Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 169: The Coming of a Violent Storm

AGM 169 – The Coming of a Violent Storm

The prospective students of the Emperor Star Academy departed from the Dark Forest. The news of Mountain’s death was quickly spread throughout the Royal Capital and caused a huge commotion.

Although many knew of Mountain from the Emperor Star Academy, he was not that famous when placed in the perspective of the entire Royal Capital. As for why his death caused such a huge commotion, it was because currently, the relationship between the Royal Academy and the Emperor Star Academy was as thin as a piece of paper. And now that a student of the Emperor Star Academy was murdered in the Dark Forest, how would people not speculate on the reasons behind it?

All sorts of rumors flew about, and ultimately, the spearhead of blame was pointed at the tensed relationship between the two parties.

Within Chu, the position of the Emperor Star Academy was always unrivaled. And with regards to entities with high positions such as the Emperor Star Academy, the Royal Clan always adopted a tolerant attitude. But now with the merger of the Royal Academy and the Godly General Martial Palace, their objective was to weaken the prestige and reputation of the Emperor Star Academy, causing the thin line of equilibrium finally shatter. Was the Royal Academy finally tired of tolerating the existence of the Emperor Star Academy?

The citizens of Chu naturally wouldn’t know why the Royal Clan would choose this period of turmoil to strike out. Currently, the Chu Country was engulfed by the flames of war as

the rebels invaded the other cities of Chu steadily and surely, constantly pressing closer and closer towards the Royal Capital. This could be said to be one of the most trying times in the history of Chu.

There were rumors saying that the troops of Chu had pulled back long ago and were prepared to give up the control of half the country to the rebels. As the saying goes, strong when united, weak when divided. The Royal Clan had no choice but to give up and could only consolidate their power by giving up control.

At this moment, inside an exceptionally luxurious hall within the Chu Palace, there were several figures lined up on both sides. However, the person sitting on the master seat was actually not Chu Tianjiao but Xiao Lan instead.

Xiao Lan reclined comfortably on his seat, with both of his hands tapping on the armrests of the chairs according to an unpredictable rhythm.

“How goes the preparations?” Xiao Lan calmly inquired.

“There are no problems on my side, but when would the experts from the Nine Mystical Palace arrive?” Chu Tianjiao respectfully replied.

“Within two days, I guess.” Xiao Lan’s gaze shifted from Chu Tianjiao to Xiao Lǜ as he continued asking, “How about the side of Snowcloud?”

“Very soon, they will be here within three days.” Xiao Lǜ replied.

Only now did Xiao Lan nod his head as he closed his eye. It was only after several moments that he spoke again, “ Xiao Lǜ, I have to trouble you this time around. If this matter is successful, I will report this back up the upper echelons of the Nine Mystical Palace. Your branch might be able to return.”

“Thank you, Elder Brother.” Xiao Lǜ’s face was full of smiles. There was almost no one who knew that the Royal Clan of Snowcloud was actually one of the branch families of the main Xiao Clan from the Nine Mystical Palace.

“Time is almost up. During these few days, I will send people to secretly provoke the Emperor Star Academy and force them to make their move.” Chu Tianjiao laughed. As to why would he chose to act against the Emperor Star Academy amidst this time of turmoil, it was because this was a godsent opportunity. The Nine Mystical Palace that had never once bothered themselves with regards to governing the countries under their administration wanted to move against the Emperor Star Academy.

Chu Tianjiao didn’t know what exactly was the reason. Xiao Lan was a descendant of the Xiao Clan, which was one of the three great factions within the Nine Mystical Palace. Since he came here, he definitely had it reason. Chu Tianjiao had no need to ask, and moreover he also knew that it was not his place to ask.

Although Xiao Lan appeared relaxed, he actually had a load on his mind. It was not so easy wanting to take down the Emperor Star Academy.

Back then in the past, Luo Tianya had wanted to do the same but didn’t succeed. Behind the Emperor Star Academy were the shadows of the Azure Emperor Palace. If the Nine Mystical Palace really did send their Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns to take action, the Azure Emperor Palace would definitely intervene.

