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Chapter 1165 - Radiant-winged Giant Python

Chapter 1165: Radiant-winged Giant Python

Maybe the god who created the Divine Kingdom likes creating a desert in his own Divine Kingdom! That was actually not considered rare. Although deserts were a barren and scary place in the eyes of ordinary people, they contained a powerful law. Perhaps the God-king of Light that the Illuminati believed in had obtained the throne by relying on the laws of light in the desert. Lin Li let go of the sand in his hand, and stopped considering that problem. He then led his subordinates to the back of the Gilded Kingdom’s team.

Although it was difficult to tell the directions in this boundless desert, and there was no sun in the sky to navigate with, while the divine might that filled the desert also made it impossible for them to cast their mental strength, Edmund obviously had some means to confirm the direction. Under Edmund’s lead, the team headed straight towards the desert in a certain direction almost without stopping.

Just like that, the two teams walked in the desert for nearly half a day. The people in the teams thought that they would continue proceeding calmly, but all of a sudden, they felt the ground shaking violently, causing them to shake and tumble around.

On the other hand, Edmund, who had been walking in the front of the team, also immediately had a change in expression. He swung his scepter forward into the emptiness ahead, while his massive fist broke through the air, slamming hard on the sand that seemed to be rolling like waves. It seemed that a storm had immediately been set off in the desert, and a large amount of sand was sent flying everywhere, revealing a large pit. However, the pit was completely empty as there was nothing inside.

Just as everyone was still feeling puzzled about Edmund’s reaction, they suddenly heard some sounds of shuttling coming from the spot beside the team. Before they could turn their heads to take a good look, a black shadow had already sprung out from under the yellow sand, and lunged towards the Gilded Kingdom’s team like a bolt of lightning.

The monster that suddenly appeared was like a giant python. Half of its body was hidden under the sand, but the upper half that had been exposed was already hundreds of meters long. The python’s body was covered in silver-white scales that emitted a faint white glow. At first glance, it seemed to be a silver-scaled giant python, and there seemed to be nothing special about it except its massive size.

However, there was a long horn which was emitting a bright white light, and resembled a holy horn in the middle of the monster’s forehead. Besides, on both sides of the monster’s head, there were two more curved devil-like horns shrouded in white light.

As the monster emerged from under the yellow sand, two radiant wings appeared on both sides of its back. The one nearest to its neck was the largest, with a span of more than 10 meters when unfolded. They seemed bat-like, except that they were emitting a silver-white light. At the top of the radiant wings, jagged scythe-like spikes that were two or three meters long appeared. They would probably be able to slice a person. There were several rows of radiant wings that were gradually shrinking behind them, elongated, and delved deep into the sand. They did not know if there were still more light wings below.

Such a monster had never appeared in Anril before, and even in the prehistoric times that were dominated by the prehistoric magical beasts, there had never been any records of such a monster. Even in the Endless World that Lin Li came from, which was heavily populated with lots of monsters, there had never been any. After searching through his memory, he still couldn’t remember any information about the monster.

After the Radiant-winged Giant Python came out from under the yellow sand, it pounced straight towards the Gilded Kingdom’s team without giving them any time to react. Although half of its body was still buried under the yellow sand, the sand parted naturally like sea while the python moved. It did not affect its movement at all.

In an instant, the Radiant-winged Giant Python had already reached the front of the Gilded Kingdom team. It then lowered its head and suddenly opened its mouth wide open, and a white ray of light blasted at the Gilded Kingdom’s team like a Magical Crystal Cannon. The ray of white light was just like a divine punishment from the sky, and it instantly enveloped them.

The strength of those people in the Gilded Kingdom’s team was above the Legendary-level, and they probably didn’t have to dodge at all, as they could just resist it using their own defensive magic spells. However, the white light spewed by the Radiant-winged Giant Python was essentially venom or even venomous light. It was not something that the Magical Crystal Cannons could compare to.

When the white light of the Radiant-winged Giant Python blasted downwards, 10-odd Legendary powerhouses were within the blast range of these ten-odd Legendary powerhouses. However, at this moment, it was already too late for them to evade. No one could dodge at the speed of light. Even if the white light was not real light, its speed was not that much inferior.

However, in an instant, the white light spewed out by the Radiant-winged Giant Python had already fallen on the heads of those people. Only a few Legendary powerhouses who were in the periphery still had the time to avoid it, while those several in the middle had already been blasted. There was no violent sound of an explosion or any howling, but the people around them watched as the several of them immediately vanished without a trace like shadows being shone under the light.

At this moment, Elder Zumar and High Priest Poer finally reacted and raised their scepters in unison, after which two massive magic storms surged towards the Radiant-winged Giant Python. At the same time, the other Legendary powerhouses in the Gilded Kingdom’s team also immediately spread out into the distance, and attacked the Radiant-winged Giant Python with their own means.

Unfortunately, the Legendary-level offensive spells were just like tickles for the Radiant-winged Giant Python, and only the attack spells launched by Zumar and Poer could make it feel a sense of threat. Seeing that the two magic storms were surging towards it, the Radiant-winged Giant Python did not dodge at all. The light emitted from the horn on its forehead suddenly burst into a Solar Sphere, after which several Solar Spheres flew out of the void and blasted at the two magic storms.

