Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 1864 - Internal Collapse

Chapter 1864: Internal Collapse

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As the voice of the Divine Ox Clan Chief faded away, many of the Luoshen Clan revealed looks of anger.

The strength of their Luoshen Clan was inferior to the Qin Clan. They had experienced a series of events that led to their strength weakening and even their original clan leader was forced out. But even so, the Divine Ox Clan didn’t have authority to act brazenly in here. However, right now, the Divine Ox Clan was not simply acting brazen, their words were basically an insult to the Luoshen Clan.

They can forget about it if Devilox wanted to marry a maiden from the Luoshen Clan. However, the ox chieftain said that Devilox wanted to marry several beauties of the Luoshen Clan? On the surface, a marriage alliance seemed pleasant to the ears. But in truth, these vile creatures from the Divine Ox Clan merely wanted to get their hands on the Luoshen Clan bloodline. They wanted to breed many mix-bloods. This was simply a great insult.

“Scram.” An old man from the Luoshen Clan couldn’t control his rage any longer. The large eyes of the ox chieftain stared at that old man as he laughed uproariously, causing the space here to tremble. Luoshen Mu coldly glanced at the ox chieftain as he icily spoke, “My Luoshen Clan has no intention of forming a marriage alliance with the Divine Ox Clan.”

Since a heavenly deity from the Qin Clan died, them coming here had a reason to it. But for the Divine Ox Clan, they were clearly planning to take advantage of the situation when they were down.

“Oh, I’ve heard of Devilox from the Divine Ox Clan, it’s said that he was born with a dao bone and has excellent talent. Since having a marriage alliance can increase the strength of the future generations, Luoshen Mu, why must you toss this thought out of the window? I think a marriage alliance between both your clans seems to be a very good idea.” At this moment, Qin Zheng calmly spoke, his words causing the gazes of countless people in the Luoshen Clan to freeze. Luoshen Mu’s expression grew even uglier. When the Qin Clan and the Divine Ox Clan came here together earlier, he was already worried that if a conflict occurred, would the two of them join forces? Now it seemed that things were indeed as he had expected, the Qin Clan and the Divine Ox Clan must have come to an agreement.

The Qin Clan had the intention to support the Divine Ox Clan to confront their Luoshen Clan. By doing so, they could continue weakening the Luoshen Clan without having to fight a war. This was undoubtedly the ending the Qin Clan wished to see the most. Hence, other than weakening the Luoshen Clan, they naturally wanted to see a rival of the Luoshen Clan grow stronger.

The ox chieftain laughed loudly, “Many thanks for Clan Leader Qin’s beautiful words. Luoshen Mu, I believe we showed enough sincerity today. Look, there are so many heavenly deities from my Divine Ox Clan here. I’m sure you have not seen such an imposing array of experts during a marriage proposal, right?”

Such ‘sincerity’ was a stark naked threat. The heavenly deities from the Divine Ox Clan came here to pressure the Luoshen Clan.

“Vile beast.” An old man from the Luoshen Clan coldly spoke.

“What did you say?” The laughter of the ox chieftain abruptly stopped. He took a step down from the air as heavenly might bore down on the Luoshen Mountain, causing the entire mountain to tremble.

“Clan leader, you definitely cannot agree to this matter.” Someone spoke, ignoring the ox chiefain’s rage. This was a clear humiliation.

“If there’s no way to set up a marriage alliance, I have no objections. But earlier, someone insulted the chieftain of my Divine Ox Clan. As long as you hand over the offender to our Divine Ox Clan, we will forget everything.” Another heavenly deity from the Divine Ox Clan pointed to the old man who scolded the ox chieftain as a vile beast. The old man was also a heavenly deity.

“Can it be you guys are not vile beasts?” That old man coldly spoke.

“Clan Leader Qin, you should have heard it too. How do you feel this matter should be handled?” The ox chieftain stared at Qin Zheng.

“If the two of your clans can form a marriage alliance, all of these are small matters and can be forgotten. I believe you, as the ox chieftain, would be magnanimous enough to forget about this.” Qin Zheng calmly spoke.

“Mhm, if there is a marriage alliance between our clans, I can forget about that earlier insult.” The ox chieftain nodded. “But what if the Luoshen Clan doesn’t agree?”

“Insulting the chieftain of a hegemonic power? In that case, the Luoshen Clan naturally has to give a reply and send the offender to the Divine Ox Clan.” Qin Zheng spoke, the two of them acting in a show the other directed.

“Since that’s the case, I will have to ask Clan Leader Qin to administer justice today then.” The ox chieftain laughed. After that, the experts from the Divine Ox Clan all released their auras which enveloped the Luoshen Clan.

