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Chapter 581 - Pantheon

Chapter 581: Pantheon

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For the Titans, the Titan language was their native language, and Rule Power was their natural talent. This was also why the Titans were so terrifying. The High Elves only claimed that they were gods, while the Titans were the universally acknowledged gods.

“How did you come to this conclusion? If it’d really been the ruins of Titans, the High Elves would have snatched the treasure in there already!” Cheyenne asked in disbelief. After all, the ruins of the Titans were still tempting even for Legendary-mages. Not to mention if they could find any treasures inside, just obtaining some Titan writings from the ruins would be very beneficial for a Legendary-mage.

Of course, the level of difficulty would be even higher if it was really the ruins of the Titans. The mageweaths that human Inscribers used were actually derived from the Titans’ writing. Hence, the Titans’ written language could be considered a powerful mageweath itself. To use a brief example to illustrate this, the word ‘fire’ in Titan writings was already a powerful fire element mageweath even without any core energy source.

If it was just normal mageweaths, the power of these mageweaths would decrease after tens of thousands of years due to the deterioration of core energy even if the mageweath was still intact. However, the Titans’ writing applied Rule Power directly, and didn’t rely on any magical beasts’ magical crystals for core energy. Therefore, if the Immortal King’s treasure was really found in the ruins of the Titans, the dangers the team would face on the way would be far greater.

 “This ruins of the Titans were already recorded in the High Elves’ Print. This is enough to prove that the High Elves had discovered this place. However, the strange thing is that none of the many old texts from the Dark Age mentioned anything about any activities of the High Elves in the ruins. It’s as if they have neglected this place completely.” Borg was also unsure himself. After all, the ruins of the Titans were definitely a rare treasure even for the High Elves. Thus, there was no reason why the High Elves would leave the treasure untouched like this given their long rule over Anril.

“Unless someone that the High Elves didn’t dare to offend had taken over the ruins already! Although Osric had explored the Haiga Mountain Range before, writing the adventure diary, he was unlikely to be the one given his status among the High Elves then,” said Cheyenne contemplatively.

“The Immortal King?” Cheyenne and Borg uttered the legendary name simultaneously with rare tacit understanding. The Immortal King’s treasure and the ruins of the Titans weren’t mutually exclusive. Meanwhile, the High Elves didn’t dare to offend only the Immortal King during the Dark Age when Anril was ruled by the High Elves. Moreover, why would Osric leave such a detailed entry about his adventures in the Haiga Mountain Range without mentioning anything about taking the treasure away? It was definitely because of the Immortal King.

“No, Osric certainly wouldn’t have left the treasure like this if he had really found this ruins. Even if he hadn’t taken it away because of the Immortal King’s presence, he would have done so after the Immortal King left Anril.” Cheyenne couldn’t help but frown. Although the pieces were coming together, Cheyenne felt less optimistic about this expedition.

 Borg looked equally uneasy. He glanced at the several people in the tent, and said, “There’s only one possibility, then. Osric knew the location of the treasure, but didn’t take it away, because he knew that he didn’t have the ability to get it.”

The atmosphere in the tent was a little tense. None of them, including Lin Li, was unfamiliar with the formidable Osric who lived during the Dark Age. Before Osric had become the Highlord, he might not have had the ability to get the Immortal King’s treasure. However, be it his own powers or those of his subordinates, they were all extraordinary after Osric had become the Highlord—especially the Magic Legion, which made people turn pale just by hearing its name. Its power wasn’t on the same level as that of the present-day factions like the Malfa Family or the Dark Blade.

Osric had used such power to invade the Endless Abyss and seal numerous powerful Lords of Nightmares in the Summoning Lamps. However, even he didn’t touch the treasure in the Haiga Mountain Range. This just showed that even Osric was unable to obtain both the ruins and the treasure at the peak of his abilities.