Together with the team of the Tower of Dusk, Lin Li had been following behind the Gilded Kingdom’s team, and due to the random conflict just now, a considerable distance was left between the two teams. Perhaps because of this, once the Radiant-winged Giant Python appeared to attack the Gilded Kingdom’s team, it seemed to ignore the Tower of Dusk’s team that was following behind.

Hence, when the Gilded Kingdom was attacked, Lin Li and the Tower of Dusk’s team stopped a short distance away, and got into defensive positions. They did not ditch the Gilded Kingdom’s team to retreat, nor did they immediately join the battle. Instead, they took the opportunity to observe the Radiant-winged Giant Python that they had never seen before.

In fact, even Saint Edmund from the Gilded Kingdom’s team which had suffered several blows similarly chose not to intervene, and instead stood at the side to watch the battle between his subordinates and the Radiant-winged Giant Python.

However, at this moment, a sand dune suddenly appeared, followed by another monster that emerged from the ground before surging towards the people of the Tower of Dusk’s team. Fortunately, the mages of the Tower of Dusk had already made arrangements for defending. They not only activated the war shield, they even used the Magic Net Array and cast countless layers of defensive spells.

Before the people could see clearly what the monster under the yellow sand was, the monster already swept heavily at their magic defense. The team of the Tower of Dusk used the Golden Behemoth’s war shield.

In general, there would usually be very few people or forces that could basically break the defensive shield. However, this time the War Shield was blown apart in one go like glass, without even sustaining the attack for a second.

The mages of the Tower of Dusk were really shocked because while the defensive power of the War Shield might not be able to compare to the true Golden Behemoth, it was definitely not supposed to be broken easily. Now that the monster had shaken it to break it, how impressive must it be?

However, when faced with this situation, Lin Li was not the least bit surprised. First of all, the monster’s strength was definitely at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and the War Shield was not an absolute defensive artifact. Hence, it was not at all unusual for it to be broken. Secondly, it was because of the environment too. The reason that the War Shield had such a high defensive ability was mainly because of the power of the earth. When Lin Li killed the Golden Behemoth, it died only because it had been lured up into the sky. Although this place seemed to be a desert, it was actually completely different from one. Hence, the War Shield naturally could not borrow the power of the earth.

Although the War Shield had been broken, it did have a considerable resistance against the monster’s attack. After breaking the War Shield, the monster’s attack spell hit the mages’ defensive magic spells, and this time there was a series of bursting sounds as the layers of magic spells were broken like pieces of paper.

When the mages of the Tower of Dusk’s Mage Legion were only at the level of Archmages, they could exhibit power that was comparable to the peak of the Legendary-level by virtue of the magic of the Magic Net Array. Now, although the mages whom Lin Li brought with him this time were all just rookies, their respective strength had already reached the Legendary-realm each. Purely in terms of mana, they were not inferior to the average Sanctuary powerhouse.

However, the monster that attacked them this time was obviously not comparable to a normal Sanctuary powerhouse, and with just a seemingly casual sweep, the layers of solid magical defenses burst like bubbles. Besides, as the magic defense broke down layer by layer, the mages naturally had to suffer the backlash. All of a sudden, the entire team was in a passive position.

Ujfalusi, who was with the team, was tasked with taking care of the group of rookie mages lest they ended up suffering casualties in a moment of negligence. Hence, he was also anxious to see such a scenario. Although he could not connect his mana with the team through the Magic Net Array, his personal strength alone was already no less than that of an ordinary Sanctuary powerhouse.

Seeing that the situation was somewhat critical, Ujfalusi immediately raised his skeletal staff, and countless huge skeletons gushed out wildly around the team in an instant, forming a wall of white skeletons that protected the mages.

Almost at the same time as the formation of the skeleton wall, the monsters attacked, and numerous bone fragments shot in all directions with a loud boom as a massive hole was formed in the seemingly unbreakable skeleton wall. As the caster, Ujfalusi was blasted by the terrifying power that made his soul fire tremble. He was just like a candle in the wind as he had clearly been severely injured.

After all, Ujfalusi had yet to step into the realm of the gods, and even though his mana was at a high level, his use of power was not perfect. The collision with the monster really made Ujfalusi experience the horror of the Sanctuary powerhouse.

Norfeller, who was also an Undead servant, had smoothly stepped into the Sanctuary-realm by sucking the blood of the Ice Phoenix, which allowed him to immediately gain strength that was no less than that of middle-ranking Sanctuary powerhouses. However, Norfeller was not good at defense. Instead, he was good at assassination, and he probably could not compare to Ujfalusi in terms of defense.

Hence, at this critical juncture, Norfeller the newly minted Sanctuary-realm could not come up with any countermeasures at all. He could only emit a sanguine glow to envelope the team. However, it was unknown how effective it could be.

However, a faint layer of light rose around the team of the Tower of Dusk at this moment, and it was so inconspicuous that it would go unnoticed if not looked at closely. In the eyes of the crowd, the light seemed to be like ripples that were spreading outward, and they came into contact with the monster in less than a moment.

The light, which seemed to have little power, suddenly exploded with a powerful force after it came into contact with the monster. It then immediately bounced off the monster that surged over. The light shivered violently next, forming a film of light on the periphery of the team, which shrouded them.

At this moment, anyone could imagine that no one except the president of the Tower of Dusk could achieve such a feat. The people who were safe immediately turned their attention to Lin Li, and saw that light was converging towards the Helios’ Scepter in Lin Li’s hand.

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