Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 564 - Chapter 564: Upgrade Yue Zhu

Chapter 564: Upgrade Yue Zhu

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Ye Li thought that it was time to find some zombies to synthesize for Yue Zhu.

“Okay, now come with me to find zombies.” Ye Li looked at Gao Ling.

Gao Ling was still shy. It was really embarrassing that she and Ye Li did that just now.

Even now, she didn’t dare to think that she didn’t resist.

A few seconds later, Gao Ling came back to herself. She pondered for a few more seconds and then nodded.

Then, Ye Li and Gao Ling left the Sword Sect.

Heavenly Blade Sect.

In the current wasteland, the Heavenly Blade Sect was definitely the strongest force.

Of course, it was only the strongest force of human beings. There was also a branch of the Dark Temple in the Eastern Realm located in the wasteland.

In the hall, an old man’s eyes shot out a look of panic. Then, he seemed to have aged ten years, and his face had lost its luster.

The old man was none other than the Sect Master of the Heavenly Blade Sect, One Slash in Raging Sea, Tang Lin.

As a tier-3 Chosen One, Tang Lin’s weapon was the Raging Sea Broadsword. He had been rampant in the wasteland for decades and had never been defeated.


Tang Lin gritted his teeth, his anger soaring to the sky.

“Sword Sect, you’re too much!”

“Master, should we attack the Sword Sect?”

Beside Tang Lin was a youth who was about the same age as Ye Li.

The young man’s name was Shi Yun. In the wasteland, he was known as a dragon and a phoenix with Gao Ling, representing the two peerless geniuses in the wasteland.

“Of course! The Grand Elder of our Heavenly Blade Sect died in the Sword Sect. If our Heavenly Blade Sect doesn’t take action, we’ll be letting Changming down!” Tang Lin said coldly.

Gao Ling took Ye Li to a small city where there were many zombies.

“Roar! Roar!”

Hundreds of zombies surrounded him.

Ye Li looked bored. He slowly raised his index finger and shot out the One Yang Finger.

In an instant, countless spiritual lights shot at the hundreds of zombies. A bloody hole appeared on the thighs of the hundreds of zombies, and they had already lost their combat power.

Then, Ye Li killed all the male zombies. Now he didn’t need male zombies.

After synthesizing the female zombie, Ye Li was not in a hurry to synthesize them. Instead, he asked them to lure more zombies over.

When she was in Sword City, Gao Ling had seen Ye Li’s suffocating operation. She was already mentally prepared and wasn’t too shocked.


Suddenly, Ye Li heard the roar of a zombie.

To Ye Li’s surprise, a Lord-level zombie appeared in front of him.

The Lord-level zombie was a tenth-tier Mutant Zombie.

This Lord-level zombie was three meters tall and held a huge spiked club in his hand. It looked creepy.

“You two human cultivators, how dare you come here? You really don’t know what you’re doing!”

The tenth-tier zombie smiled coldly at Ye Li and Gao Ling.

Ye Li’s eight zombies in the post-apocalyptic world were all Lord-level zombies. Ye Li was really not interested in these tenth-tier zombies.

“Do you want to become zombies, or do you want me to kill you?” The tenth-tier zombie continued.

Ye Li smiled. An ant was an ant. He would never know how high the sky was or how wide the earth was.

“Do you believe that I can kill you with my eyes alone?” Ye Li spoke slowly.

Hearing Ye Li’s words, the tenth-tier zombie laughed out loud.


The laughter of the zombie was like thunder, making it incredibly harsh and grating to the ears..

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