Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 36: Let the Power of Youth Explode!

AGM 0036 – Let the Power of Youth Explode!

Qin Wentian turned his head back for a look, only to see Fan Le repositioning himself nimbly on the tree, as easily as though he was moving on the ground

“Formidable.” Qin Wentian smiled as he glanced at Fan Le.

Fan Le steadied himself, as he bended the bow in his hands until it took on a shape resembling that of a full moon, nocked with three arrows.

“This fatty me, is a genius.” Fan Le grinned, however, Qin Wentian couldn’t disagree. This vulgar fatty, was indeed a genius.

“You better not interfere in things that has nothing to do with you or I will make you die a terrible death.” Orfon glance ruthlessly on Fan Le, who was up the tree, emitting killing intent.

“Deal with the one at the side first.” Fan Le continued grinning, as if he had not heard what Orfon said. Qin Wentian nodded his head, as he lunged towards the youth standing next to Orfan, with a cold look in his eyes.

As the sound of Fan Le’s voice faded, at that instant, the three arrows which he fired into the air, transformed into three sets of incomparably sharp swords, all targeting Orfon. And just as the three arrows transformed, Fan Le had another three arrows ready to fire, with no wasted movements, as if he was one with the bow. This time round, an Astral Soul could be seen flickering behind him, exceedingly resplendent.

Through the 9 Heavenly Layers, there were billions and trillions of Constellations. It was possible for all kinds of Stellar Martial Cultivators to exists. As for Fan Le, his Astral Soul was condensed from a bow in the shape of a crescent moon.

At that instant, the arrows nocked glowed with Astral Light, as they were fired into the skies.

Qin Wentian was already clashing with lackey beside Orfon. The two of them released their Astral Souls, the Heavenly Hammer glowed with an incomparable radiance, while the Astral Soul of Qin Wentian’s opponent, was a Icy Mountain, imbuing every strike of his with a cold and icy effect.

“Peng!” as their palms met, Qin Wentian could feel a surge of icy energy entering his body, attempting to freeze his Stellar Meridians. While the palms of his opponent trembled, as he was forced apart from the impact, almost to the point of numbness. Although Qin Wentian was at the 8th level of the Body Refinement Realm, the strength he was capable of, far exceeded that.

“What happened?” All of a sudden, Qin Wentian’s furrowed his brows in worry, it was as if there’s a huge surge of Demonic Qi heading their way.

“There’s a herd of demonic beasts coming our way. Qin Wentian, kill him quickly.” Fan Le’s countenance grew heavy. This time, he relinquish control over the directional-changing arrows, and with the full might of his Astral Soul, Fan Le quickly shot out a straight arrow, sealing Qin Wentian’s opponent path of escape.

“Rumble!” The tyrannical Astral Energy in Qin Wentian’s body surged about frenziedly, flowing like the tides of the ocean along his Stellar Meridians. His whole being resembled a raging dragon as he launched his attack with a mighty roar.

His opponent’s countenance paled as another arrow descended towards him with terrifying speed from above. The temperature of the surrounding lowered drastically as both of his hands were transformed into ice pikes that were used simultaneously to block the incoming arrow and to strike at Qin Wentian.

“DIE!” Qin Wentian roared. His boundless strength smashed the ice pike into ice fragments, striking forth with a tyrannical energy that fiercely shook the opponent’s body. Although his opponent tried to retreat, the arrow imbued with Astral Energy, pierced right through his brain, nailing him to the ground.

Orfon could do nothing but watch his comrade die in vain. He was prevented from helping by the rapid arrows fired in quick succession from Fan Le’s bow. Although the power behind Fan Le’s arrows was nothing exceptional, Fan Le’s degree of control was god-like. The arrows shot by him could even change direction mid flight, catching opponents unaware.

At this moment, the demonic Qi grew stronger and stronger. Qin Wentian shifted his gaze over and saw a pack of demonic wolves madly galloping to this direction.

“Run!” Fan Le shot out three more arrows, jumped down from the gigantic tree, and turned his body in the other direction to escape. Qin Wentian also came to his senses and joined the fleeing Fan Le.

“KILL THEM ALL!” Behind them, Orfon was cursing away. This time around, he had thrown away all his face and assembled a group of four people to pursue Qin Wentian, but other than him, the others had all died. What was even more infuriating was that even though he possessed a strength so much greater than of either of his opponents, he was unable to fully utilize it due to the suppressing volleys of arrows unleashed by Fan Le.

