Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 163: Airborne

AGM 163 – Airborne

On top of the transparent crystal lotus, the young maiden clad in transparent robes left little to the imagination as her actions caused many males in the audience to be palpitating with eagerness. But despite that, the moment she unfurled the painting in her hands, the attention and focus of everyone was instantly shifted to the Divine Inscription Painting.

Once again, this was a Human-type Divine Inscription Painting so vivid that it seemed incredibly lifelike and appeared to be in motion. The concept hidden within the movements caused people to be immersed in it, as though they too were in that wondrous state, their consciousness comprehending the concept.

“Yet another heaven-defying creation. It seems like Qin Wentian really is an unrivalled genius. One might argue that the first Human-type Divine Inscription Painting of his was obtained through good fortune or exceptional circumstances, created that through a stroke of luck, but upon seeing this second Human-type Divine Inscription Painting, all suspicions regarding the first painting can be scrapped away. Evidently, one can see similar traces of the first painting within the second, possessing the same kind of charm. Not only that, the sense of concept contained within this painting is even stronger when compared to the first.”

A burst of noise could be heard from a certain direction within the private room. The maiden turned her head over in the direction as she smiled, “Vice-president Zuo has good judgement. After missing the chance to obtain the first painting, I’m sure you won’t miss this chance again.”

“Vice president Zuo Yin from the Star River Association.”

On the first level, in a random corner, a young lady gazed at Autumn Snow who was currently extremely pale. “Autumn Snow, is it true that you reneged on the marriage agreement with Qin Wentian?”

Autumn Snow’s countenance was exceptionally unsightly. Based on Qin Wentian’s current status, he was not someone she could be compared to.

Not only that, the Royal Clan of Chu were waging a war against the rebels right now. But who would be the ultimate winner? If the rebels won, Qin Wentian’s status would surpass that of the current Chu Tianjiao because everyone knew that the mastermind of this rebellion was none other than the Qin Clan!

Liu Yan, who was sitting together with Ye Zhan, also felt extremely complicated in her heart. Back then, Ye Zhan had told her that she and Qin Wentian was destined to be people belonging to different levels. This actually became a reality, but the roles were reversed. How many people in the Royal Capital knew of Ye Zhan and yet how many people in the Royal Capital didn’t know of Qin Wentian?

And as for Murin, because of the matter with Qin Wentian, he had became a thorn in the eyes of Zuo Yin. Zuo Yin’s dislike could also clearly be felt by Murin. In turn, deep in his heart, he also hated this old fellow. Since Zuo Yin resented him because of a mere Qin Wentian, then Zuo Yin shouldn’t blame him for being ruthless. Of course, this was something that Murin wouldn’t display out in the open. On the surface, he appeared always to be smiling, bowing frequently in apology.

And ultimately, the painting was successfully auctioned away. The winner was none other than Zuo Yin, who spent a terrifyingly astronomical price to bid for it. As the Vice President of the Star River Association, he would naturally have countless innate techniques as well as Divine Weapons. In the face of his considerable wealth, it wasn’t a problem for him to obtain the painting through bids.

The act of placing Qin Wentian’s Divine Inscription Painting up for auction triggered enormous waves in the hearts of many. There were actually numerous people with extraordinary backgrounds competing for it.

And just thinking of this, Autumn Snow dejectedly left the Heavenly Treasure Tower. It was a lie if she were to say that there she had no regrets. After all, Qin Wentian had never once looked down on her. It was all her fault; because of her, and Bai Qingsong’s greed, everything that could have once been hers had all dissipated into the thin air. Even more important was that her current lifestyle wasn’t that good. How she longed for the simple days she once had with the unsophisticated youth from back then.

And there was another reason. The current gulf was so huge, so huge to the extent that she couldn’t even muster the slightest bit of jealousy.

“The hatred he feels now towards me as well as towards my Bai Clan should be so deep that it already seeps into his bones.” Autumn Snow gave a self-mocking laugh. Time and experiences were extremely marvelous things. In the short span of just a year, her entire attitude actually underwent such a huge transformation. Previously, this was something that she would have never expected would happen.

