Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 2052 - Finale

Chapter 2052: Finale

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Time unconsciously flowed by. In the particle world, there was a piece of news from the Chu Country stating that there were people there who saw the Ancient Godly Monarch, Qin Wentian. He sat down against a towering ancient tree quietly with a goddess from the ninth heavens dancing in front of him.

There were also people who claimed that they saw Qin Wentian personally buying several immortal boats and was sailing the lakes, enjoying the sunshine just like ordinary people. It was just that the people around him were too magnificent.

Not long after, the news of the Ancient Godly Monarch Qin Wentian roaming the particle world began to spread swiftly with crazy speed. In fact, this news even spread to the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. There were heavenly deities and world overlords who came here to this particle world to provide guidance to the people here. They used their powerful divine sense and immortal sense to envelop the world but they didn’t discover any traces of the Ancient Godly Monarch. Maybe, Qin Wentian had some heaven-defying methods that could shroud himself and the people around him from the prying of divine and immortal senses.

In the location where the Grand Xia Empire once existed, in the Moongaze City. The Hua Clan wasn’t that peaceful recently.

This Hua Clan was none other than the Hua Clan Hua Taixu was from, his bloodline that remained in the particle world until now.

Twenty plus years ago, a baby was born in the Hua Clan. In order to commemorate the fact that their Hua Clan once produced a supreme expert, they named this baby Hua Taixu. They had received news from Azure Mystic that Hua Taixu was given the title Lord of Samsara by the Godking Palace. To save the lives of innocents, he chose to sacrifice himself and transform into the dao. The Hua Clan hoped for their descendants to remember this name forever.

Hence, they had high hopes for this newly born Hua Taixu. This Hua Taixu didn’t disappoint them and displayed unprecedented talent and was full of spirit. However, what made the Hua Clan break down was that just when they were prepared for him to take a wife, and the marriage engagement talk was already settled, Hua Taixu actually became enamored with the Buddhist Dao. It was fine that if he simply wanted to cultivate the buddhist daos. The daos of the buddhist-path were all extremely powerful. However, Hua Taixu actually shaved his head and…became a monk! He said he wanted to focus his heart on buddhism.

The entire Hua Clan naturally objected. Even Hua Taixu’s father fell into sickness due to this and refused to acknowledged Hua Taixu as his son.

Today, a mysterious guest arrived in the Hua Clan. Upon seeing the person who arrived, everyone in the Hua Clan was trembling and looked like they were about to kneel. Their legs were shaking profusely.

“I will take a walk around here casually.” Qin Wentian smiled. The people of the Hua Clan understood that their ancestor, Hua Taixu, of the past had a relationship with the Ancient Godly Monarch. This might be the reason why the Ancient Godly Monarch paid a visit here today.

An extremely handsome-looking monk walked over. After he saw Qin Wentian, he bowed, “The Ancient Godly Monarch coming by to visit. What a rare occasion. It just so happens I have some questions about Buddhism in my heart. I hope the Ancient Godly Monarch would be able to resolve my puzzlement.”

“I know about your questions but I have no way to resolve your puzzlement.” Qin Wentian glanced at the handsome monk in front of him as he smiled gently. His appearance was different, his personality was different as well.

“You are the Ancient Godly Monarch but even you cannot resolve my puzzlement?” Hua Taixu asked.

“Although I am the Ancient Godly Monarch, my knowledge into Buddhism is too shallow, there’s nothing I can guide you about. In the future, you will be the epitome of Buddhism in this universe of the nine heavenly layers and will deliver the masses from their suffering, leading people of the world towards kindness. You shall be the representative of the orthodox buddhist dao in the future. Hence, you should just comprehend your own insights.” Qin Wentian left behind a sentence and simply turned around to depart, vanishing in an instant. After hearing his words, the hearts of people in the Hua Clan trembled violently. After that, the sounds of them kneeling on the ground could be heard as they prostrated themselves in the direction of Qin Wentian’s departure. Huge waves of shock rose up in their hearts, unable to cease even after a long time.

