Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: Sky Binding Rope

Chapter 49: Sky Binding Rope

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“Elder Jin, a Tier-four Zombie.” Bai Wawa exclaimed in shock, looking at the old man.

Elder Jin was taken aback and finally noticed the eyes of All Da and Hongye.

“Brat, who are you exactly?” Elder Jin stared at Ye Li and questioned.

He couldn’t understand how a human could control zombies, let alone two Tier 4 zombies.

At first, Bai Wawa told him about someone who could control zombies, and he didn’t believe it. But now, he had no choice but to believe.

“I’m someone you can’t afford to offend.” Ye Li slowly said.



Suddenly, Elder Jin burst into laughter, as if he had never heard such a hilarious joke in his entire life.

“Do you really think two Tier-four zombies can defeat me?” Elder Jin looked down upon Ye Li with extreme disdain.

“Ah Da, Hongye, you should know what to do, right?” Ye Li said.

In an instant, All Da and Hongye launched their attack, moving at an astonishing speed that surpassed human capabilities.

Elder Jin struck with a palm, emitting a crimson evil light.

Crimson—Elder Jin had A-level genes.

With Elder Jin, Ah Da, and Hongye standing together, the scene instantly became eerie.


After a few seconds, Elder Jin spat out a mouthful of blood.

Elder Jin violently retreated dozens of meters, his eyes fixed on All Da and Hongye.

“You’ve forced me to use our sect’s most powerful divine weapon. You can be proud of yourselves,” Elder Jin coldly spoke.

“Sky Binding Rope!”

With a loud shout, a roulette wheel suddenly appeared on the ground where Ah Da and Hongye stood.

In an instant, two spiritual ropes emerged from the roulette, tightly binding All Da and Hongye, all within less than a second.

Ye Li was shocked. The Sky Binding Rope was something he hadn’t anticipated.


Bai Wawa laughed triumphantly. He swore that he had never felt this triumphant before.

“Ye Li, now you know how terrifying my White Lotus Sect is!” Bai Wawa gloated, looking at Ye Li with great satisfaction.

Bai Wawa never expected Elder Jin to bring one of the sect’s treasures with him. It was something he hadn’t anticipated at all.

“Brat, although I don’t know how you can control these two Tier-four Zombies, now you are as good as dead,” Elder Jin said as he stared at Ye Li.

Ye Li realized that he had underestimated the heroes of the world.

He looked at Ah Da and Hongye, who were now unable to move, and knew that he was their only hope.

However… there was always a way out!!!

Although Ye Li didn’t want to reveal the existence of the Dragon-slaying Blade so soon, now he had no other choice.

Immediately, Ye Li took out the Dragon-slaying Blade from the system space.

The Dragon-Slaying Blade was currently restored to 10% of its original state, with much of the rust removed.

He believed that since the Dragon-slaying Blade was one of the Ten Great Divine Artifacts, it should be able to cut through the Sky Binding Rope.

“Ye Li, are you an idiot? Are you planning to use this broken blade to cut the Sky Binding Rope?” Bai Wawa mocked Ye Li.

Elder Jin’s face was also filled with disdain. He had thought that Ye Li would be someone extraordinary, but Ye Li actually wanted to use such a broken blade to cut the Binding Rope. It was truly naive.

Ye Li chuckled inwardly, thinking to himself that he would astonish both of them soon.

He never expected Elder Jin and Bai Wawa to be so foolish, actually allowing him to cut the Sky Binding Rope.

He walked slowly to Ah Da and Hongye’s side.

Then, he aimed the Dragon-slaying Blade at the Sky Binding Rope on their bodies and made two swift strikes.


The Sky Binding Rope, known for being impervious to water and fire, was severed..

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