And as for Qin Wentian, he didn’t know of the things that transpired in the auction house. Since he gave the Divine Weapon Pavilion free rein and allowed them to handle things on his behalf, he completely relinquished all control of this matter. In any case, there was no way the Divine Weapon Pavilion would mistreat him or try to cheat him of his profits. What he needs to do is to focus his all on cultivation now. Only with power would one have status, resources, and authority.

In order to cultivate the Fiend Transformation Art, Qin Wentian was practically undergoing self-torture. These past few days, he spent all his time in frenzied cultivation, using all sorts of torturous methods to push himself further. But precisely because of this, the results he obtained were extremely astonishing. His physique unceasingly grew stronger, and his life force was many times more powerful when compared to the past. Each and every breath he took was filled with vitality.

In the blink of an eye, five days passed. Currently, in the open plaza region of the Royal Capital, tens of thousands of youth gathered. All these young talents were here to choose a martial academy to enrol into.

These young elites came from everywhere in Chu, their presences adding to the ‘color’ of the capital, causing the atmosphere to be even more lively.

Around this time every year, the Royal Capital would be bustling with noise and excitement. Regardless of the current times being a chaotic warring period, it was unable to affect the hot bloodedness of youths determined to pursue their martial paths. All of them wanted a better future for themselves.

However, those who were more observant would realized that the number of youths here today was actually lesser when compared to the past.

Because today was also the day when the Emperor Star Academy would ‘pay a visit’ to the Royal Academy.

Five days ago, the visit paid by the Royal Academy to the Emperor Star Academy rocked the entire Royal Capital. The fact that the Emperor Star Academy lost four of the battles became hot topics of discussion among everyone in the capital. And when Qin Wentian returned their ‘politeness’ with more ‘politeness’, suggesting that the Emperor Star Academy would visit the Royal Academy five days later, this caused many people to pay even closer attention to this matter. What type of response would the first place in the Jun Lin Banquet, Qin Wentian, have in regards to this?

And what preparations would the new Royal Academy make in order to face the proclamations of challenges.

It definitely wasn’t going to be so easy if the Emperor Star Academy wanted to win. So what if Qin Wentian won his fight, what about the four other battles?

And currently, within the Emperor Star Academy, Qin Wentian, Old Gu, Mustang, Elder Thousand-Hands and a few others were all present in a discussion.

“This is such a headache. Which five Arterial Circulation Realm students should we send?”

Old Gu was massaging his temples in a bid to alleviate his headache. Qin Wentian, Luo Huan and Mountain were three of the most outstanding Arterial Circulation Realm cultivators currently in the academy. These three would definitely be part of the five challengers.

The Jun Lin Banquet was already the stage for the pinnacle of those at Arterial Circulation. Qin Wentian and Luo Huan both obtained excellent results while Mountain’s performance wasn’t too bad. Currently, he had broken through to the 9th level of Arterial Circulation.

However, Old Gu still had a headache. The Emperor Star Academy had such an outstanding record in the Jun Lin Banquet because of Orchon and Luo Qianqiu. Currently, Luo Qianqiu has already left, and the Ou Clan obviously supported Chu Tianjiao. Orchon also chose to disappear quietly, so how could he aid the Emperor Star Academy in disrupting Chu Tianjiao’s plans?

And as for those who were in the top nine rankings, only Qin Wentian and Luo Huan belonged to the Emperor Star Academy.

After the merger between the Godly General Martial Palace and Royal Academy, they had Chu Chen and Hou Tie. They also had others such as Shi Jun of the 10 prodigies as well as Leng Ya. Although the latter two didn’t get into the top nine, Leng Ya’s martial prowess couldn’t be underestimated.

“I’m afraid that Chu Tianjiao will find an excuse that allows Sikong Mingyue to battle. If that’s the case, their team formation would be really powerful.” Old Gu was worried.

Sikong Mingyue and Chu Chen obtained the 3rd and 4th rank, respectively. Hou Tie was 6th. And if Chu Tianjiao used his underhanded methods, sneaking in an unknown Arterial Circulation Realm from the Nine Mystical Palace, things were really going to be hard to handle indeed.

“Our team formation is not weak either.” Luo Chen approached from a distance as he nodded to Qin Wentian. “Back then in the academy, I was played by you and 7th Night. But after witnessing your strength, I admit my inferiority. I would have lost nonetheless.”

