the tiger demon’s corpse and send a new demon over.


The seated Meng Chuan noticed that the white-robed youth came to the Mirror Lake Dao Academy seats and stopped. He turned to look at Meng Chuan and coldly said, “If you hadn’t injured it, its speed would have been thirty percent faster. It would have been able to unleash its demon monarch bloodline for a longer period. I would have no choice but to flee.” With that said, he continued walking towards his seat.

His voice was a little cold. As he spoke, the dean and six disciples from Mirror Lake Dao Academy remained silent.

Yan Jin returned to Jadesun Palace Lord’s side and sat down.

“This person named Yan Jin only spoke once the entire time and it was directed at Senior Brother Meng,” Wan Mang said in surprise.

“Indeed. From the arena to his seat, he only said one sentence. He’s really cold.” Bai Guan nodded.

Meng Chuan stared curiously at the white-robed youth.

He could sense the pride in the white-robed youth’s bones. He appeared to be so cold that he couldn’t be bothered with others. He didn’t even respond to the official’s question, but he had ended up saying such words to Meng Chuan. Clearly, he didn’t want to take advantage of the situation.

“This Yan Jin looks very young, seemingly younger than Meng Chuan?” the Meng family’s clan leader, Meng Yanping, said in a low voice.

“He doesn’t look very old,” said Meng Dajiang. “His talent is high, yet he’s still in the Marrow Cleansing realm. He’s probably fifteen-years-old at most.”

With high talent, even if he didn’t have a large family clan behind him, he would still be groomed by the Dao Academy. His cultivation speed wouldn’t be slower in any way.

“It’s beginning,” Clan Leader Meng Yanping said. Another demon had entered the arena.

“This is also a greater demon. However, it’s only an ox demon. It looks like Jadesun Palace Lord specially prepared the tiger demon for Chuan’er,” Meng Dajiang said with a smile. Tiger demons were rarer and all-rounded, with almost no weaknesses. If not for the long-term starvation that led to a decrease in strength, both Meng Chuan and Yan Jin wouldn’t be qualified to fight a tiger demon that was a greater demon.

The disciples of the eight great Dao Academies went up the arena one after another.

Disciples at the Mortal Shedding realm were generally older. The youngest disciples were 16 years old and the oldest ones were 20 years old. They wouldn’t be at the Dao Academies if they were any older. They would be serving in the military!

According to any Dao Academy’s rules, those at the Marrow Cleansing realm could only cultivate there to the age of 18. 20 for those at the Mortal Shedding realm. As for the Seamless realm? As long as one attained the Seamless realm, they would leave the Dao Academy as it no longer had anything to teach them.

The battles continued. In the blink of an eye, it was noon.

The Mortal Shedding realm disciples had also finished their battles.

The 24 disciples at the Mortal Shedding realm were generally much more powerful. Three of them had figured out the secret technique, and these three had Mortal Shedding realm foundations. They were even more powerful than Meng Chuan and Yan Jin! Thus, the battles were even more exciting. However, the three disciples who had figured out the secret techniques were inferior to the duo in terms of potential. Two had figured out the secret technique at eighteen-years-old, while the other had figured out the secret technique at the age of nineteen. Their chances of becoming Godfiends were much lower than the duo.

Meng Chuan’s father—Meng Dajiang—and another member of the Meng family—Meng Zhu—had comprehended the secret technique when they were nineteen. Similarly, their chances of becoming Godfiends were slim.

Presently, the person with the highest talent amongst the Eastcalm Prefecture’s younger generation was Mei Yuanzhi—who had figured out “Force.”

The second was Meng Chuan!

Ranked behind them were the three Mortal Shedding realm fighters who had comprehended the secret technique.

Of course, the white-robed youth—Yan Jin—was also on par with Meng Chuan. In fact, he was even more outstanding. But, he was likely to be a foreigner. Otherwise, it was impossible for the five Godfiend family clans to never hear of him.

“All the disciples of the eight Dao Academies have had their battles,” the official from the Imperial Court said loudly, his voice echoing throughout the area. “Next up is the final demon-slaying battle.”

“Final battle?” Everyone was astonished. Even Meng Chuan listened carefully. He thought that it was over.

The official from the Imperial Court continued with a smile. “The last battle will pit Mei Yuanzhi against a centipede greater demon that has condensed a demon core.”

Mei Yuanzhi? I never expected him to be fighting today. Meng Chuan’s eyes lit up.

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