Qin Wentian froze. He tried to comprehend the meaning behind Orfon’s words, before glancing at Fan Le, who was by his side.

“From the top of the tree, I could see a mass of people sprinting towards this area behind the demonic wolves. Perhaps they were controlling the king of the demonic wolves. There should be people amongst them who condensed a beast-taming type Astral Soul.” Fan Le’s face was full of worry, but he continued, “Luckily, the Astral Soul you condensed is extremely tyrannical. To think that you were capable of producing such strength while you are only at the 8th level of the Body Refinement Realm.”

This fatty, was he a genius or an idiot? In such an urgent situation, he still had the time to analyse my Astral Soul? Qin Wentian speechlessly looked at Fan Le before saying, “Let’s think of a way to preserve our lives first. The demonic wolves in this forest are clearly faster than us, and they could easily tear apart tree trunks, so climbing up a tree is not an option.”

“I think there’s no way for us to escape,” the fatty said in a gloomy tone.

Swiftly after, the shadow figures of demonic wolves appeared one after another, dashing in front of them from the sides while continuously running forward. This pack of demonic wolves were obviously herding them and treating them like prey.

Just Qin Wentian and Fan Le were surrounded, the demonic wolves in front halted their steps and turned around, baring their fangs. Their cruel gaze was filled with traces of terrifying madness.

“Thud, thud……” Qin Wentian and Fan Le halted as well. Qin Wentian saw that Fan Le had thrown his previous bow away. In its place, a radiant corona surrounded his hand as Astral Light manifested, coalescing into the form of an Astral Bow.

“Let the power of youth explode!” As the sound of Fan Le’s voice faded away, his whole body lit up like a bonfire. Waves of terrifying Astral pressure were emitted from him, and the resplendent Astral Light blazed brightly like the Sun, causing the surrounding wolves to hesitate and even slightly retreat. Traces of fear could be seen in the eyes of the wolves as the pressure emitted from Fan Le escalated and began to soar upwards, intensifying rapidly.

“Brother, cover me. We have to kill the Wolf King.” Fan Le’s sharp gaze landed onto the Wolf King, a wolf of immense stature.

“Buzz!” A ray of resplendent Astral Light shot forth like a shooting star, in the direction of the huge Wolf King. The Wolf King roared and swiped a claw that shined with a cold light, but its strength was insufficient to block the Astral Arrow. The arrow continued, aimed at the Wolf King’s head.

“Howl……” The huge wolf leaped backwards, trying to avoid the arrow. The Astral Arrow moved like it had a pair of eyes; it spun through the air, following the movements of the Wolf King.

The huge wolf’s expression mirrored a man in the throes of terror. Knowing that it would not be able to evade the arrow, the huge wolf moved his paws in front of him, hoping to at least soften the impact of the Astral Arrow. However, the Astral Arrow suddenly changed its path of flight and pierced through the one of the Wolf King’s hind legs, causing the huge body of the Wolf King to be nailed to the ground by the immense power of the Astral Energy.

Qin Wentian and Fan Le immediately sprang forth, dashing towards the Wolf King. Several wolves appeared, blocking Qin Wentian and Fan Le’s path.

“Scram!” Qin Wentian released his Astral Soul, and a Heavenly Hammer materialized in his hands. Jumping up in the air and wielding the hammer in graceful arcs, the hammer that was bathed in Astral Light exploded the body of a wolf, causing flesh and blood to splatter everywhere.

QIn Wentian’s movements flowed continuously without stopping as he channeled the Tempered Thousand Hammer Refinement technique in a dance. Striking at the demonic wolves on his left and right side. He slaughtered a path through the blood of the demonic wolves.

Fan Le’s gaze remained fixed onto the body of the Wolf King. Sprinting forward, he trained his Astral bow, onto the Wolf King and fired three explosive-type arrows in rapid succession. That Wolf King still wanted to use its paws to soften the impact of the arrows, but how could it manage to do so when Fan Le fired his arrows at such close proximity? The strength contained within the explosive-type arrows were extremely violent and domineering. Two of the arrows directly exploded the Wolf King’s paws, while the final arrow exploded its head.

