Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 1856 - Dao in the Multitude of Things

Chapter 1856: Dao in the Multitude of Things

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Luoshen Mu stared at Qin Wentian, “What bravado. I hope your strength is really as strong as you think it is.”

After speaking, he glanced at Luoshen Chuan, “Elder brother won’t intervene in this, right?”

Luoshen Chuan glanced at Qin Wentian before nodding, “Since things are spoken so clearly, Qin Wentian’s matter shall be considered a private grudge. If someone wants to act against him, I have no objections. But if someone ignores their status and acts against him, I, as his grandfather, naturally won’t stand aside.”

Luoshen Chuan’s attitude was very simple. If no heavenly deities acted, he wouldn’t care. But if a heavenly deity acted to bully a junior, he as a grandfather, naturally wouldn’t sit on the fence and ignore it.

“You guys have heard it.” Luoshen Mu spoke to the people around him. For the matter that will happen next, he needn’t be involved any longer.

Behind Luoshen Mu, a figure stepped out. This was a hegemonic-level world overlord named Luoshen Lie. His strength was extremely high and he can be considered to be at the peak of the world overlord level. When the people around Luoshen Mu saw Luoshen Lie was going to act, all of them set their hearts at ease. By stepping up, he was already giving Qin Wentian a high enough recognition.

After all, there were rumors in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms about how dazzling Qin Wentian’s performance was in the world of reincarnation. It’s best not to be careless.

Luoshen Lie had comprehended the Blazing Rend World Heart and his world heart has already reached perfection, allowing him to easily destroy a region. Also, his defense was very powerful as well. At the world overlord realm, only a rare few people could be his opponent.

Qin Wentian stepped out, his footsteps were solid. The demon sword was strapped on his back and he was clad in white. His entire person exuded an aura of carefreeness.

“Let’s go up.” Luoshen Lie spoke. As the sound of his voice faded, he immediately soared into the air and arrived at a layer filled with a sea of clouds. Qin Wentian’s silhouette flashed. Although heavenly deities could restrain the aftershocks of a battle between world overlords, it would still be quite troublesome. It was much more convenient to fight in the air, neither would need to hold back for fear of the surroundings.

The experts from the Luoshen Clan inclined their heads, their gazes piercing through space, landing on the two combatants in the air.

In an instant, a fearsome heat erupted from Luoshen Lie. He unleashed his bloodline talent of rearing divinity and instantly, ten thousand demons appeared. Behind him, a terrifying ancient demon silhouette in the form of a firebird that resembled a golden crow appeared. However, this golden crow had nine heads and was bathed in golden flames. Each of the heads emitted a heat high enough to incinerate the heavens and earth.

A wave of golden flames then extended through the air, enveloping the entire space in an instant. The golden flames trapped Qin Wentian inside a circle. This was naturally the power of a heavenheart mandate. It was like anyone who was trapped inside the golden flames, would be burned into nothingness.

A screen of light appeared around Qin Wentian, shining resplendently, enveloping his body protectively within. It acted like a layer of isolation between him and the world, his opponent’s attack wasn’t able to enter it, it could resist the incineration of the golden flames.

“The dao of space?” Luoshen Lie’s expression was calm when he saw this. Did Qin Wentian really feel that this was sufficient to evade his attack?

The nine-headed firebird breathed out streams of fire qi, the golden flames slowly permeated into the void, extending outwards indefinitely. In an instant, the entire sea of clouds in the area they were in, turned completely golden. Now, this place was like a sea of lava, flowing with liquid fire. Also, the heat enveloped everything. Even if one stepped into the void, they wouldn’t be able to avoid this.

Qin Wentian could clearly sense that this heat energy was now strong enough to breach the section of independent space he was in.

A hegemonic-level world overlord from the Luoshen Clan was acting, how could he be compared to an ordinary world overlord?

“Congeal.” Luoshen Lie spoke. In an instant, the golden flames in this area seemed to solidify, along with everything in the surrounding space. After this space was sealed in to lava flames, it became a zone of absolute death.

“Hmph.” Below on the ground, the experts around Luoshen Mu coldly snorted. Inside this zone of incineration, everything would be burned. Even if Qin Wentian managed to block the first wave of attacks, he would still be solidified into the lava flames as his body disintegrated from the heat. No one could remain in such a death zone and survive.

The heavenheart mandates of hegemonic-level world overlords were truly tyrannical to the extreme.

“Why are you not using the power of your world heart and heavenheart mandate?” Luoshen Lie asked, his voice was like an ancient bell, thundering through the area, exuding incomparably tyranny.

Qin Wentian didn’t reply. He inclined his head and stared at his opponent. His eyes pierced through the boundless space and stared right into Luoshen Lie’s eyes. Luoshen Lie was also looking at him, and at the instant when their gazes matched, the might of a dao art suddenly manifested.

A single glance from Qin Wentian was the dao, it contained his insights into his laws. The golden lava flames in that zone of death all disappeared. Luoshen Lie even discovered that he was now in a separate space, a space that was under the control of Qin Wentian.

Luoshen Lie’s heart trembled lightly. A dao that was concealed in the eyes? A single glance actually forcefully brought him into this space. How terrifying was this?

“The power of my heavenheart mandate and world heart can be in the multitude of objects in the world. Everything in the world can contain my dao, why is there a need to unleash it externally through a method like yours?” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. The nine-headed firebird behind Luoshen Lie was as ferocious as ever, breathing out golden flames. But almost at the same instant, the firebird felt the suppression of Qin Wentian’s domain. In this place, Qin Wentian has absolute control over time and space. Now, Qin Wentian was about to stop the flow of time here.