Before this, Xiao Lan had never paid much attention to this. But now, he could faintly sense that there was a connection; it all pointed to the secret that the Azure Emperor hid in the Emperor Star Academy.

There were three sacred grounds within the Emperor Star Academy. The Heavenly Star Pavilion, Astral River Hall, and the Dreamsky Forest. In which of these three sacred grounds would the secret be hidden within?

Qin Wentian had already set foot on the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion. They had also once considered kidnapping him and using force to interrogate Qin Wentian but soon gave up the plan because of deterrence from Gongyang Hong. This wasn’t the time to antagonise someone at the Heavenly Dipper level. If they wanted to make a move against Qin Wentian, it would be best if there were no implications. After all, they were unsure how deep the relationship between Gongyang Hong and Qin Wentian was.

Although the main branch of the Xiao Clan wouldn’t fear Gongyang Hong, if a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign went crazy, their descendants of the other branches had a very high possibility of being utterly annihilated. It wasn’t worth it.

As for Mountain’s death, they couldn’t be bothered.

Although they wouldn’t be bothered, the Emperor Star Academy took this matter very seriously indeed.

Today, the Emperor Star Academy intentionally erect a stone tablet for Mountain and Zi Jun. This stone tablet was erected underneath the Emperor Star Monuments. Although Zi Jun wasn’t officially a student of the Emperor Star Academy, the introduction that was carved into the stone monuments introduced him as one of the most elite talented genius young students ever to be enrolled.

This was unprecedented in the history of the Emperor Star Academy. The Emperor Star Monuments were the symbols of the academy’s glory and milestones throughout history, and never had a student’s death been inscribed onto it, not even once.

However, this time around, the Emperor Star Academy made an exception and did so.

A cold wind billowed by, bringing with it a sense of desolation. There were several silhouettes standing in front of the Emperor Star Monuments, as well as many Elders. All of them had solemn expressions on their faces as they stared at the stone tablet.

The erection of the stone tablet was Ren Qianxing’s idea. He wanted the Emperor Star Academy to carve this memory into their history. This wasn’t a simple assassination, and it had a high possibility of being a silent declaration of war.

Perhaps a 1,000 years from now, if the Emperor Star Academy still existed, this piece of history would still be mentioned by the later generations. But if the Emperor Star Academy disappeared, then everything would not matter anymore.

So when Ren Qianxing brought up the suggestion, all the Elders had a surprising take on this.

They agreed on this decision unanimously.

Behind the Elders of the academy, many students gathered. They were all flabbergasted as to why Mountain as well as a yet-to-be-enrolled student would have their stone tablet erected underneath the Emperor Star Monuments, but after the explanations, all of them understood that this incident had a high probability of being a historical incident of the academy.

After this, violent storms of conflict would suddenly give rise to momentous incidents.

“The 3rd Prince of Chu, Chu Tianjiao pays a formal visit to the Emperor Star Academy.” In the horizons, a voice echoed throughout the Emperor Star Academy, causing the crowd to make a clamor.

Very quickly, the silhouettes of Chu Tianjiao and a few others came into view. The arrival of these people caught the Emperor Star Academy by surprise. The crowd automatically opened up a path, as Chu Tianjiao and his people arrived in front of the Emperor Star Monuments.

The Elders of the academy slowly turned as they stared directly at Chu Tianjiao and his people.

Upon seeing Ye Wuque, Wu Chong, and Wang Teng among the visitors, an extremely chilly aura and killing intent emanated forth from Qin Wentian’s body.

Beside him, a small and dainty hand slipped into his, gently touching his palms. Feeling the warmth of that hand, Qin Wentian froze for an instant as he turned and saw Mo Qingcheng smiling at him, as though she was telling him to be patient. Only then did he retract his aura.

Chu Tianjiao continued forward, walking towards the monuments. In front of them, a figure silently stood there with his back facing them, blocking their path.

This person was none other than Mustang.