“Beautiful.” A wide smile broke out on Qin Wentian’s visage. That Wolf King was at the very least a demonic beast of the 4th level. Getting slaughtered so easily by Fan Le despite its strength being equivalent to an Arterial Circulation Realm Cultivator of the 2nd level? At this moment, Fan Le’s figure seemed to be taller than before, giving Qin Wentian that feeling that Fan Li was extremely dependable.

“Awooo……” At this moment, the cold sound of a wolf’s howl resounded throughout the Dark Forest. Behind the demonic wolves, two figures appeared. One was a youth clad in beast skins. With a cold look on his face, he sat on top of an immense wolf.

Beside him. Orfon also appeared, smiling coldly while looking at Qin Wentian and Fan Le. In his eyes, they were already dead.

“I never would have thought that among this batch of applicants of the Emperor Star Academy, there would be one that possessed a Bloodline Limit.” Orfon looked towards Fan Le in shock.

Fan Le actually possessed a Bloodline Limit that enabled to utilise its power to aid him in battle!

“Bloodline Limit.” Qin Wentian silently exclaimed in his heart. Under the teaching of Uncle Black, of course, he knew what a Bloodline Limit was.

Depending on their affinity, sensory abilities, talent, and willpower, cultivators condensed their Astral Souls through innate links with certain constellations. There were some that possessed tremendous amounts energy in their blood, an energy that could be inherited by descendants from the same bloodline. However, not every descendant would be able to awaken the latent power of their bloodline. Some would be able to, while others would not. After a few generations, the bloodline would almost inevitably be thinned and diluted. However, there was still some exceptions that could somehow ignite their potential, causing the blood within them to awaken. Thus, they possessed the power granted to them by the bloodline of their Ancestors.

In addition, there were different types of Bloodline Limits that grant different powers and enhancement to the cultivators. As for Fan Le, his bloodline enable him to ignite the potential within his blood, greatly enhancing his combat ability.

“What bad luck. To think that we aimed for the wrong person.” Fan Le cursed in a low voice before shifting his gaze to Qin Wentian. “The name of my Bloodline is called the Bloodline of the Empyrean Flames, and it’s able to greatly enhance my combat abilities. I can transfuse the energy of my bloodline to you, causing the blood in your body to temporarily have the same effect as my Empyrean Flame Bloodline, thereby greatly enhancing your combat ability.”

“Right.” Qin Wentian nodded his head in agreement. Fan Le wasted no more time. The energy levels around his palm began to fluctuate, eventually transforming into a blood palm that imprinted its mark onto Qin Wentian’s back.

The energy of the Empyrean Flame Bloodline surged into Qin Wentian’s body via the blood imprint. At this moment, Qin Wentian could feel the blood in his body churning as the power within him began to soar.

“Rumble!” In that instant, Qin Wentian trembled violently. Currently, the pressure released from his body was capable of causing the hearts of the most stalwart cultivators to shudder in fear.

“Huh?” Fan Le was dumbstruck. As he looked at Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian’s face was flushed red while his body seemed to emit a terrifying surge of strength that seemed to be on the level of a primordial beast. He trembled violently, as if the energy intended to devour Qin Wentian himself.

“What happened?” Fan Le asked

“I have no idea. In my blood, there seems to be a bizarre energy that’s devouring the energy from the Bloodline of the Empyrean Flames you transfused into me. I can’t control it any longer.” Qin Wentian’s body convulsed as it trembled even more violently than before.

“Your Grandpa! Rejection of a bloodline? Is this even possible?” The excess flesh on the Fan Le’s face shuddered. Qin Wentian also possessed a Bloodline Limit, and from the looks of it, it appeared that his bloodline was an even higher grade when compared to the Bloodline of the Empyrean Flame that Fan Le possessed.

Fan Le understood clearly that usually, the power of those with Bloodline Limits would remain hidden and only surface under special circumstances. Qin Wentian was exactly someone that possessed an unawakened bloodline, which was slowly starting to awaken as a result of coming into contact with his Bloodline of Empyrean Flames

“I wonder if it is possible to fully awaken Qin Wentian’s bloodline. If he succeeds, Qin Wentian will be able to utilise the power of his bloodline to aid him in combat. But if he failed, the bloodline Qin Wentian possesses will be lost forever.”

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