Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 177: Outrage

AGM 177 – Outrage

There were numerous powerhouses that came to Chu, however, they weren’t here for the struggle between the Emperor Star Academy and the Royal Academy. This was something inconsequential to them, and hardly worthy of their interest.

Those from the Azure Emperor Palace had caused a commotion so great that not even the dogs and chickens were left undisturbed. Although they promised the Emperor Star Academy that they wouldn’t involve the students, they weren’t the least bit polite in the execution of their search. The innate techniques kept within the Heavenly Star Pavilion were all upended and in disarray. The Azure Emperor Palace had also discovered the 7th level and the entrance to the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds. As for the entrance to the 8th and 9th levels, the interior space within had all been destroyed. These levels only contained ordinary innate techniques, without anything of import.

However, the Emperor Star Academy was infuriated to see that whenever those from the Azure Emperor Palace came across a powerful innate technique, they would shamelessly seize it for themselves.

And what was even more outrageous was that they even wanted to tear down the Emperor Star Monuments, the stone tablets the academy stood for. These very monuments symbolised the academy’s history.

At that moment, many students gathered in front of the monuments. Ren Qianxing, Old Gu and many of the elders were there as well, even the old guardian from the Heavenly Star Pavilion’s 7th Level had arrived.

The Azure Emperor Palace group approached the tablets, only for the old guardian to call out, “This place is the lifeblood of the Azure Emperor, and the place that records the history of our Emperor Star Academy. Please be lenient and show some mercy.”

“You must be the current headmaster of the Emperor Star Academy, descendent of the Azure Emperor, the one named Diyi. Am I right?” Yue Hanshan swept a glance at the old guardian, a sharp light flickering in his eyes.

“Indeed,” the old man spoke calmly, causing the majority of those from the academy to freeze in shock. This seemingly ordinary, inconspicuous aged guardian was actually the current headmaster of the Emperor Star Academy.

Were all the previous headmasters of the Academy all descended from the bloodline of the Azure Emperor? Had they always been silently protecting the Academy from the shadows?

“Diyi. You should already be aware about the purpose of my visit, and understand that we have no choice but to destroy the Emperor Star Monuments.” The gaze of Yue Hanshan was serene, yet an unquestionable steel-like expression gleamed in them.

“How ruthless.” The students of the Academy were all outraged but even so, they didn’t dare to say a word.

“The Azure Emperor Palace share the same roots as the Emperor Star Academy, how can you be this overbearing?” From afar, Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian stood together. Mo Qingcheng’s brows were knitted in displeasure. She was truly and exceedingly furious at the Palace’s oppressive nature.

“Miss Mo, the Emperor Star Academy holds no sway over the decisions of the Azure Emperor Palace. After all, both parties are not on the same level.” Yue Qingfeng gazed at Mo Qingcheng, as a warm and gentle smile appeared on his face. Each time he saw her, he felt a stirring in his heart.

Seeing the besotted expression on Yue Qingfeng’s face, Mo Qingcheng could only clench her fist tightly. It was obvious the Azure Emperor Palace was prepared to shred all forms of cordiality.

“What does Miss Mo think about accompanying me to stay at the Palace together? After all, this place is too small. Your talent would only blossom when matched with a place such as ours,” Yue Qingfeng seemingly joked, yet it was glaringly obvious to all the meaning his words hinted at. He was taking liberties with Mo Qingcheng.

“You are too impudent.” Embers of anger sparked in Qin Wentian’s eyes, only to see Yue Qingfeng shift his gaze over with coldness. Staring at Qin Wentian, he laughed coldly, “Does Brother Qin still think that we are within the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds?”

Even before the sound of his voice faded, he transformed into a blur of shadows as a terrifying pressure gushed out towards Qin Wentian. Striking out without warning, and within the grounds of the Emperor Star Academy, it obviously indicated his disdain and contempt for this place.

Naturally, Yue Qingfeng believed that his strength would be able to suppress Qin Wentian. After all, they were already clear about each other’s strength level back when they allied together in the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds.

The strength of Yue Qingfeng’s palm strike was unfathomably ferocious, and gave the impression of being able to conquer everything in its path.

Qin Wentian froze into place as he executed the Falling Mountain Palms. As the two palm attacks collided, a booming sound rang out, and the crowd witnessed Qin Wentian’s body forced back into retreat from the impact. Blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth and a sense of worry filled the hearts of the crowd. Yue Qingfeng was tyrannical indeed, to think that he was able to injure Qin Wentian in a single exchange of blows.

