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Chapter 916 - Chapter 916: My hand speed is probably 600+_1

Chapter 916: My hand speed is probably 600+_1

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There were 21 regions in the country, including the first region, the second region, and the third region.

The number one professional player in each district had the titles [ number one swordsman ] , [ number one wizard ] , and [ number one Shura ].

The No. 1 Overlord was the No. 1 player in every region.

There were seven Worlds to choose from in the game.

The mortal realm, the divine realm, the immortal realm, the ghost realm, the devil realm, the demon Realm, and the Shura realm.

Only the title of [ supremacy of the seven Worlds ] was unique. There was only one such title in the entire Asia server. The legend of gods and demons had an overpowered seven world secret dungeon with a total of 49 levels. One had to fight from the final boss of the human world to the final boss of the Shura world, and one had to clear the dungeon with one life. In the seven world secret dungeon, no potions could be used except for skills.

This opponent’s speed and positioning were extremely demanding.

In the e-sports world, many teams ‘hand speed training was to pass the seven secret realms, and most of them couldn’t even pass the seventh stage of the

boundary Ridge.

The person who designed this level didn’t expect anyone to clear it with their lives.

Walk’s highest record was level 41, and most ordinary people were stuck at the boss of the last level in the first secret realm. Even most professional players were stuck at level 30.

Back then, only ” Yi ” had cleared the stage in the entire Asia server. The game made an exception for him and gave him the title of ” the Supreme of the seven Worlds.

This seven-sector Lord was as famous as her 81 blade attacks.

The discussion about the title of ‘Dominator of Seven Worlds’ was still very popular on the official forum of the game.

Players who were not Loyal To The Game might only think that the title of ‘ Dominator of Seven Worlds ” was gorgeous, but only the loyal players of the game knew how terrifying it was.

The director wasn’t a loyal player of the game. He was old and didn’t play games, but he had heard of Demon God.

But he knew who the “eh” person was.

When they were discussing the show with the producers, they decided on the first guest to be.

At that time, the planner had told him this:”As long as you manage to invite this person, this episode will be a classic.”

This was the first time that the rules of the game had been changed because of one person. Not only that, her self-created seal had 81 strikes and became invincible for 10 seconds.

This was the first person to make the game a classic.

Countless people fell into his trap because of his sealing saber technique.

There were countless ” number one swordsman ” in the Asia server, but as long as the ” swordsman ” was mentioned, everyone would only think of ” huh.

He played a character to the extreme.

However, this person was too difficult to contact. He had not been online for a long time. When he finally got online, the game officials went to communicate with him, but he had no intention of appearing on screen.

In short, the director had never seen this ” huh ” before, but he knew what this person meant.

Seeing Meng Fu r s account name, the director opened his mouth, but no words came out.

All she could think about was what he had asked Meng Fu earlier in the day.

“How’s your game?”


Everyone else had seen the director’s reaction. Lou Hongyan was talking to Meng Fu just now, so she was the closest to him. She had just said that she wouldn’t be playing games with Meng Fu.

Seeing the director’s expression, she couldn’t help but take two steps and walk around to the side of the computer to look at the game page. He took a casual glance and suddenly stopped in his tracks.

After a short pause, she walked to the director.

After Meng Fu opened her account, she put down her mouse. Lou Hongyan took the mouse, closed the character introduction page, and clicked on the ranking list.

Combat strength ranking1. 1. Eh?



Lou Hongyan’s hands trembled as she closed the page. She couldn’t believe it. Then, with trembling hands, she opened another ranking.

The PvP points ranking1. 1. Eh?


On a rainy night with a knife and not an umbrella


Lou Hongyan looked at these numbers and fell into a daze. She fell onto the stool beside the table, and her calm expression finally changed.

Eh, she knew this person.

Back then, she had entered the game for Ji Ziyang, and she had also been in the nine thousand peaks clan.

The nine thousand peaks was the number one family. Even though the family had risen to the top, it could only accommodate 200 people. When she entered the game, it had already quit.

At that time, she had just started playing the game, so she didn’t know who “eh” was. She only knew that the Vice-patriarch was a woman, and her family members liked to joke about “eh” and Ji Ziyang. At that time,”eh,” mo

Chenguang, sun, and Yu Ye were a four-man Group, so they kicked her out.

Later on, when she became familiar with the game, she realized that ‘huh’ was a super godly character.

He was a greasy man during the family meeting.

After he had returned, she had invited him into the family several times.

After all, the game still depended on the player’s skills, and many e-sports players looked average.

However, the other party did not join the group. However, the other party did not feel angry that they kicked her out. Sometimes, they would play games together. In some large-scale instance Dungeons, Lou Hongyan had the luck to play games with Yi a few times.

The other party didn’t speak, but his typing was as smooth as flowing water.

But now, Meng Fu had logged into the ” huh ” account in front of them.


Not only was he not a transvestite, but he was also Meng Fu?

Then, what was going on with the family meeting?

Lou Hongyan’s face was a little pale. She looked at the computer, unable to say a word.

In the beginning, she just didn’t believe that Meng Fu could Dodge her first big move without cheating.

But …

What was the other party?

After Meng Fu logged into his account, he did not look at the computer again. With one hand on the table, he narrowed his eyes and said in a calm tone, ” as for my hand speed, I haven’t calculated it seriously, but it’s much higher than walk. I think it’s around 600+.

After she finished speaking, she smiled and looked down at Lou Hongyan.

Miss Lou, do you think I need you to go easy on me? ‘

or, let me rephrase my question. Meng Fu tilted his head slightly.. do you think I’m cheating?

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