“Clan leader, we would rather fight than to suffer this humiliation. Whoever wants to destroy our Luoshen Clan, we shall make them pay a heavy price.” That old man earlier coldly spoke.

“You have backbone, as expected of a heavenly deity of the Luoshen Clan. In the past, there have been many battles due to conflict between our Qin Clan and the Luoshen Clan but a clan war has never erupted before. Today, we might really have the chance to experience the full strength of the Luoshen Clan.” Qin Zheng spoke. Behind him, the experts from the Qin Clan all released their might. The auras from the experts of the two clans bore down on the mountain. It would be a lie if one were to say that the people of the Luoshen Clan weren’t panicking. If a war erupted, only heavenly deities have the chance to escape or to deal with the Qin Clan and Divine Ox Clan. For the rest of their Luoshen Clan, they would surely be annihilated here.

“Chieftain, how many people do you want?” Luoshen Mu asked, his words causing many experts of the Luoshen Clan to stare at him in disbelief.

“Let’s make it ten people, just like what the Qin Clan requested. Initially, Devilox is interested in Luoshen Lei, sadly, she is no longer here or I would have asked for her. Naturally, if the Luoshen Clan is agreeable to send Luoshen Meng for the marriage alliance, I can lower the quota down to three females. The Luoshen Clan can randomly pick the other two, provided that they are beautiful world overlords.” The ox chieftain smiled. Among the crowd, there was an extremely beautiful maiden whose beauty wasn’t inferior to Luoshen Lei. She exuded grace and elegance, and also had a transcendent presence. She was the descendant of a heavenly deity, and had extraordinary talent. Now, her cultivation base was at the world overlord realm and among females in the younger generation of the Luoshen Clan, she was definitely one of the most outstanding ones.

Luoshen Meng instantly paled. Just so coincidentally, her grandfather was none other than that heavenly deity who cursed at the ox chieftain. At this moment, her grandfather coldly replied, “I won’t agree to this.”

“Fine, as long as you follow me back to the Divine Ox Clan. I won’t mention anything about a marriage alliance again.” The ox chieftain laughed in a glacial manner.

“Luoshen Meng, you should have also seen the situation. Your grandfather is a heavenly deity, do you want him to sacrifice himself for you? Wouldn’t it be better if you just agree to the marriage proposal?” Luoshen Mu transmitted his voice to Luoshen Meng. Luoshen Meng turned even paler. She stared at the experts in the air and felt despair crushing her heart. She didn’t expect that she would be so unfortunate.

“I will definitely not agree to this.” At this moment, her grandfather spoke with a tone that could sever iron. Heavenly might radiated from his body as he prepared to battle.

“Make your decision quickly. If your grandfather fights, with the power of the Qin Clan and the Divine Ox Clan, his only ending would be death.” Luoshen Mu transmitted his voice over again. Tears fell from Luoshen Meng eyes as she sighed, “I agree to the marriage proposal of the Divine Ox Clan.”

“Meng!” That old man turned to look at his granddaughter.

“Grandfather, it’s fine. I have to marry someone sooner or later.” Luoshen Meng spoke softly.

“Since Luoshen Meng has agreed. Let’s settle this matter then. I will choose another two beautiful females for the marriage alliance. I believe the chieftain will be satisfied now, right?” Luoshen Mu coldly spoke.

“Haha, great. Three months later, I will send people to fetch the three brides over and will definitely throw a glorious wedding banquet for them.” The ox chieftain laughed uproariously again. It was like he could already see the future. His Divine Ox Clan would be the only one shrouded in glory. The Luoshen Clan would be basking in boundless humiliation.

Luoshen Mu’s eyes were cold to the extreme. He naturally knew how shameful the matters that happened today were. However, if they started a war, the entire Luoshen Clan would be annihilated. In that case, wouldn’t his many years of efforts in the dark to seize power be a waste? He had just become the Luoshen Clan Leader. Could it be that the Luoshen Clan would be destroyed in his hands?

The incidents on the Luoshen Mountain soon spread to the other regions. The Luoshen Clan who had just ended their internal warfare became a joke in the eyes of many. However, those hegemonic powers understood that the Qin Clan did so intentionally, causing the Luoshen Clan to suffer boundless humiliation because Qin Zheng betted correctly that Luoshen Mu didn’t dare to start a war. He used the excuse of Qin Zhong’s death to heavily stab the Luoshen Clan. Not only did the Qin Clan bring away a heavenly deity and ten world overlords from the Luoshen Clan, they even supported the Divine Ox Clan of the Desolate Region to suppress the Luoshen Clan.