However despite so, the flowing golden flames didn’t stop completely. Although Qin Wentian activated his ability to stop time, it had no way to dominate his opponent’s laws completely.

But Qin Wentian himself also moved. The humming of a sword could be heard as the demon sword was unsheathed.

Luoshen Lie’s gaze turned heavy as he stared at Qin Wentian. He was prepared to block the attack but Qin Wentian’s sword attack wasn’t directed at him. Instead, Qin Wentian’s sword slashed out a resplendent arc beside him. The sword light was cold, radiating a solemn intent to slaughter but it didn’t seem to be targeted at him? This scene caused Luoshen Lie to be stunned as a look of bewilderment appeared on his face. What was Qin Wentian doing? How could there be such a weird sword art that basically didn’t attack others?

Just when he was in contemplation, Qin Wentian’s body suddenly flashed, leaving behind countless sword beams around him. Fast, incomparably fast, so fast to the extent where he couldn’t even track Qin Wentian. When Luoshen Lie was completely surrounded by the sword light, he suddenly felt a premonition. In the next moment, he saw the beams of sword light suddenly aimed towards him. Each beam of sword light contained the dao in them. Dao concealed in the sword, the power of this dao art wanted to engulf him completely.

Qin Wentian stood in the air and slashed down with his sword. He aimed this strike at the center of the space flooded with the beams of his sword light. In an instant, those sword beams all exploded.

“NO…” A voice filled with terror rang out, shaking the area. Those experts behind Luoshen Mu all felt their hearts shuddering when they saw this. Unease filled their hearts, what was going on? Didn’t Luoshen Lie have the complete advantage?

Just when this thought flashed through their minds, they discovered that Luoshen Lie, who was in that trapped space, had his eyes closed as his body fell helplessly down the air. No hints of life emitted from him, it was like his life was sealed forever, this also meant that he had clearly died.

Luoshen Lie’s body continued falling and when it was about to hit the ground, Luoshen Mu waved his hands as a formless energy wrapped around Luoshen Lie’s body, bringing it to the area beside him. There were no wounds at all on Luoshen Lie, in fact, even at the moment where he lost his life, many people didn’t know what was going on. How had Luoshen Lie died? Was it an evil art? How did Qin Wentian managed to kill Luoshen Lie in such a silent manner?

The white-robed figure with the ancient demon sword on his back slowly floated down from the air. At this moment, the gazes of everyone were filled with unmasked shock when they stared at him.

No matter how Qin Wentian did it, he did accomplish it and killed Luoshen Lie without help from anyone. This was an iron-clad truth before their eyes.

“Dao is contained in your sword, dao is contained in your eyes. Your cultivation base is truly very high.” Luoshen Mu sighed. As a heavenly deity, his insights would naturally be supreme, he naturally understood how Qin Wentian did this. He didn’t expect Qin Wentian’s comprehension of the dao to already reach such a terrifying extent. Right now, Luoshen Mu truly admired Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian’s talent was high enough to make him feel shock.

Luoshen Yu’s eyes revealed a smile. He praised, “Awesome.”

“Father?” Luoshen Lei stared in puzzlement at her father. Luoshen Yu spoke, “In certain aspects, your elder brother’s comprehension towards the dao isn’t anyway inferior to mine those years ago.”

Luoshen Lei’s heart trembled. Back then, her father was a heavenly deity.

Her elder brother’s comprehension has already reached that high?

Could the reason be that true legendary place he went to?

As someone from the Luoshen Clan, she naturally knew how powerful Luoshen Lie was. He was a true hegemonic-level world overlord existence yet he was so easily killed by her elder brother. In fact, many people didn’t understand how Qin Wentian accomplished it. This indicated that his usage of his dao has already surpassed the vast majority of people here. Since they couldn’t understand how he did it, they were naturally inferior to him.

“What a waste.” Luoshen Chuan sighed again. No matter what, Luoshen Lie was also considered a major character of his Luoshen Clan. Now that he died like this, this can be considered a loss to the Luoshen Clan. Naturally, although he felt it was a waste, he wouldn’t feel sympathy for Luoshen Lie. During a contest of power, as the intensity of the conflict increased, such an incident would probably happen frequently in the future.


“Uncle Lie!”

Several people had looks of grief and sorrow on their faces as they moved towards Luoshen Lie’s corpse. Their gazes were soon filled with the anger of hatred as they stared at Qin Wentian.

“How ruthless.” Someone icily spoke. Qin Wentian saw many cold stares looking at him, yet there weren’t too many fluctuations in his heart. He merely calmly replied, “If he was the victor, wouldn’t you guys feel proud of his strength because I died and admire him?”

Luoshen Mu’s gaze shifted away from Qin Wentian to Luoshen Chuan, “Elder brother, you have a good grandson.”

Luoshen Chuan frowned, Luoshen Mu was trying to shift all the anger and resentment to him? As expected, the gazes of many people from the Luoshen Clan changed when they looked at their clan leader.

However, shouldn’t the person behind Luoshen Lie’s death be Luoshen Mu?

Naturally, Luoshen Chuan didn’t try to argue. He calmly spoke, “He is my grandson, I don’t wish to see his death. I also don’t wish to see any experts from the Luoshen Clan dying like this. If you guys truly have the well-being of the Luoshen Clan in your heart, I urge all of you to stop.”

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