In the future, Hua Taixu would establish a buddhist sect and become the orthodox representative of Buddhism in this world system.

If such words were spoken by someone else, most probably the Hua Clan would treat that person as a madman. However, the person who stated this was none other than Qin Wentian, the Ancient Godly Monarch.

In that case, it was clear that he meant Hua Taixu would be the Buddha Lord of all lives in the future.

The news of Qin Wentian arriving at the Hua Clan naturally circulated out quickly. More and more people believed that the Ancient Godly Monarch was indeed in the particle world now. Everyone in the world was very emotional, and all of them hoped they would be fortunate enough to meet the Ancient Godly Monarch. If they were like Hua Taixu and were given a title by the Ancient Godly Monarch, how wondrous would it be? Sadly, their thoughts were destined to be merely a beautiful fantasy.

Other than the commotion Qin Wentian caused, there were also some things that happened in the various corners of the particle world.

For example, the Immortal Martial World’s location, within a lake in there, a fairy descended from the sky and played ancient tunes on a zither while floating on the lake. The melody produced was beautiful and filled with a hint of tranquility. It also contained boundless longing and sorrow. When the melody ends, those listening to it would surely cry from the emotions dredged up from the depths of their hearts.

The people of the world were all silently musing. Who was the one who could make this fairy long for him so much?

In addition, this fairy played the zither every day, not pausing to eat nor drink, causing countless people to feel pity for her.

Other than this, another incident created a commotion. The Battle Sword Sect which the Ancient Godly Monarch Qin Wentian was once a part of, the people of the sect could long enter and leave the Godking Palace freely. However, one powerful fairy from there chose to descend to the mortal world to re-establish another Battle Sword Sect in the particle world. Apparently, this was in response to the words of the Ancient Godly Monarch and her purpose for doing so was to guide the people of the particle world.

This powerful fairy was a peerless beauty, her expression was one of cold arrogance and she exuded and icy feel. It was said that she was once the Ancient Godly Monarch’s senior apprentice sister and had adventured with the Ancient Godly Monarch before.

Many years later, the zither that was played daily by the fairy, its strings were finally broken yet the person she was waiting for hadn’t arrived. During the second day after the strings broke, she vanished like she has never appeared before. Many people who were attracted by her went to search for her but no one could find any of her traces. Some said that after her zither’s strings broke, the person she was longing for had returned and brought her away. Others stated that the broken zither strings represented her broken heart. She might have committed suicide due to love.

As for which conjecture was correct, most probably no one in the world would know. It was just that someone stated not far from the lake, they saw the Ancient Godly Monarch passing by. But naturally, this couldn’t be verified.

Finally, there was no longer anyone who saw traces of the Ancient Godly Monarch in the particle world. But at the same time, news of the Ancient Godly Monarch being present in the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms started to circulate.

The once Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect, Evergreen Immortal Empire, Darknorth Immortal Dynasty, Southern Phoenix Immortal City… Traces of Qin Wentian appeared once again in all these familiar places. Many people stated that they saw the Ancient Godly Monarch there, in addition to many breath-takingly beautiful fairy maidens.

There were also people in the Myriad Devil Islands who said that they saw the Ancient Godly Monarch there. This was especially so on a devil island near the edge of the Myriad Devil Islands. Many people saw Qin Wentian’s figure, it seemed that the Ancient Godly Monarch was recalling his past experiences. Could it be that he knew someone here well?

From the particle world to the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms before heading to the other thirty-two immortal realms. The legends of the Ancient Godly Monarch continued to circulate, repeated day after day, year after year. This was an eternal topic in the thirty-three immortal realms.

Hundreds and thousands of years passed by, but the legend of the Ancient Godly Monarch would still be brought up by people, his presence was everywhere.

The Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms after thousands of years, became even more prosperous than before. Numerous heavenly deities were born but naturally, the majority of these new deities were from the various branches of the Godking Palace. After all, people there could enter the Heaven Vault for their comprehension and there were older deities sharing their insights with them via dao lectures. Other than these, there were also some extremely talented people who managed to enter the deity realm. When these people were at the world overlord realm, they headed to the particle world to educate and guide the people there. After that, they gained the right to enter the Heaven Vault for comprehension. In truth, Heaven Vault can already be considered as being opened to the public.

