Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 49 – Arduous Battle

Chapter 49 – Arduous Battle

Outside the pagoda, the gazes of everyone had converged onto the two large characters at the center of the pagoda.

At this moment, Qingxue who was advancing at the side had been disregarded by everyone.

Obviously, compared to Qingxue’s advancement into the First Heaven Realm, ascending into the 18th level was more shocking. This was normal because practically everyone in the surroundings had challenged the Sword Servant Pagoda in the past, and they knew how terrifying it was. Especially Elder Cao Huo and the other two elders, they were very clearly aware what ascending to the 18th level meant.

The main objective of the Sword Servant Pagoda was to test one’s potential. This potential didn’t refer to one’s cultivation, and it was one’s potential in battle instead. There had never been a lack of geniuses in this world, and it was even to the extent that there were people in the southern territory that were capable of surmounting one or even two ranks of cultivation to do battle. In other words, the true strengths of those with a higher cultivation realm might not be stronger than someone at a lower cultivation realm than them.

Cultivation realms weren’t the only standard to measure a person’s strength. However, having a high cultivation carried obvious benefits, and that was that the amount of Profound Energy one possessed would definitely be more abundant than someone at a lower cultivation realm. Moreover, when one advanced to certain realms, it would even provide some miraculous abilities.

For example, the reason the First Heaven Realm was more formidable than the Mortal Realm was that once one attained the First Heaven Realm, one would be able to absorb the invisible Spirit Energy in the heavens and the earth into one’s body. The Spirit Energy would fuse with the body and strengthen the body, and then it would extract Profound Energy from all over the body before further refining Profound Energy. Thus, allowing the Profound Energy to automatically absorb the Spirit Energy within the heavens and the earth to strengthen itself as it flowed and circulated in the body. After that, it would continue to ceaselessly remodel one’s body.

Of course, just as it was explained before, the First Heaven Realm wasn’t definitely able to defeat all Profounders at the Mortal Realm. Because there was no lack of various geniuses in this world, nor was there any lack of heaven defying cultivation techniques. Numerous top-rate cultivation techniques and external sources of strength were capable of allowing an expert at the Mortal Realm to possess strength comparable to the First Heaven Realm.

For example, the tiny vortex within Yang Ye’s body. The golden Profound Energy created by the tiny vortex was a type of heaven defying thing. In a certain sense, at that time, when the golden Profound Energy tempered his body, his body was already on par with the body of a First Heaven Realm expert, and it was even to the extent that it was stronger than some First Heaven Realm experts.

The reason Cao Huo and the others were shocked was that they thought Jiang Yuan had broken through in battle at the 18th level. So, since Jiang Yuan had ascended to the 17th level while at the Mortal Realm and advanced to the First Heaven Realm at the 18th level, it represented that Jiang Yuan didn’t just possess a formidable potential in combat, he possessed formidable natural talent as well.

A First Heaven Realm expert at the age of 16 who’d ascended to the 17th level while at the Mortal Realm before advancing into the First Heaven Realm at the 18th level. How could all of this not shock the three of them?

“Go notify that demonic woman. Tell her someone is about to break her record!” Qin Feng gazed at the two characters on the pagoda as he muttered in a low voice. Because since this person was able to ascend to the 17th level while at the Mortal Realm and has advanced into the First Heaven Realm now, then with this person’s combat strength, he felt that it ought to not be difficult for this person to pass through the 20th level.

A young man behind Qin Feng didn’t hesitate to turn around and flash towards the distance.

At the 18th level, Yang Ye ceaselessly waved the sword in his hand, and it carried numerous afterimages and sharp whistled as it tore through the air. On the other hand, his opponent, the Sword Servant, refused to show weakness as well, and the sword in its hand was ceaselessly being swung at a speed that was equal to Yang Ye. The two of them constantly exchanged blows, and it had already arrived at no less than a few hundred exchanges!

The strength of this Sword Servant at the 18th level had surprised Yang Ye. Especially its speed which was countless times swifter than the Sword Servant at the 17th level. Fortunately, he didn’t utilize the Reactive Strike, otherwise, he would have really been courting death. Because even in the best possible scenario, he would only be able to take the Sword Servant down with him as this Sword Servant’s attack speed was too swift.

If he hadn’t bitterly cultivated the Basic Sword Technique for two years, if he hadn’t tempered himself at the Grand Myriad Mountains, and if he hadn’t fought those Sword Servants from before, then he would definitely be defeated now.

Both Yang Ye and the Sword Servant didn’t utilize any sword techniques or sword qi, and they both just utilized the most basic moves to stab at each other and block each other’s attacks. Of course, it was impossible to utilize sword qi at such a close distance because sword qi required time to execute, and both of them lacked time the most. Both of them didn’t dare to utilize sword qi because the one that did would definitely be immediately stabbed in the heart!

The Sword Servant was in a better state because it only possessed combat instinct and didn’t possess any other emotions. Needless to say, the Sword Servant’s lack of intelligence was undoubtedly an advantage at this moment. Because it wouldn't become nervous or feel fear. Besides engaging in battle, it wouldn’t arouse any other negative emotions.

On the other hand, Yang Ye would. Even though he was fully concentrated on dealing with the Sword Servant’s attacks, he still had some negative emotions. However, these emotions were just forcefully suppressed by Yang Ye and were unable to erupt.

However, if this continued for long, then he would definitely be the first to be unable to hold on.