“If there’s a chance, let’s exchange some pointers.” Qin Wentian smiled. He knew that beautiful and polite words wwew useless to a cultivation-fanatic like Luo Chen. Instead, Luo Chen preferred to hear words of sparring and exchanging of pointers. He lived to accept challenges.

“Okay, I will definitely do so.” Luo Chen nodded and smiled. “Are all the five challengers ready?”

“Currently, we only have four. I’m still thinking who should be the last challenger.” Old Gu grimaced.

“Hi, what about me?” A weakly sounding voice drifted over. The gazes of the spectators froze when they saw a fatty silhouette walking over, a shameless light flickering in his eyes.

Qin Wentian blinked as he stared at this person. Fan Le, it was actually Fan Le. He actually took the initiative to participate in this challenge.

“He should be able to make the cut.” Mustang’s eyes glowed with a bright light. These few days, Fan Le had always been under his guidance. As for where Fan Le’s true capabilities lied, Mustang couldn’t be clearer.

“He stepped into the 8th level of Arterial Circulation a few days ago. Although his cultivation base is somewhat lacking, with the power of his bloodline and extraordinary talent could mitigate it. Not only that, he had the power of psyche force, using his will to power his telekinesis, and is exceptionally suitable for team battles.” Mustang touched his chin and laughed, causing Qin Wentian to be somewhat startled. Fatty actually already broke through to the 8th level of Arterial Circulation. Such an improvement speed was extremely terrifying indeed.

Seeing the thunderstruck expression on Qin Wentian’s face, Fan Le frowned, “Hey Boss, this fatty is also a genius.”

“This fellow is really a genius, and his speed of cultivation is extremely fast. I don’t know where he got his hands on so many Yuan Meteor Stones. He actually ignored the dangers and madly absorbed the Astral Energy within, forcing himself to cultivate until he broke through to the 8th level.” Mustang laughed. Qin Wentian also nodded in response. Fan Le’s talent was indeed extraordinary, the only bad point about him was that he was just too lazy.

After Fatty had been ‘abducted’ by Mustang, other than cultivating, the rest of his time was spent following a strict schedule Mustang arranged for him. Even the numbers of hours Fan Le was allowed to sleep had been clearly indicated.

“Since we already have five, let’s move out.”

Old Gu let out a shrill whistle as he glanced in the air. Shortly after, a gigantic griffon swooped down from the skies, appearing in front of the crowd.

Old Gu as well as the five challengers mounted the griffon, and together they soared into the skies.

And because of the lack of Luo Qianqiu and Orchon, this team formation couldn’t be considered the pinnacle of what the Emperor Star Academy had to offer. But despite of this, their combat prowess couldn’t be belittled.

Qin Wentian was the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, and Luo Huan was the 9th ranker. Luo Chen was slightly unlucky but his combat prowess couldn’t be doubted. Mountain broke through to the 9th level while Fatty’s bloodline and talent were spectacular as well. Now, they could only see what the Royal Academy had to offer.

The speed of the 8th-grade griffon was terrifyingly swift. After just a few moments, they had already arrived in the airspace of the Royal Academy.

Countless people in the Royal Academy raised their heads as their hearts trembled. The challenges from the Emperor Star Academy, has arrived!

The Royal Academy, similar to the Emperor Star Academy, had a central arena that was used for important battles. The griffon landed in the center of the arena, Chu Tianjiao and the rest were already there waiting.

“Chu Tianjiao respectfully welcomes the arrival of Senior.”

Chu Tianjiao gave a bow in the direction of Old Gu. Beside him was Xiao Lǜ and behind him were five other silhouettes.

The five silhouettes are: Sikong Mingyue, Chu Chen, Hou Tie, and Leng Ya. And as for the last person, the six from the Emperor Star Academy involuntarily let out a gasp of surprise as they saw who their last opponent was. Their last opponent was actually an exceptionally pretty girl who was clad in white, appearing elegant while projecting a sense of nobility.

“The little princess of Chu.” An extremely sharp glint of light abruptly flashed past Old Gu’s eyes. Chu Tianjiao really held nothing back, even managing to invite the little princess to help them out at the cost of tremendous effort.

Although the little princess rarely appeared in the eyes of the crowd, Old Gu was very clear of her abilities. If she had attended the Jun Lin Banquet back then, she would definitely be one of the top nine rankers!

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