Without a choice, Chu Tianjiao and his people bowed and pay their obeisance towards the stone tablet. They could not have predicted that the Emperor Star Academy would erect a stone tablet underneath the monuments solely for the sake of Mountain and Zi Jun.

The actions of the Emperor Star Academy gave them a tremendous pressure.

This was a silent proclamation. Somehow, the death of those two became the glue that caused those at the Emperor Star Academy to be even more united. Chu Tianjiao turned his head back and swept his glance across the numerous faces standing in the crowd as he silently sighed in his heart.

“Respected Elders, Chu Tianjiao has something to say, I wonder if it’s suitable to say it?” Chu Tianjiao stared at the crowd as he inquired.

No one replied. The silence of such an atmosphere made it seem as though they wanted to crush him into pieces.

“Speak.” An instant later, Ren Qianxing coldly spoke.

“Currently, the Royal Academy of Chu has already merged with the Godly General Martial Palace, combining their influences. The Royal Clan wishes to create an even stronger martial academy and hope that the Emperor Star Academy would agree to our merger request.” Chu Tianjiao slowly continued, “In this way, the ultimate power that’s the consolidation between the three academies would be born. Regardless of teachers or resources, we would then have a nearly endless supply for the students. Not only that, I can promise to leave everything about the Emperor Star Academy untouched.”

Upon hearing Chu Tianjiao’s words, many had cold smiles on their faces. He wanted to devour the Emperor Star Academy? Was that even possible?

“As long as the Emperor Star Academy agrees, all teachers and students of your academy would be able to receive immense amounts of cultivation resources on a monthly basis.” Chu Tianjiao added, but just as before, only silence answered him.

“SCRAM.” A cold voice resounded in the stillness of the silent atmosphere. The person who spoke was Mustang. His back was still facing them, and he made no moves to turn to look at them. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself and suppress the rage that was boiling within him.

Chu Tianjiao froze, but he soon recovered with a smile on his face. He bowed again to the Elders of the Emperor Star Academy as he replied, “Chu Tianjiao of the junior generation bids farewell.”

After which, Chu Tianjiao and the rest of the visitors prepared to depart.

“Hold on.” Ren Qianxing remarked, causing Chu Tianjiao to halt in his steps.

“From this moment onwards, the Emperor Star Academy is forbidden for any of you to enter. For those who trespass, we will kill on sight regardless of that person’s identity.” Ren Qianxing’s voice faded as a murderous intent resonated in the air. The coldness of the voice caused Chu Tianjiao’s heart to involuntarily tremble. But swiftly after, the corners of his lips curled upwards in a cold smile. He continued his steps, departing from the Emperor Star Academy.

The Emperor Star Academy didn’t directly act against Chu Tianjiao right now. Firstly, there was insufficient justification. Secondly, if they truly dealt with these people right here and now, the ones who would face a calamity would be the students of their academy. The other innocent students might be completely annihilated in cold revenge.

This was their bottom line. Even if war actually erupted, they would still hold onto this unless the bottom line of either party was already shredded into pieces.

Francis arrived at the academy, and knowing the relationship between him and Qin Wentian, they permitted Francis to enter and leave freely. This time around, he brought over all the cultivation resources that Qin Wentian had requested, which had been painstakingly completely gathered by the Divine Weapon Pavilion.

After receiving the resources, Qin Wentian began his cultivation. His heart was filled with bitter anger, but he knew that his current strength was still far from being enough.

In the few days after that incident, the Royal Academy felt extremely peaceful, but many knew that this was merely the calm before the violent storm.

Both the Emperor Star Academy and the Royal Clan did not make any moves; it was though both sides were waiting for something.

These few days, there was people flying over the airspace of Chu, directly to within the Chu Palace while at the same time, quite a number of people left the Emperor Star Academy. All these deserters were from the Knight’s Association. They had decided to shift their allegiance, and upon seeing these occurrences, other students of the Emperor Star Academy felt that indeed, a violent storm would be descending upon them momentarily.

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