Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 36 - The Delayed Auction

Chapter 36: The Delayed Auction

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Lin Li saw Kevin coming out of the door before he could enter the Emerald Tower.

“Felic, you’re finally back…” Kevin wiped cold sweat off his forehead as he continued with a lingering fear in his heart, “If you had come back half an hour later, Uncle Gerian would have beat me to death!”

“What happened?”

“You went out in a hurry just now, so I forgot to tell you something.” As they walked toward the Emerald Tower, Kevin explained the matter to Lin Li. “The auction for Arcane Magic Potion has been postponed!”

“Why?” Lin Li was taken by surprise. Could Gerian have taken the wrong medicine? This old fellow had waited for decades for the day when the Guild of Magic could finally hold its head up high. The 30 bottles of Arcane Magic Potion had given him the opportunity, how could he be willing to postpone it?

He had always thought that after the battle between Gerian and Old Merlin, those 30 bottles of Arcane Magic Potion would be sold. He was still thinking about when to ask for his bonus from Gerian on his way back to the Emerald Tower. Never did he expect the old fellow to delay the auction!

A bitter smile came across Kevin’s face. “Because you weren’t here…”

“What bird crap reason is this? He delayed it because I wasn’t here?”

“That’s what Uncle Gerian said. As for the real reason, he did not tell me, and I was too scared to ask…”

“…” Lin Li knew that Kevin was as scared of Gerian whenever he saw the fat old man as the mouse was of the cat. Since he said that he didn’t know, then it had to be true. So, Lin Li did not pester him further. He instead asked, “Then, until when is it postponed?”

“Today, half an hour later. That’s why I said earlier on that if you’d returned half an hour later, I would have been beat to death by Uncle Gerian.” Kevin’s fair face was full of joy. “That day, when Uncle Gerian found out you had locked yourself in the room, he said that you would complete your last breakthrough today. So, the new auction date has been set to today.”

“Oh… Where is he now?”

“He just went to the reception room. He wanted me to tell you to look for him after you came out of the level certification hall, but I’ve forgotten about it…”

“Go and do what you have to do, I’ll go look for him.”

Gerian’s chubby face came into his sight as soon as Lin Li stepped into the reception room.

“What excuse did you give?”

Gerian was taken aback. “What excuse?”

“The excuse to delay the Arcane Magic Potion auction!”

“Oh… Bad mood.” Gerian was indifferent. “I’ve told them Old Merlin came fighting at our doorstep and it has made me very unhappy, so I delayed the auction for the Arcane Magic Potion.”

“You’re sick…” Lin Li wiped his sweat off secretly. Only Gerian could come up with this kind of excuse…

“Anyway, those 30 bottles of Arcane Magic Potion are still with the Guild of Magic. They can only watch with their mouths closed even if they have any dissatisfaction. Who would dare to talk about it in front of us…”

“What exactly is the reason?”

“Didn’t I tell you, because you were not here.” Gerian’s expression was serious for the first time. “This auction will attract all the forces in Jarrosus. How can I introduce all these forces to you if you’re not present?”

Lin Li was slightly puzzled. “Introduce to me for what?”

“I’m getting on age. I didn’t want to admit it, but after the battle with Old Merlin that day, I knew I was really old. If I were ten years younger, I wouldn’t need your Awakening Potion. I could crush him with one hand!” Gerian seemed to be a little dispirited. “Think about it, I am 60 years old this year. At my age, how long can I continue to manage the guild? Sooner or later, the guild will have to change leaders. If the new President doesn’t know what kind of forces Jarrosus has, how can he manage the guild?”

“You’re very ill. Do you want me to prescribe some medicine for you?”

“I’m not joking!” Gerian fixed his eyes on Lin Li; he looked more serious than ever. “You know the guild has no one of use. Look at those useless bums in the guild: the old are too old and the young are too young. The old are mediocre and the young are fools. None of them will work out. My hair is all worried white for these bastards. Luckily, we brought you into the guild. The disciple of the legendary mage Andoine, a magic genius, a potion master… Other than you, who else is qualified for the position?”


“Don’t kid me. Kevin turns weak in the legs whenever he sees me—how will the guild listen to him? After you’ve taken over my position, you can ask Kevin to help you out. He’s pretty good at running errands…”

Lin Li stared at the chubby face for a long time and finally confirmed that Gerian wasn’t joking. “You’re serious?”


“F*ck! Can you choose someone else? I can make do with something else, but the President? Maybe I’ll lose all your money in a few years…”

“None of my damned business!” Gerian’s eyes were wide open as he answered with no sense of responsibility at all. “By the time you lose the guild, I’ll probably be dead already. Why would I still care about whatever flood there is after I die…”

“Definitely no!” Lin Li would not do it no matter what. He really didn’t want to be the President of any guild. This was not an easy position. If you wanted to do it well, you’d be exhausted to death; it would not be tiring fooling around, but you’d probably be criticized to death. Lin Li did not want to be exhausted to death nor criticized to death, so not being the President would be the best choice.

“Don’t be anxious, it’s not like I’m asking you to take over now. It’s just my idea. You can think it over first; if you’re still reluctant to take over in a few years’ time, then we’ll talk again…” Gerian knew not to push him too hard. He comforted him repeatedly, and with a roll of his eyes, changed the subject. “Other than this, there’s another reason…”

“What is it?”

“Heh heh, I heard that some families are already starting to sell their family hoards in order to get the Arcane Magic Potions. I thought, rather than benefiting others, why not benefit the Guild of Magic instead? So, I told them it’s alright if the money’s not enough, they can use items. Regardless of ingredients or equipment, as long as it can be of use, the guild will accept it.

“I reckon that when the time comes, there will be a variety of things brought to us…” At this point, Gerian was shameless enough to flatter himself. “Although I am knowledgeable, I can’t guarantee to know everything. In this guild, you, too, have a good eye for things besides me. You can help me keep an eye to see if I missed anything…”

“…” Lin Li thought, Just tell me straight up you want me to help with the authentication. Is there a need to beat around the bush so much?

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