Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 1861 - Death of a Heavenly Deity

Chapter 1861: Death of a Heavenly Deity

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Qin Zhong’s gaze was filled with his earlier disdain. How recalcitrant, Qin Wentian actually didn’t want to give up and wished to court more suffering for himself? Did he really have to cripple Qin Wentian before bringing him away to make Qin Wentian accept his fate?

His cold gaze landed on Qin Wentian and he didn’t even bother to defend. Since he was one with his heavenly dao, how can Qin Wentian’s attack shake him? It would just be like an ant trying to shake the tree. Qin Zhong radiated heavenly might as coldness flickered in his eyes. He didn’t intend to waste any more time. Since Qin Wentian refused to give up, let this experience be one he would never be able to forget for his entire life.

Behind him, countless ancient bells manifested, releasing their light. The might of the great dao brimmed with power, waiting for Qin Wentian’s arrival.

Qin Wentian’s eyes were glacial to the extreme. He encountered no obstructions and successfully arrived before Qin Zhong. The self-confident Qin Zhong didn’t even bother to block, he was waiting for Qin Wentian’s attack, an attack that clearly overestimated its strength. He was a heavenly deity, and below deities, everything were ants.

And when Qin Wentian arrived before Qin Zhong, his initial attack wasn’t the demon sword in his right hand. Rather, he used the black rod in his left hand. The rod expanded all of a sudden, becoming as large as a heavenly stone pillar, smashing downwards. With a thunderous boom, the rod directly slammed into Qin Zhong’s giant body. However, the jarring impact felt like it has hit the gigantic heavenly dao ancient bell instead. It was like the target Qin Wentian has attacked, simply wasn’t a body of flesh and blood.

However, at the instant the black rod came in contact with Qin Zhong, the confident expression of Qin Zhong drastically changed. His expressions contorted, revealing extreme agony as disbelief flickered in his eyes. He didn’t dare to believe that Qin Wentian’s strike was actually able to do something to him.

When the black rod smashed into him, Qin Zhong felt his body and soul about to be separated. The black rod struck into the depths of his soul, this caused his dao to be unstable, he could feel his grasp of heavenly dao trembling.

How could Qin Wentian miss such a good opportunity? He changed the flow of time, increasing it and instantly erupted forth with multiple attacks.

For a period of time, countless shadows of the black rod filled the air as the thunderous booms continued from the impact. At this moment, the black rod had slammed into Qin Zhong countless times. It was basically impossible for Qin Zhong who was a heavenly deity to suffer so many attacks without making any moves to dodge or defend. However, he really didn’t do either. Under the trembling of his soul, even if he was a heavenly deity, his reactions slowed tremendously. This was why Qin Wentian’s barrage of attacks succeeded.

Qin Zhong was completely dumbfounded. In his perspective, even the entire sky was shuddering. After that, the heavenly dao ancient bell in the sky shattered, his heavenly dao energy crumbled into nothingness. Qin Wentian glanced at Qin Zhong, utilizing his Heavenly Fate Eye with his dao contained within, bringing Qin Zhong into a domain of his absolute control.

“Swordbirth.” Qin Wentian spoke. The astral soul sword domain behind him radiated a supreme sword might, forming countless ancient words of power representing sword, each containing the unrivalled might of the great dao. The demon sword in Qin Wentian’s hand slashed out and in an instant, the light from all the ancient words of power erupted, generating a flood of light that engulfed Qin Zhong. The dao bone in Qin Wentian’s body also exploded forth with the power from the laws of time. Numerous astral souls of his manifested behind him, infusing their law attributes and strengthening this attack.

To deal with heavenly deities, since there was such a good opportunity now, he naturally didn’t want to waste it and would go all out to kill him. If not, Qin Zhong would surely not give him any more opportunities after this. The one who dies would be him.

Hence, in a very short period of time, the power Qin Wentian erupted forth with could truly be described as earth-shattering and heaven-shaking. Qin Zhong’s body was the focal point as he rained down attacks with ruinous might unceasingly.

At this moment, a terrified look actually appeared in Qin Zhong’s eyes. Qin Wentian actually hid his true strength so deeply, only erupting forth now at this moment. Also, that black rod was a true deity-level divine weapon.

His body was slowly being destroyed by the power Qin Wentian erupted forth with. Even his life force was fading away. Qin Wentian’s actions didn’t stop, he was still unleashing a barrage of attacks. Only until Qin Zhong’s body finally disappeared did he cease his actions. Right now, Qin Wentian was basically soaking in respiration.

Finally, did he kill Qin Zhong?

Heavenly deities were too dangerous. If it wasn’t for Qin Zhong being careless and if it wasn’t for that crazy old freak giving him this divine rod, he basically wouldn’t have such an opportunity.

And just when Qin Wentian relaxed, all of a sudden, an intense sense of danger bore down on his heart. Qin Wentian felt that something was wrong and he instantly retreated with explosive speed, fading into the void. After that, an illusory figure appeared in that space of destruction where Qin Zhong died. That was a divine soul!

The appearance of this divine soul was naturally none other than Qin Zhong. His eyes contained a terrifying killing intent. He was a heavenly deity yet he was actually killed by Qin Wentian? A lofty and high up deity being killed by an ant crawling on the ground? What a laughable matter.

