Apocalypse Of All Races

Chapter 3138 - Chapter 3138: Chapter 651: I Win! (Wan Geng asks for a subscription)2

Chapter 3138: Chapter 651: I Win! (Wan Geng asks for a subscription)2

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He was a top-tier powerhouse, and he couldn’t be wrong!

Even if the three great daos fought to the death, and even if Yunxiao and Xing Hong succeeded in their daos, five against one, the final result might be that all five of them would die, and the Eastern Heavenly King would be heavily injured and on the verge of death.

Su Yu gritted his teeth. “I’ve been holding him back for a long time, and he’s also injured. I don’t believe it…”

“You… Hahaha, you’re such an arrogant fool!”

The martial emperor laughed. He was amused.

When Su Yu had fought against the East Heavenly King, he had thought that other than his weakness in strength, this generation’s leader was actually alright. It was just that he was overly confident.

Now, it seemed that it was not because he was overly confident!

It was because… he was overly arrogant!

He actually did not believe in his own judgment. Instead, he relied entirely on his own imagination!

The martial emperor laughed maniacally. “You Little Bug, you’re too laughable!”

Su Yu pulled a long face. “Then I’ll make a bet with senior. He’ll definitely lose, and we’ll definitely win! How about it?”


The martial emperor seemed to have thought of something, and in the next moment.., he said coldly, “Bet? You want to bet on the Great Heavenly Cycle Technique? I get it! Laughable fellow, you actually dared to provoke me! Looks like you’re very confident! No, or rather, you want to go crazy for one last time. You want to bet on the cultivation technique with me?”

The martial emperor understood Su Yu’s meaning!

What arrogance? What arrogance? They all wanted to provoke him to bet with him!

Su Yu did not care what he said. He said in a low voice, “Then, senior martial emperor, do you dare to bet with me?”

“Ridiculous bug, What do you want to bet with me?”

The Martial Emperor said with a faint smile, “You are too ridiculous. If you lose and you die, do you think I am an idiot? If you die and renege on your debt, what can you give me?”

If you win, I’ll give you the cultivation technique.

If you lose, if you die, you won’t give anything. What wishful thinking!

As expected, hypocrites were all hypocrites!

Su Yu said calmly, “There are some things that I can give to senior before I Die!”

As he spoke, Su Yu opened his mouth and said, “Senior, if you’re sober, it should have something to do with me. It has a lot to do with you! Right now… I’m afraid your will isn’t that clear-headed. Senior might know something…”

The martial emperor directly interrupted Su Yu, he sneered and said, “Who do you think you are? You think you can unseal me? What a joke! If you want to gamble, I’ll satisfy you! If you win… I’ll give it to you! However, if you lose, I want something!”

“Senior, please say it!”

The martial emperor said coldly, “You can’t give me anything. However, if you die… Before You Die, break all the Kismet on that person’s master’s seal and let me devour it! “Since you’re the master, you should know the consequences! “After being devoured by me, the human realm will change, and it will be difficult for the human race to cultivate. With bad luck, there’s a danger of annihilation… I’ll bet the future of the human race on a cultivation technique! “As the master, you can also control the power of luck. As long as you take the initiative to offer it to me… I’ll satisfy you!”

Su Yu was silent.

“You don’t Dare?”

The martial emperor sneered, “If you dare, then I’ll Gamble with you! Didn’t you provoke me? Hypocrites are all so hypocritical!”

His tone was full of resentment!

It was full of disdain!

Su Yu provoked him!

A very laughable guy. Now, I’ll turn the tables on you.

Do you dare?

The master seal was shattered, and Su Yu died in battle. Then, most of the power of fate could still return to the human realm. Of course, the loss would definitely not be small.

However, if Su Yu took the initiative to transfer all the power of fate to the martial emperor, it would be hard to say.

When it came to fate, there was nothing strange about it.

This was also a kind of dao and a kind of rule.

When Fate was prosperous, it meant that Luck was good!

This was the rule!

If fate was inferior, it would be suppressed. This was also the rule!

Once the fate of the human race was all gone, the human race would probably have more natural disasters and man-made disasters.

Su Yu struggled for a while and said after a long while, “If senior is willing to teach me the cultivation technique first, and if I still can’t win, I Will…”

“Hehe, get lost!”

The martial emperor was much smarter than Su Yu had imagined. He sneered and said, “Little Bug, don’t play tricks with me! If you win, I will naturally give it to you. I don’t even think of deceiving a Bug!”

Su Yu frowned, “That’s hard to say. Senior’s will is unclear!”! “How about this? Senior, tell me the method to operate the 720 apertures. No, tell me the method to operate the 715 apertures. This way, even if I know the cultivation method, it will take time for me to deduce the cultivation method on my own. There are at least tens to hundreds of possibilities with five apertures…”

“Hundreds of possibilities. Every time I fail, I will be seriously injured… even if I try all the methods now, I don’t have the time to learn and strengthen myself. However, if I die in battle, then senior naturally doesn’t need to teach me anymore! “If I don’t die, even if senior reneges on the debt, I can slowly deduce it myself!”

As soon as these words were said, the martial emperor fell into deep thought. After a moment.., he sneered and said, “What an interesting person. That’s true. In this way, even if I renege on the debt and you live on, you can still deduce it! “But I have given you a guarantee. How can you guarantee that if you die, you will voluntarily transfer the power of Fate to me?”

Su Yu smiled and said, “My guess is that senior wants this in order to escape! “If I really die, I actually hope that senior will escape! “Senior is powerful, so it would be best if you kill all the heavenly experts! “If I die… The human race will also be in trouble! “If I die, will the Great Zhou King and the others be able to protect the human race? “Rather than that, I might as well let senior escape and drag the heavens along with me! “As long as you promise to kill all the races and destroy all the worlds, I will transfer the power of Fate to you!”

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