Below the entrance of the Heaven Vault, the majestic Qin Heavenly Divine Sect in the Boundless Sea Region still stood tall. But in truth, it has already become a historical remnant that served as a mark of symbolism. The Godking Palace was then the true core of the current Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.

Outside the boundaries of the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect, there was still a large stretch of ocean. There would be people sailing the seas daily, staring up at the Heaven Vault. It was like they could feel closer to the starry space by being on this stretch of seas.

Today, a group of people appeared at the borders of the Boundless Sea Region. When they appeared, they instantly drew the attention of everyone. The expressions of everyone in the surroundings froze as looks of fanaticism appeared on their faces.

“The Ancient Godly Monarch.” A trembling voice called out.

“Shh.” Qin Wentian made a shushing gesture, smiling as he stared at the people here. After that, he brought a bevy of beauties and continued flying forward. For a time, the vision of everyone here was dazzled by the sight of the beauties.

Even before they could react, Qin Wentian already embarked on a boat and sailed to the center of the sea region. The people on the shoreline stared dumbfoundedly at this scene. Someone spoke, “I’ve always imagined what I would say when I finally met with the Ancient Godly Monarch. Now that I’ve truly finally seen him, I actually couldn’t even say a single sentence…”

“Me too.” Someone at the side sighed as he shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

“The fairies behind him are all so beautiful. Most probably, the most beautiful women in the thirty-three immortal realms are all beside him.”

“Don’t forget, there’s one more in the Boundless Sea Region.” Someone smiled. The eyes of everyone flashed, recalling the flawless beauty of that figure the person was speaking of. The once number one beauty in the Heaven Region, Goddess Nichang, has been sailing on a boat in the boundless seas for many years. Her residence was none other than the Boundless City.

At this moment, everyone exchanged glances with each other as smiles respectively appeared on their faces like they understood something.

In the Boundless Sea Region, Qin Wentian quietly laid down at the deck of the boat with his hands acting as pillow, placed underneath his head. He languidly enjoyed the sunlight. Mo Qingcheng who was beside him stared up at the sky and spoke, “In the past, we have always been in the Heaven Vault above this sea region and have never properly admired the vastness of the seas before. So it turned out that this place is so beautiful.”

“My Qingcheng is the most beautiful.” Qin Wentian laughed.

“What about sister Qing`er and the others?” Mo Qingcheng smiled.

“They are as beautiful as my Qingcheng.” Qin Wentian replied.

“Loquacious.” Mo Qingcheng rolled her eyes, but she was enjoying herself. No matter how often this conversation repeated itself, she would always feel warmth in her heart when she heard his reply.

Staring at Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful face, Qin Wentian suddenly spoke, “Qingcheng, let’s have a child.”

“Ah…” Mo Qingcheng was stunned by this sudden topic. Her face flushed, and when she saw Qin Wentian staring straight at her, she turned her head slightly as she replied, “Go and look for sister Qing`er.”

“Qing`er.” Qin Wentian stood up, turning his head and smiling at Qing`er.

“You better look for sis Youhuang.” Qing`er spoke. Qin Wentian then turned his gaze onto Beiming Youhuang.

“Me?” Beiming Youhuang’s face was also flushed. She stealthily glanced at everyone before nodding her head lightly.

“Sister Youhuang, you…” Behind her, many beauties upon seeing Youhuang nodding her head, they all couldn’t help but laugh as they walked forward. In an instant, Beiming Youhuang’s expression became even more shy and her face turned even redder. Qingcheng and Qing`er laid a trap for her?

On the boat, twinkling sounds of laughter rang out, echoing through the Boundless Sea Region.

Similarly, within the Boundless Sea Region, a boat was silently floating on the water’s surface. There was a supremely beautiful woman on the lone boat. Her beautiful eyes turned towards the horizons, allowing the boat to drift where it wills. It was unknown where her endpoint would be!

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