Those from the Azure Emperor Palace merely looked on with disinterest, as though this outcome was only to be expected. After all, the aura Qin Wentian emitted was only at the 8th level of Arterial Circulation. Based on the power of Yue Qingfeng, if he wanted to kill Qin Wentian, he could do so with the same ease as flipping his palms.

However, Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful eyes gleamed as she glanced at Qin Wentian. This fellow was finally getting smarter.

Naturally, she knew that Qin Wentian had already stepped into the 9th level of Arterial Circulation. He intentionally suppressed his own cultivation base in that earlier exchange of blows. If not for this, she didn’t believe Yue Qingfeng could defeat Qin Wentian in combat.

“Tear it down.” At that moment, Yue Qingfeng commanded in a cold voice. Those from the Azure Emperor Palace jointly sent out palm attacks, and amidst a deafening explosion the Emperor Star Monuments shattered, the fragments from the destroyed tablets blasting out in all directions.

“No….” Luo Huan witnessed the stone tablet of Mountain destroyed with the rest. Her eyes reddened as a surge of murderous intent passed through her. She was truly infuriated.

Those from the Palace began searching through the fragments but found nothing hidden within. Snorting with disdain, they flicked their sleeves and departed.

“Qingcheng, if you’re free, let’s go out together.” Before leaving, Yue Qingfeng smiled at Mo Qingcheng. Seeing that beautiful countenance, his heart stirred with feeling. Even if he couldn’t get her to be his wife, as long as he could get her body, wouldn’t that be just as exciting?

At the thought of this, the blood in his body surged. Sweeping his eyes over Mo Qingcheng’s figure, his smile gradually widened.

Mo Qingcheng could only bite hard on her lips until her blood flowed, suffering the humiliation in silence. How could she not understand what the smile on Yue Qingfeng’s face foreshadowed.

Luo Huan walked forwards, kneeling amongst fragments of the now destroyed Emperor Star Monuments. She appeared absent-minded, as though devoid of all spirit. Her countenance was clearly paler by several shades, her heart sunk with a heavy sense of loss.

Those from the Academy could only stand in silence, tolerating the humiliation and anger in their hearts. Yet, nobody dared to speak out.

Qin Wentian witnessed all of these happenings. Booming sounds rang out as he clenched his hands into fists. A terrifying coldness could be seen within his eyes as he looked at Yu Qingfeng’s departing back. That, was truly killing intent.

Qin Wentian reached out and caught hold of Mo Qingcheng dainty hands, and her body tensed up in response. After she recovered, as she turned her gaze towards Qin Wentian, a sweet smile blossomed on her face causing Qin Wentian’s state of mind to ripple involuntarily.

“Let’s leave.” Qin Wentian held on to Mo Qingcheng’s hand as they departed the area.


Within the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds, Qin Wentian once again began his slaughter of the demonic beasts. Even those beasts ranked within the top 10 weren’t able to withstand his strength.

At the peak of a mountain, Qin Wentian halted his steps and cast his gaze forwards, surveying the majestic mountain range before him.

An extremely bizarre looking demonic beast was located over there. The demonic beast had the head of a dragon, the body of a lion, the wings of a garuda, the scales of a Xuanwu, the tail of a python and the claws of a Kirin. It’s demeanor appeared to be incomparably malevolent.

“Demon Sovereign,” Qin Wentian breathed. It was ranked #1 in the Warbeast Index. In the index, there was only a description of its appearance but held no records of its abilities.

Qin Wentian recognised the beast at a single glance. This was a Demon Sovereign.

A cold, sinister light gleamed from the depths of the Demon Sovereign. The fearsome light erupted from its body, and its sinister eyes gave the impression that it could capture souls, seemingly hinting at the possibility that this demonic beast possessed the ability to influence the mental state of others.

With the ancient halberd in his hands, Qin Wentian transformed into a blurred shadow as he dashed forwards to the Demon Sovereign. His purpose of entering the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds was none other than to hunt the top ranking beasts recorded in the Warbeast Index. And since fate had now arranged a meeting with the #1 demonic beast, how could he not seize this golden opportunity dangling right in front of him?

A burst of eye-piercing Astral Light inundated the area and with a tremble, the void shook as space was torn apart. Beside the Demon Sovereign, several other demonic beasts appeared. Together, their howls of rage created a harsh and discordant cacophony, striking fear in the hearts of those who heard it.

