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Chapter 792 - Chapter 792: Do you mind joining a new research team?

Chapter 792: Do you mind joining a new research team?

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Downstairs, Yang Hua and Mrs. Yang looked at each other.


Upstairs, in the study.

Yang zhaolin stood in front of yang Lai’s desk and explained the whole situation. He did not tell Mrs. Yang and yang Hua, who did not like yang baoyi’s family to begin with, and told yang Lai to negotiate with them himself.

The Yang family’s yang Lai was the one with iron blood on his hands, so the Yang family’s decision could only be made by him.

After that, the entire study room fell silent. It was so quiet that the air seemed to be exploding.

that’s it. yang Zhaolin didn’t care. I’ll work hard at the Research Institute. It’s all because of me.

If not for him, PEI Xi would not have invited President Li.

Yang Lai took a deep breath and looked up at yang Zhaolin, his eyes dark. I understand. I’ll take care of this.

Yang Zhaolin nodded and left.

The next morning.

Zhao fan had finally arrived at jianghe courtyard from his hometown. Since Meng Fu was free, manager Sheng had arranged two artistes with potential for Zhao fan, a man and a woman.

Zhao Fan also knew that Meng Fu would be like Yi Tong in the future, in a semi-divine state.

So, he took over two new people.

However, they still focused on Meng Fu and prepared to follow up on Meng

Fu’s next announcement.

As usual, Zhao Fan had brought a suitcase and a computer. When she arrived at Jiang He’s courtyard, su di was in the kitchen, working on a new dish.

Meng Fu sat in the living room, playing games on the computer on his lap. Meng Fu’s phone rang before he could finish the call. It was yang Zhaolin.

“Ah Fu.” Yang Zhaolin’s voice was low.

Meng Fu controlled the character with one hand, not at all obscure. “Brother, tell me.”

“Xinchen … Why didn’t his phone go through?” Yang Zhaolin’s tone was tired. from yesterday until now.

Meng Fu was stunned. She remembered that Jiang xinchen was being lectured by su Huang. xinchen is busy now. His phone should be locked. Why are you looking for him? ” If there’s nothing urgent, I can contact him the day after tomorrow.”

Hearing that Meng Fu didn’t sound like he was lying, yang zhaolin heaved a sigh of relief.

But he didn’t hang up and remained silent for a while.

Meng Fu’s fingers were on the keyboard, not in a hurry to hang up.

After a long while, yang Zhaolin’s voice was heard.”l’m sorry,” she said.

Meng Fu raised his eyebrows.

“My dad and I just found out about Xinchen’s matter …” Yang Zhaolin smiled bitterly.

Meng Fu’s fair fingers pressed on the keyboard and paused for a moment before leaning back in his chair. there’s no need to. It has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to blame yourself. In the end, he’s just too weak. Yang Zhaolin ignored Meng Fu and said, “”1 will give you an explanation.” With that, he hung up the phone.

Meng Fu looked at her phone and frowned. She finished the instance, closed her computer, and got up.

“Where are you going?” Zhao fan tidied up the things.

Su di also came out of the kitchen.

Meng Fu went upstairs to get his coat. to the Yang family.

Su de sent Meng Fu to the Yang family.

The servant recognized Meng Fu and opened the door to let him in without telling anyone in the room.

In the room, yang Lai, Mrs. Yang, Yang Hua, and yang Zhaolin were all there. They were discussing something, but when they saw Meng Fu enter, Mrs. Yang quickly stood up and smiled. Ah Fu, why are you here? ”

After Meng Fu greeted yang Lai and Mrs. Yang, she saw that yang Zhaolin was home. aren’t you at the Research Institute? ”

She had seen yang zhaolin’s progress. Logically speaking, he should be in the actual combat simulation now and shouldn’t be so free.

Hearing Meng Fu’s words, yang Hua immediately said, ” ah Fu, your cousin. he baozhu, I’ll take you upstairs to see the flower I saw last night. before yang Hua could finish, she was held down by Mrs. Yang. a new orchid, you’ll definitely like it …

As she said this, she took yang Hua upstairs.

Meng Fu looked at their backs and raised his eyebrows.

Yang Lai and yang zhaolin also heaved a sigh of relief.

In the room upstairs, Mrs. Yang released her hand and turned on the computer to let Yang Hua see the orchids.

“Why didn’t you let me tell Ah Fu?” Yang Hua looked at Mrs. Yang.

Mrs. Yang shook her head. if I say it, Ah Fu will only blame herself. It’s better not to say it. Baozhu, can you not tell Ah Fu about this later? ‘

This matter had nothing to do with Meng Fu.

However, Meng Fu knew that if yang zhaolin left the Research Institute because of this, he would definitely feel pressured.

This was also something that Mrs. Yang did not want to see.

Yang Hua was not stupid. She knew what Mrs. Yang was thinking.

She looked at Mrs. Yang and pondered for a while before saying, ‘”‘Alright,” he said..

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