The Divine Ox Clan would also be able to obtain what they wanted – the bloodline of the Luoshen Clan. Obtaining the maidens of the Luoshen Clan was something the Divine Ox Clan had planned for since a very long time ago. Today, their desires were finally fulfilled. Their next step would be to claim supremacy in the Desolate Region after the Luoshen Clan weakened even more.

After the Luoshen Clan compromised, it was said another internal conflict broke out in the Luoshen Clan. Some of the elders were unable to endure all of this, completely cutting off their relationship with Luoshen Mu, even saying they wanted to leave the Luoshen Clan. Luoshen Mu was in a complete rage. He even sent people to control Luoshen Meng, preventing her from leaving. In any case, after Luoshen Mu became the clan leader, the Luoshen Clan clearly was much weaker now. Everyone in the world sighed, could it be that the number one clan of the Desolate Region was going to collapse?

After Luoshen Chuan learned of this, he didn’t say anything but Luoshen Yu could sense the anger in his father’s heart. That was his clan, yet now, they had suffered so much humiliation in the hands of Luoshen Mu. They had fought with the Qin Clan for many years and although their strength was inferior to the Qin Clan, they had never been humiliated so badly before. In addition, even the Divine Ox Clan dared to ride on their heads.

“Clan leader.” Finally, someone contacted Luoshen Chuan through his messaging crystal.

“I’m no longer the Luoshen Clan Leader.” Luoshen Chuan sighed. The person who messaged him was Luoshen Meng’s grandfather, Luoshen Xiao.

“Is it possible to save Meng`er? Our Luoshen Clan cannot stand for such humiliation. Will you be able to return to the Luoshen Clan?” The other party asked. Luoshen Chuan fell silent before he replied, “I’ve already abdicated. This is the will of the entire clan. There’s no meaning even if I returned now. Do you want me to start another internal war with Luoshen Mu?”

“In that case, I’m willing to leave the Luoshen Clan. Many elders have started to regret. They are willing to support you to establish a second Luoshen Clan. The Luoshen Clan of the Luoshen Mountains is no longer the Luoshen Clan of the past.” Luoshen Xiao sighed. Luoshen Chuan didn’t reply for a long time.

Next, another elder contacted Luoshen Chuan saying that he was willing to leave the Luoshen Clan as well. Luoshen Chuan’s heart stirred. Now, even though he had no wish to further weaken the Luoshen Clan, the Luoshen Clan was already undergoing inevitable internal collapse. If the hearts of the people in the clan weren’t united, they would be nothing but a pile of loose sand.

Although Luoshen Chuan’s heart stirred, he still hesitated and didn’t reply. Now, the most urgent thing to him was that he had to find his grandson Qin Wentian. How was he doing now and where exactly was he?”

How did Qin Zhong die in the Desolate Region? It’s said that the experts from the Qin Clan have not left the Desolate Region yet. They were still investigating this.

In the Desolate Region, there were three hegemonic powers – the Luoshen Clan, the Divine Ox Clan and Demon God Mountain.

Demon God Mountain was an empire of demon beasts, it was a paradise for demons. Over here, the various races of greater demons allied together to contend against the Divine Ox Clan. Through the powerful bloodline abilities of the various races, they managed to climb to the peak of the Desolate Region as well and became one of the three hegemonic powers. Also, they were very clear about the major incidents that just happened in the Desolate Region. In fact, they were even clearer than most others.

On the Demon God Mountain, within an ancient demon god palace, Qin Wentian quietly laid there yet Little Rascal was not at his side. Little Rascal was now at some other location. And as for that young man and young woman who brought them both here, they were now regarding Qin Wentian with interest.

“I didn’t expect that this man whom we casually brought back, is actually the source of everything that recently happened in the Desolate Region. Qin Wentian, he is the son of the supreme character of the Qin Clan in the past, Qin Yuanfeng, the grandson of the original Luoshen Clan leader Luoshen Chuan. If we hand him over now, there would surely be a huge commotion. Not only the Qin Clan and Luoshen Clan are looking for him, Luoshen Chuan is surely looking for him as well.” That young man with a demonic air laughed. How interesting.

“It’s best that you don’t have such thoughts. The heavenly devouring beast we found beside him is now a hot favourite of the Heaven Devouring Ancestor who treats him like a treasure. Maybe, the royal heaven devouring beast’s status would soon surpass you.” The young woman beside him coldly spoke. That young man laughed, “That’s true, but have you forgotten something interesting? Qin Zhong, the heavenly deity of the Qin Clan has died. The place where we found Qin Wentian and that royal heaven devouring beast should be the battlefield, right? Could it be that Qin Zhong was really killed by Qin Wentian?”

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