Qin Wentian froze, as an expression of shock flashed in his eyes.

“It’s a Summoning-type Demonic Beast. The #1 ranked demonic beast of the Warbeast Index, the Demon Sovereign, was actually a Summoning-type Beast.” Qin Wentian’s heart pounded with excitement. Wasn’t this a beast spirit that anyone would yearn for, even in his dreams? However, he quickly returned to his senses as he noticed several demonic beasts dashing towards him.

Swish~ A raging gust of wind billowed past. Qin Wentian moved so fast it was as though he had transformed into a real Garuda. With the ancient halberd in his hands, he smashed out with the Azure Dragon Stance of the Berserker Beasts Halbard Art, demolishing a demonic beast in front of him. Qin Wentian didn’t pause in his motions, following up his earlier attack with the Vermilion Bird Stance, sweeping the ancient halberd out in a horizontal arc amidst the roars and howls of the demonic beasts.

Two days later, the exhausted spirit body of Qin Wentian exited the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds. He felt extremely uncomfortable; his spiritual consciousness was riddled with injuries and was on the brink of dissipating by the time he defeated the Demon Sovereign. Covered with wounds, and using each and every bit of his skills and innate techniques, he narrowly overcame the Demon Sovereign and absorbed its beast spirit. Despite his exhaustion, Qin Wentian felt exceptionally excited to gain such a reward.


As Qin Wentian walked back to his residence at the Emperor Star Academy, a voice abruptly called out. Qin Wentian turned back only to see Mo Qingcheng approaching him. Her initially icy cold face broke out into a smile as she looked at him. However, Yue Qingfeng was also following her from a distance.

For the past two days, Mo Qingcheng could only tolerate his harassment.

Qin Wentian stood at her side, whispering, “Does he keep doing that?”

“Mmhm.” Mo Qingcheng nodded with an expression of unhappiness on her face.

“Let’s go for a walk.” Qin Wentian pulled Mo Qingcheng along with a smile. Mo Qingcheng agreed and they ran off in the direction of the Academy’s exit.

Those in the academy couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous upon seeing the closeness between Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian. But despite this, they had to concede that the two of them made a great couple, and hoped that they would have a beautiful future together.

Yue Qingfeng’s eyes narrowed, flashing with a cold light, as he watched Qin Wentian pulling Mo Qingcheng along.

Those from the Azure Emperor Palace were growing more and more insolent. Despite turning the entire academy topsy turvy, they were still unable to find what they were looking for.

Yue Qingfeng felt somewhat bored and decided to walk about the Emperor Star Academy with some youths from the Azure Emperor Palace. However today, a group of blind fools actually dared to antagonise them, which led to a clash erupting between both parties. In addition, those from the academy had Yuanfu cultivators with them, which easily suppressed the group of Arterial Circulation cultivators from the Palace. How could these prideful young cultivators take this lying down?

They were from a transcendent power, to think that there would actually be people that dared to antagonise them, especially from a small place like Chu. They were truly courting death.

In the midst of the escalating conflict, those from the Azure Emperor Palace intercepted their opponents and asked Yue Qingfeng to return for more reinforcements. At the first opportunity, Yue Qingfeng immediately departed the area, but just as he passed by a remote-looking area, a figure clad in black appeared, blocking his path.

The black-clad figure lowered his head, advancing with a long spear in his hands.

“Who are you?” Yue Qingfeng halted his steps as he inquired coldly. He had never imagined that someone would actually attempt to murder him in broad daylight.

Yue Qingfeng wasn’t an idiot, he could faintly sense that this person had a bone to pick with him.

“The one that will take your life,” a cold voice echoed in the air. The figure transformed into a blurred shadow as filaments of spear light erupted forth. A monstrous demonic qi permeated the air, the long spear trembling as fearsome spirals began to form at the tip of the spear head. Each spiral seemed to contain boundless energy within them.

Yue Qingfeng inclined his head as he stared at the silhouette dashing towards him. Upon meeting the eyes of his attacker, his heart involuntarily trembled with violence.

“It’s you?” Yue Qingfeng raised his arms to attack, his mighty palms directly colliding with the long spear. A piercing sound echoed out, as the long spear ran through his palms with absurd ease and immediately penetrated his throat, pinning Yue Qingfeng to the ground.

“9th level of Arterial Circulation.” Yue Qingfeng’s eyes widened in shock as he died with one remaining regret. Not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would die in such a small place like Chu.

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