After a moment of silence, Borg mockingly asked Cheyenne, “What do you think, Cheyenne? Is it getting quite tough? I won’t laugh at you if you want to pull out.”

Cheyenne glanced at Borg and the other two leaders of the Dark Blade. He suddenly thought of something, and sneered, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll wipe out your old nest if I pull out now? Stop talking nonsense! Where did you even get your information from? How can you be so sure that it’s definitely the ruins of the Titans?”

“I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this name before: Pantheon.” Borg was joking just now. After all, it didn’t hurt to have more manpower in order to get the Immortal King’s treasure, even if the collaborator was his old enemy. Moreover, Borg wouldn’t let Cheyenne pull out like this. Although all the elites were gathered here, the damage they would suffer should their old nest be wiped out was still huge.

“Pantheon?” Cheyenne was stunned for a moment, and asked, “Could it be that the Titans…”

 “Indeed, we’ve found some old text about the Pantheon through some channels. The texts mentioned that the Haiga Mountain Range used to be within the sphere of the Pantheon’s influence. There’s even a shrine hidden in the Haiga Mountain Range. After cross-referencing the information with that found in the treasure map, we came up with the speculation that the Immortal King’s treasure is likely to be in this shrine.”

Lin Li, who had been silently sitting at the side for a while, wasn’t calm at all now. However, he was more excited than worried. After all, his goal was very simple: to obtain the sealed Thunderbolt and whatever was used to seal it. However, he hadn’t expected the Immortal King’s treasure to be hidden in the ruins of the Titans.

Still, Lin Li was quite doubtful when Borg mentioned Pantheon. After all, he had spent most of his time learning about magic after coming to Anril, and didn’t know much about these rumors about the ancient times.

 Cheyenne nodded, and turned towards Lin Li, but then saw some doubt in Lin Li’s eyes. Thinking that this genius Legendary-mage was still too young, Cheyenne smiled, and said, “Master Felic seems to be unaware of Pantheon. Actually, very few people know about it now since it’s so ancient, and even records about it have been fragmented due to war.” Speaking of this, Cheyenne briefly told Lin Li what he knew about Pantheon.

During the prehistoric times, the entire Anril was like a playground for magical beasts, and was filled with ferocious prehistoric magical beasts. The Titans were one of the most powerful races during the prehistoric times. Because they were only one of the most powerful races, they weren’t able to rule over the entire continent like the High Elves. The Titans had an enemy that was as powerful as them—the ancient dragons.

Speaking of the powerful ancient dragons, they were even more famous than the Titans. This didn’t mean that they were stronger than the Titans, but any magical beast that possessed the blood of the ancient dragons was feared by everyone now. On the other hand, the descendants of the Titans were said to be the dwarves and giants. The giants were still quite similar to the Titans, but many couldn’t figure out how the dwarves had come about.

Compared to the war between the Titans and Dragons during the prehistoric times, the Anril at the end of the Dark Age seemed to be a peaceful world. Throughout the Dark Age and the end of the Dark Age, when fighting was the most frequent, the High Elves, humans, and other races still often compromised temporarily in exchange for a period of peace. However, there wasn’t even a moment of peace between the ancient dragons and the Titans.

An Aspect Council that comprised five Dragon Aspects led the entire population. However, nobody knew if there was any dragon more powerful than these five. On the other hand, the Pantheon which led the Titans was much more mysterious than the Aspect Council.

The war between these two powerful races lasted throughout the prehistoric times till both were severely weakened, and the High Elves took the chance to defeat them after paying an enormous price. Only then did these two races finally disappear from Anril, and the Dark Age marked by the rule of the High Elves had begun.

After hearing Cheyenne’s description, Lin Li nodded with gratitude. He was also very interested in the ruins of the Titans in the Haiga Mountain Range. Be it the Immortal King or Geresco, it wasn’t an easy task to seal Thunderbolt, which was one of the seven pieces of the debris of the stars. Therefore, the ruins of the Titans probably played an important role in this.

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