Apocalypse Of All Races

Chapter 3080 - Chapter 3080: Chapter 641, Pm Waiting for you! (please subscribe)5

Chapter 3080: Chapter 641, Pm Waiting for you! (please subscribe)5

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“Seniors, I’ll be leaving first then…” After saying that, Su Yu was about to leave when little hairy ball suddenly cried, “1 know, 1 must have mastered the Dao of crying. I cried so hard! ”

What the hell?

You Cried?

The little white dog looked at it strangely. “That’s definitely not it. You Cried, but the Great Dao didn’t shake. How could it be! ”

“Then I won’t be able to stop crying…”

“Oh, OH, OH…”

The little white dog said apologetically, “You’re too weak. You’re not as strong as Su Yu. Su Yu has canceled it out, and you’re still affected. You’ll be fine after crying for another two or three days. ”

Another two or three days?

At this moment, Little Qiu Mao was really going to cry. Why did she treat me like this?

Am I very weak?

Alright, Pm quite weak.

So, 1 wasn’t crying!

Even Su Yu wanted to laugh. Forget it, I won’t laugh anymore. The other party’s puppy was about to die from grief. If he were to laugh again, what would he do if the other party were to get angry.

“I’ll take my leave then! ”

Su Yu did not say anything else. Feeling refreshed, he walked away.

This time around, after falling asleep for a while, he felt much more relaxed.

As for Shi Guang Shi… he had forgotten all of this!

This has nothing to do with me, at least not now!

What do you mean by ‘Go and save them’? Are you kidding me? I can’t even defeat a consonant dao realm expert, let alone you Great Dao realm experts.

A moment later, Su Yu disappeared into the waterfall of time.

On the other hand, the little white dog stared at the waterfall of time expectantly for a moment. Soon, it turned its head and bared its teeth as it looked at the spirit of the book and the Tea Tree, it bellowed furiously, “Hurry up and study! Spirit of the book, Tea Tree, if you still don’t study, if you don’t become stronger, I will feed all of you to the Big Blockhead! You are all too stupid! ”


Book Spirit was speechless. If you said tea tree could do it, don’t say me, I’m very intelligent. Forget it, fat ball was really anxious. If he was angry, then study!

A moment later, the sound of reading resounded throughout the world.

Book Spirit began to study, and tea tree obediently listened to the lesson. It didn’t even go to take a bath. Fat Ball was angry.

As for Su Yu, he took a step out of the time waterfall.

It was as if a lifetime had passed!

It was as if the inside and the outside were not in the same space and time. He had only stayed for a day, and his gains were not small. The moment he came out, a drizzle fell from the sky.

The entire human realm was cheering.

The drizzle fell on Su Yu’s body, and Su Yu slightly raised his eyebrows. Yuan Qi Rain?

So Small?

He was really stingy!

What was the Great Zhou King doing? I asked you to rain, but you did not rain a heavy storm. Instead, it was this drizzle. Where was the concept?

Su Yu instantly disappeared. In the next moment, he appeared in the air.

In the air, the Great Zhou King was leading a few unrivalled experts to work.

He was weak!

The Yuan Qi rain that was densely packed with people in the human realm was asking if he was afraid!

He also sensed Su Yu’s arrival and revealed a faint smile. The meaning was very clear. Look, I listened to you and started to rain yuan qi. This operation was unprecedented, right?

As for Su Yu, he looked at the Great Zhou King with a cold face. “This is a yuan qi rain? It’s so small?”

F * Ck you!

The Great Zhou King’s smile was slightly stiff. “No, this is a yuan qi rain that covers the entire human realm. If it’s too big, it will drain the Yuan Qi of the human realm! Although many human realm experts have died for eternity, their Yuan Qi has not reached the point of turning into rain.” Su Yu thought for a moment. Forget it, I won’t argue with you.

That old fellow is still very powerful!

If I really provoke him, what should I do if he goes all out with me?

“Then forget it! “‘

Su Yu did not say much and quickly said, “Great Zhou King, what do you think about Great Qin king switching to the path of weapon fusion?”

The Great Zhou King’s smile disappeared and he frowned slightly. “Switching to the path of weapon fusion?”

He frowned and said, “It’s not bad for old Qin’s physical body to be damaged, but what he cultivates is the path of the warrior! Switching to the path of the warrior now… that will have to start from the beginning…”

Then, he said, “Moreover, the myriad realms don’t support the dao other than the three bodies Dao! ”

Su Yu frowned. “l know, but why can the Devil Emperor Step into the Dao fusing stage? He cultivates the three body technique too! ”

“It’s different! ”

The great Zhou King explained, “As fellow three bodies Dao, they don’t Walk the Dao of the human race. We Walk the Dao of the human race. Different races cultivate different dao. Their Great Dao is difficult for us to fuse with…”

Su Yu did not say anything and quickly said, “As for the art of war, the Great Qin king can cultivate it, right? He has experience and is good at spearmanship. Once he steps into the path of spearmanship, I think he will improve very quickly, right?”

The great Zhou king nodded, “It is mainly the punishment of the rules. If he cultivates the art of war now, he will definitely be punished by the powerful rules!

Su Yu was about to speak when the great Zhou king said, “Don’t say that you will be the one to take the brunt of it. You Won’t be able to take it. Also… you won’t be able to take it either. You are not a cultivator…”

Su Yu shook his head. “No, if I were to teach the art of war to the Great Qin king, then I would be a person of cause and effect…”

As he said this, Su Yu raised his brows slightly and said, “Forget it. 1 still have to find heaven extinguisher and the others to pass on the art of war. It might be troublesome for them to pass it on to me! There’s no need for that. Let’s Wait a little longer! ”


The Great Zhou King looked at him. What was he waiting for?

Su Yu didn’t say anything. He was waiting for me to fuse with the Dao!

I’ve fused with the Dao. Using the time book, I should be able to bring people into the lawless land, which is also the former residence of King Wen!


Su Yu instantly had an idea. That was it!

Right now, he couldn’t bring people in unless he could activate the defense of the time book. The book spirit was different from the tea tree. These two were the spirits in it, and hairy ball was also different.

“The humans might be able to bring them to the lawless lands to avoid punishment! ”

Su Yu had a plan in mind!

As such, he could delay the matter of the Great Qin King and the others for now. The most important thing was that he had to step into the path of dao fusion as soon as possible..

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