Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 161: Crushing Defeat

AGM 161 – Crushing Defeat

How could Ye Wuque’s victory be considered a fluke? That battle of his had obviously been won overwhelmingly.

Ranked fourth out of the ten prodigies, Qiu Mo hadn’t been that different from Ye Wuque of the past. But now that Ye Wuque condensed his 3rd Astral Soul, Qiu Mo was left far behind.

Ye Wuque retreated out of the arena, only to see 1st Sword stepping up. A pressure caused by monstrous sword intent could be heard whistling around him.

Although Ye Wuque had also used swords for his attack, he wasn’t a pure sword cultivator. 1st Sword was different; judging from the aura his body emitted, one could clearly feel that he was a powerful, pure sword cultivator.

The attacks of sword cultivators were absolutely dominating and incomparably sharp.

Rain slowly strode up the arena. She was clad in white and was young and beautiful, about 20 years of age. In the academy, she had plenty of suitors, but up until now, there wasn’t a single person who had successfully wooed such a outstanding beauty.

“I await your guidance.” 1st Sword bowed to Rain. Although these people were here for provocation, they still had their manners, giving no opportunities for others to castigate them.

“Please.” Rain returned the bow, in a gentle and graceful manner. It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful woman like her was actually tremendously powerful in terms of combat ability.

1st Sword slowly walked forwards. In an instant, his Sword-type Astral Soul burst into radiance. It was a tri-colored sword, glowing with a dazzling light in mid air. It was incomparably resplendent, as though the brilliance it exuded wanted to blind the eyes of everyone in the crowd.

“3rd Astral Soul, All-are-Swords.” The gazes of the crowd stiffened in surprise. No wonder he was the leader of the Three Swords of Snowcloud. His attachment towards swords was extraordinary.

The tri-colored Sword Astral Soul granted one of the highest strength boosts in terms of attacks.

Rain also released her own Astral Soul. Meteor showers suddenly fell from the skies.

“Her 3rd Astral Soul is actually from the 4th Heavenly Layer!” Voices filled with startlement rang out as surprise painted the countenances of the crowd. Especially on the faces of many from the Emperor Star Academy. They couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

“Senior Rain is so powerful but so low profile.”

“Senior Rain is many times more powerful than Qiu Mo. Qiu Mo had a somewhat undeserved reputation.” Many people began discussing in low voices. Qiu Mo’s countenance turned extremely unsightly as the sound of their discussions drifted into his ears.

Even more interesting was that Rain actually chose a Meteor-type Astral Soul. With her in the center, rains of meteor showers fell about her, creating an area-of-effect.

Simultaneously, a pair of pure white beautiful wings appeared on the back of Rain. At this moment, Rain seemed akin to an angelic being from the Heavens and was many times more striking compared to back when Ye Wuque revealed his wings.

“How beautiful…” A bunch of young girls exclaimed.

But there were also many who were worried for Rain. How could her attacks be powerful enough considering the types of her chosen Astral Souls?

1st Sword stepped forwards. Sword light slashed out, lacerating everything in his path. The tri-colored sword glowed with three stream of different coloured sword light as it slashed out towards Rain.

Rain’s silhouette flickered unceasingly as a rain-screen shrouded her within. As the three streams of sword light descended, she stood there within her rain-screen, unharmed.

“Her footwork.: Qin Wentian noticed that Rain’s legs was glowing with Astral Light. He had once attended a lecture by Rain. Back then, he discovered that Rain had many unique concepts when it comes to cultivation, and it was only after her lecture did Qin Wentian manage to comprehend the method of spitting out sword light and unleashing his palm attacks with his foot.

Seeing how ferocious 1st Sword’s attacks were and how Rain seemed to be invulnerable, Qin Wentian had a faint feeling that in this battle, Rain would most likely be able to emerge victorious.

