Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: Dark Race

Chapter 51: Dark Race

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Ye Li stayed in Tongcheng for three days, during which he repaired the Dragon-slaying Blade to 30%.


“Obtained Zombie Treasure Chest X3.”

The next day, the system prompt sounded in Ye Li’s mind.

Ye Li opened the Zombie Treasure Chest with a single click:

“Obtained gene points +200, strength points 200, speed points 200, defense points 200, skill upgrade points xi, Swift Steps xi.”

Skill Upgrade Point: Upgrade the skill of an Evolved Being.


Ye Li was delighted. It was finally his turn.

Without much thought, he upgraded the Flame Blade Technique to C-level.

Swift Steps: Increase speed by 100%, making you move like lightning.

This could be considered a life-saving skill, but it could only be used once, which was a pity.

The Dragon-slaying Blade was now repaired to 30%, with most of the rust removed, revealing a small portion of its true form.

The Dragon-slaying Blade was one of the top ten divine weapons. Ye Li could feel a tremendous sense of oppression just by looking at it.

Since the White Lotus Sect already knew that he had the Dragon-slaying Blade, Ye Li no longer concealed it and simply carried it on his back.

Almost all the zombies in Tongcheng had been cleared out by him, and Ye Li was preparing to change cities.

Just as he took a few steps, Ye Li sensed a dangerous aura.

“Mr. Shi, the Dragon-slaying Blade is on this brat.”

As a voice fell, six people appeared in front of Ye Li.

To be precise, it was five people plus some kind of spiritual entity.

Of the five individuals, four were Tier 4 Evolved Beings, and one was a Tier 5 Evolved Being.

It could be deduced with just a little thought that these five individuals were the leader of the White Lotus Sect and the four Elders..

As for this spiritual entity, it was probably…

The Dark Race!!!

According to legend, 70% of humans were infected with the zombie virus because of the Dark Race.

This was the first time Ye Li had seen the Dark Race.

“Brat, where is my son?” the leader of the White Lotus Cult stared at Ye Li and asked.

The leader of the White Lotus Sect was named Bai Shan and was the strongest in the White Lotus Sect.

Although faced with so many powerful individuals, there was no trace of fear on Ye Li’s face.

It was simply because he had one chance to use Swift Steps. If he couldn’t win, he could still run, right?

“Are you talking about Bai Wawa?” Ye Li said casually.

“That’s right!” Bai Shan stared at Ye Li.

Ye Li smiled. “Your son has already turned into a zombie.”


Upon hearing this, Bai Shan’s eyes turned red.

“Brat, I’ll make you pay with your life for my son!”

As he spoke, Bai Shan was about to make a move.

“Master Bai, wait.”

At this moment, the spiritual entity suddenly stopped Bai Shan.

“Mr. Shi, my son has become a zombie. I want to avenge my son!” Bai Shan almost madly shouted..

“Make this brat hand over the Dragon-slaying Blade first.” The spiritual entity said.

Ye Li’s guess was correct. This spiritual entity was indeed a member of the Dark Race named Shi Yuan.

Shi Yuan came to the White Lotus Sect for no other reason than to find the

Dragon-slaying Blade.

It was said that by collecting the Ten Great Divine Weapons, the shocking secret of the Ten Great Divine Weapons could be discovered.

The Dark Race and the Warrior Alliance had been searching for them all along.

“Brat, hand over the Dragon-slaying Blade, and you’ll have a nice death,” Shi Yuan looked at Ye Li.

“Do you really trust your own eyes?” Ye Li spoke slowly.

“What do you mean?” Shi Yuan narrowed his eyes.

“Never trust your own eyes because sometimes your eyes can deceive you.”

Then Ye Li activated the Swift Steps, his speed instantly burst forth, and he had disappeared, leaving no trace behind..

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