Qin Wentian’s pretense has succeeded in fooling him, resulting in him becoming too confident. However this time, he will not give Qin Wentian any more opportunities any longer.

RUMBLE~ The illusory figure transformed into an incomparably gigantic ancient bell that radiated boundless light, wanting to kill everything. In the next moment, this entire space was completely enveloped by the power of the ancient bell. Qin Wentian, who had entered the void, was being suppressed as well. After that, the bell locked onto Qin Wentian’s figure and directly shot into the void, launching an attack at Qin Wentian. The golden light from the bell was like a heavenly tribulation, wanting total destruction.

Qin Wentian retreated rapidly, he kept his demon sword and lifted the black rod once more. He felt that this ancient bell was transformed from a deity soul. Only this black rod would a suitable defense.

There was no way to retreat. That flood of golden light engulfed him within and Qin Wentian felt a true destructive might boring down on him. At this moment, Qin Zhong no longer held back. He was already in this state, how would he still want to capture Qin Wentian back alive? The him now only wanted Qin Wentian to die.

“ROAR!” Little rascal could sense that Qin Wentian was in danger and wanted to rush out.

“Get away!” Qin Wentian forcibly grabbed and toss little rascal out of harm’s way. How would he let little rascal court death? The black rod in his hand transformed into a heavenly rod of god slaughtering while Qin Wentian expanded his form, becoming a giant. He lifted the divine rod and changed the flows of time here, enabling his speed to hasten as he swung the weapon towards the giant ancient bell.

The divine weapon directly penetrated the golden light. This weapon was made to attack the soul. Even if the opponent was the soul of a heavenly deity, they would still be attacked.

As he was attacking, the golden light from the bell bore down with full force on Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian only felt his body being destroyed bit by bit. He let out a roar of pain as parts of his body gradually turned illusory from being destroyed. The final attack of a heavenly deity, how immensely powerful that must be?

Even so, Qin Wentian had enough focus to continue with his own attack. The weapon struck out with extreme speed, aiming for the bell.

“ROAR!” Little rascal let out a howl of madness when he saw parts of Qin Wentian’s body becoming illusory, as though they would vanish completely at any moment. His gigantic form seemed about to dissipate into nothing but dust.

But for Qin Zhong who has transformed into the bell, he wasn’t able to dodge the attack despite the distance between him and Qin Wentian. He let out a scream of misery at the instant of impact.


A deafening blast rang out as though the dome of the heavens have shattered. Qin Wentian’s divine rod slammed into the ancient bell, the impact causing even the heavens to tremble. In this entire space, a storm of destruction suddenly raged, ravaging the surroundings.

Qin Wentian’s body was directly destroyed. The divine god slaying rod also fell from the sky.

That giant bell trembled as a voice filled with rage howled, “As a heavenly deity, I’m unwilling to accept this!”

This voice thundered through the surroundings, the echoes spreading for tens of thousands of miles. Sadly, there was nothing alive in a zone of tens of thousand miles as the innocents have all been slaughtered by Qin Zhong earlier. As the sound of his voice faded, cracks appeared on the bell and a moment later, the bell shattered into pieces.

After the bell shattered, the illusory figure of Qin Zhong appeared. Explosions rang out from within his soul as the space trembled violently once more.

Now in this vast space, there was only silence. A formless silhouette helplessly drifted about and there was also the body of a giant beast hovering on the verge of death, lying on the ground in misery.

The god slaying rod transformed back into an ordinary black rod and quietly rested on the ground. It looked so ordinary that people who walked past might not even deign to pick it up. Yet, this rod actually killed a heavenly deity.

The deathly silence still permeated the atmosphere. No one knew what happened here yet somebody actually knew of Qin Zhong’s death.

In a majestic palace of the Qin Clan, Qin Zheng’s calm expression suddenly changed, becoming extremely unsightly, causing many people to wonder what had happened.

Today, not long ago, a disaster befell the Qin Clan. A heavenly deity of theirs died.

In the entire great hall, silence was everywhere. For a heavenly deity, no matter which power they were placed in, they would be supreme lofty existences, true characters that stood at the peak. The death of a heavenly deity was absolutely a great loss. This was also true for a supremely powerful clan like the Qin Clan.

“Clan leader, the Luoshen Clan must have interfered. Let’s send our troops to the Desolate Region.” Someone suggested, his expression cold to the extremes. The Luoshen Clan actually truly dared to kill a heavenly deity from their Qin Clan.

They naturally couldn’t endure this. Only by attacking the Luoshen Clan could their hatred be sated. Even if a great war broke out, they wouldn’t hesitate.

Since this concerns the death of a heavenly deity, how could the Qin Clan let this matter rest?

“Right.” Qin Zheng only replied with a single world. The death of a heavenly deity…there was no need for any reasons or explanations, they will directly send out their troops, heading towards the Luoshen Clan.

The entire Qin Clan was in a commotion, many experts made preparations to head towards the Desolate Region. However, the Luoshen Clan at this moment knew nothing about this. They just finished the clan leader abdication ceremony and Luoshen Mu officially became the Luoshen Clan Leader. Now, he was flushed with success, how could he ever imagine that the Qin Clan was going to attack the Luoshen Clan?

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