Indeed, the attacks of 1st Sword got increasingly flustered, akin to a raging storm of wind and rain, pressing so intently towards Rain that she didn’t even have the space to breath. However, at the final moment, one of his attacks appeared as though it had finally successfully hit Rain. But soon after, he discovered that he was sorely mistaken. The body of the Rain which he had struck dissipated into motes of Astral Light as yet another figure appeared within that previous rain-screen.

“Is this a variant Illusion-type Astral Soul?” THe crowd had disbelief on their countenances as they witnessed Rain defeating 1st Sword. From the start to the end, 1st Sword seized the initiative and controlled the tempo of the match, but despite of this, his attacks did not manage to truly threaten Rain.

“I won by a fluke.” Rain retreated a few steps and politely added. Akin to Ye Wuque, her polite words also seemed to contained sarcasm within them.

Wasn’t these people very arrogant? They still lost in the end.

Wang Teng appeared on the arena as a terrifying aura gushed out from him. For this battle, his opponent was Lin Hua, leader of the Greencloud Association.

Qin Wentian had a pretty good impression of Lin Hua. Previously, if it were not for the appearance of Lin Hua, he might really have killed Luo Qianqiu. And if he really did so, based on the might of the Nine Mystical Palace, the academy wouldn’t have wanted to shield him.

But the moment he saw Wang Teng’s attacks, Qin Wentian already knew that Lin Hua would be defeated in this battle.

Qin Wentian wasn’t the only one who had this feeling. As the crowd witnessed the clashes, their hearts couldn’t help but shudder at Wang Teng’s combat prowess. He was akin to an immensely powerful desolate beast, domineering, eradicating everything in his path. Finally, Lin Hua had no way to continue under the ever-increasing fury of Wang Teng’s strikes and was defeated.

“This guy, it’s as though he’s a trump card prepared by Chu Tianjiao. If he fought, he would definitely win.”

Qin Wentian gazed at Chu Tianjiao’s incomparably calm countenance. Chu Tianjiao appeared free from all worries, as though success was already in the bag. Since he dared to come here today, he would surely not return in defeat.

The 4th battle, Wu Chong versus Du Yidao, leader of the Asura Faction.

Back then, Luo Qianqiu had also been a member of the Asura Faction. However, other than the Knight’s Association, the students of the academy recognised and evaluated everything based on accomplishments, ignoring their status and position.

The Asura Faction placed an emphasis on insane training and obtaining strength regardless of all methods. They would unhesitating throw themselves in danger to grow stronger. But in such a scene, they would undoubtedly stand on the side of the Emperor Star Academy.

Wu Chong was a famous cultivator from the Godly General Martial Palace and had three different Beast-type Astral Souls, granting him an extremely high degree of augmentation in his attacks. However, Du Yidao wasn’t that bad either. His attacks were all extremely vicious, and capable of ending a life with every strike. It was as though he fought with no regards to his life, the embodiment of the word ruthlessness.

However, Wu Chong’s battle intent and ruthlessness didn’t lose out to Du Yidao

The Godly General Martial Palace was situated in the depths of the Dark Forest. The people there were all talents nurtured by the military from a young age. Naturally, ruthlessness was already built into their character. The students there treated the Dark Forest as their training grounds and had life and death battles in their training sessions almost every day. Their cruelty in training didn’t lose out in the slightest when compared to those from the Asura Faction.

Upon seeing the multitude of wounds appearing on both of their bodies as a result of the crazed and frenzied battle, several people in the crowd silently admired them.

And ultimately, with a roar of rage, Wu Chong finally suppressed Du Yidao with the flaring strength of his Beast-type Astral Souls, blasting him off the arena and claiming victory for the 4th battle.

In this case, out of the five battles proposed, the Royal Academy had already won three of them.

Their challenges resulted them in obtaining a glorious achievement.

From now onwards, people in the Royal Academy would say that the Royal Academy was stronger than the Emperor Star Academy.

This was their second objective in coming other than settling the matter of Xiao Lǜ and Qin Yao.

If the Royal Academy wanted to deal with the Emperor Star Academy, naturally they wouldn’t brazenly wage an all -out war with it. They could only adopt a method like this, slowly peeling away the layers of perceived invincibility the masses had regarding the Emperor Star Academy.

It would be impossible to bring the Emperor Star Academy down overnight.

“Do we still need to continue with the last battle?” Chu Tianjiao turned his gaze towards the spectator stand as he calmly inquired.

The sound of his voice was extremely unpleasant to hear when it drifted into the eardrums of those from the Emperor Star Academy. Was there still a need to continue battling?

They had already won three out of the five battles. From a certain perspective, they were already the victors.

“Naturally, we will continue.” The countenance of Old Gu was unsightly. The leader of the Heavenly Demon Association, Xanxus, walked up the arena.

Xanxus was a 3rd level Yuanfu Realm cultivator, and in the Emperor Star Academy, those who broke through to the next level had already left the academy.

From a certain perspective, this meant that among the students, Xanxus was the pinnacle of strength in the Emperor Star Academy.

For even stronger students, they had already left Chu in pursuit of higher cultivation.

Strictly speaking, this battle no longer held any significance in victory or defeat. He fought for the honor and glory of the Emperor Star Academy.

Xiao Lan strode up. This unknown cultivator had never appeared within the Royal Academy before. He lifted his head, gazing at Xanxus. His gaze gave off an extremely uncomfortable feeling to those who saw it, sharper even than the sharpest swords.

“You are not my opponent. Roll off the stage.”

Xiao Lan calmly spoke, causing a glint of extreme coldness to flicker in Xanxus’s eyes.

He was the leader of the Heavenly Demon Association. In the academy, his status and position was extraordinary. The Heavenly Demon Association was the first association to be formed after the Emperor Star Academy was founded, and could be considered a symbol of the Emperor Star Academy.

But now, they were actually being humiliated by others.

Not only that, for the five cultivators Chu Tianjiao brought here today, the four in front were all polite despite their high level of martial prowess. However, the 5th of them had a character that was completely opposite from the previous four.

Savage and arrogant. It was as though he had intentionally wanted to humiliate the Emperor Star Academy.

“We will only know after we battle.” Xanxus voice was extremely cold as he replied.

BZZZZ! A raging wind billowed past as Xiao Lan’s silhouette transformed into a stream of light. As their eyes met, Xanxus only felt himself falling into a mysterious reality. He couldn’t even lift his hand to defend in the slightest.

In the direction of the Emperor Star Academy, someone stood up as astonishment clouded his features.

BOOM! A thunderous sound echoed, breaking apart the silence of the night. An instant later, Xanxus’s chest was lacerated. Blood flowed out unceasingly.

“Scram!” Xiao Lan sent out a palm strike, blasting Xanxus off the arena. Old Gu’s silhouette flickered as he appeared behind Xanxus, catching him before Xanxus was slammed to the ground. He asked, “Are you alright?”

“Teacher, I’m sorry, I made you disappointed.” Xanxus apologetically gazed at Old Gu.

So it turns out that Xanxus, the leader of the Heavenly Demon Association, was actually a student of Old Gu.

“A loss is a loss, no big deal.” Old Gu consoled Xanxus, but an extremely sharp light flickered in the depths of his eyes. Earlier, when Xiao Lan struck out, his attacks actually contained pressure that could affect one’s consciousness. Such a person was indeed extremely terrifying.

At the very least, in the Emperor Star Academy, there wasn’t a character such as Xiao Lan.

“So this is all the Emperor Star Academy amounts to.” Xiao Lan icily stated, malice thick in his voice. But with such an ending, no one could dispute his words.

Four defeats in the five battles.

Today, Chu Tianjiao did his preparations well before coming over to provoke and issue challenges to the academy. If it wasn’t for Rain winning a battle, their losses would have been even uglier.

But despite of her victory, their situation currently was still extremely embarrassing. Three of the leaders belonging to the four strongest student associations and faction had actually lost!

Such a pitiful ending would surely be extremely damaging to the reputation of the Emperor Star Academy.

Today, Chu Tianjiao had achieved his objective!

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