I can’t allow this to continue! Yang Ye thought in his heart as he swung the sword in his hand.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye stabbed his sword onto the Sword Servant’s sword, and he relied on the repulsive force on his sword to leap back lightly. Right at the instant Yang Ye leaped backward, the Sword Servant seized this opportunity to close the distance with Yang Ye, and then the sword in its hand emanated sword images that covered the sky as they enveloped Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged when sword images covered the sky as they assaulted him, and the sword in his hand left his grasp and shot out like a bolt of lightning.


Yang Ye’s sword was flicked away by the Sword Servant.

At the instant his sword was flicked away, Yang Ye’s enormous fists had suddenly appeared before the Sword Servant, and then he smashed one of his fists at the Sword Servant’s sword while his other fist smashed towards the Sword Servant’s chest.

These two fists that suddenly appeared caused the Sword Servant’s movements to stiffen for a moment. Obviously, it had never expected that Yang Ye would actually utilize his fists. However, the Sword Servant quickly counterattacked. The sword in its hand curved and stabbed towards Yang Ye’s chest at a strange angle.

A battle between experts could be decided in an instant. Right at the moment that the Sword Servant’s movements stiffened, Yang Ye’s right fist had already blasted directly onto the Sword Servant’s chest, whereas, the Sword Servant’s sword had arrived before Yang Ye’s chest. However, the Sword Servant’s sword had just pierced through Yang Ye’s skin when it was blasted flying by the enormous force contained within Yang Ye’s fist.

At the instant Yang Ye’s fist had just come into contact with the Sword Servant’s chest, Yang Ye relaxed his fist and pressed his fingers to form a sword, and then he swiped it lightly. Two strands of sword qi stuck close to the Sword Servant’s body as it flew backward. In the air, the Sword Servant’s speed gradually decreased, allowing the two strands of sword qi to pierce through it, causing the Sword Servant’s figure to gradually vanish.

At the instant the Sword Servant’s body and its sword vanished, a wisp of fresh blood flowed out from Yang Ye’s chest.

Even though he was clearly aware that this was an illusion and he wouldn’t die here, Yang Ye still felt the aura of death at that instant just now. Just like the 17th level, if he was just a little bit slower this time, then he would similarly have to stop here.

Yang Ye picked up his sword that the Sword Servant had flicked away earlier, and then he sat down cross-legged on the ground and analyzed his own performance.

This battle allowed Yang Ye to realize that perhaps his sword technique was already not bad, but in that battle with the Sword Servant just now, his sword technique and he himself had many inadequacies. His sword technique was inadequate in terms of speed because there were numerous occasions where he could only defend and not attack, and even if he noticed a flaw, he wasn’t able to strike in time.

His own inadequacies were in terms of lacking calm and composure. Especially when he was in a disadvantaged position at the end of the battle, and he’d obviously become impatient at that time. Even though the risk he took paid off in the end, it was something that he’d gambled on.

It could be said that he wasn’t satisfied with his performance in this battle because he didn’t like gambling. If he was able to maintain his calm and composure, then even if he wasn’t able to defeat the Sword Servant with his sword technique, he would still be able to fight it for a period of time. On the other hand, gambling stressed upon luck, and Yang Ye didn’t like entrusting his life to something as superficial as luck.

Looks like my combat experience is still slightly insufficient. After I leave this pagoda, I must carry out a great deal of actual combat if I have the chance. It’s best to carry out life and death battles with the Darkbeasts in the Grand Myriad Mountains. Only ceaseless life and death experiences will allow me to become stronger and stronger, and only then will I be able to open up a path onto that Ascension Rankings! After he finished summarizing everything, Yang Ye stood up and gazed towards the 19th level. He’d already experienced the strength of the Sword Servant at the 18th level, and it could be said to be the strongest expert below the First Heaven Realm that he’d encountered. So how formidable would the Sword Servant at the 19th level be?

This time, Yang Ye didn’t ascend to the 19th level immediately, and he sat cross-legged on the ground instead. He utilized the golden Profound Energy to repair that injury on his chest because he didn’t dare to be careless at all when facing his next opponent, and he intended to fight that battle at his peak state. Otherwise, it was very likely that the 19th level would be the last level he overcame.

While Yang Ye rested at the 19th level, Jiang Yuan had fought for almost four hours before stabbing through the Sword Servant after it revealed a flaw. However, he was in an extremely sorry state as well. At this moment, he wasn’t composed and carefree as he was in the past. The clothes on his body were already in rags while there were even a few bloody marks on his face, and he directly fell weakly to the ground after he dealt with this Sword Servant.

After gasping for a few mouthfuls of breath, he said in a low voice, “What an abnormal Sword Servant and what freakish combat strength. It actually almost killed a First Heaven Realm expert like me. In the past, when Ancestor said that utilizing external forces to advance to the First Heaven Realm was flawed, he was probably right. Alas, I shouldn’t have listened to my father and consumed a medicinal pill to advance to the First Heaven Realm!”

Yes, his cultivation had been improved through external forces. At that time, he was clearly aware that it would cause imperfections in his cultivation, but he still consumed that medicinal pill in the end. He’d done it for none other than reputation. Because a ninth rank Mortal Realm expert at the age of 16 was already extremely rare in Snow River City, so what if that 16 year old was a First Heaven Realm expert?

If it was a 16 year old First Heaven Realm expert, then it would be extremely good even in an entire State. For the sake of allowing his reputation as a genius to rise a level higher, he’d consumed that medicinal pill in the end and improved his cultivation to the First Heaven Realm. However, he regretted his decision now because if he’d cultivated normally to the First Heaven Realm, then he would definitely not be reduced to such a sorry state by the Sword Servant.

“Alas!” Jiang Yuan sighed, and then he looked at the 15th level. He hesitated for a moment before he revealed a firm expression and said, “Even though I’ve firmly occupied the first position now, if I ascend another level, then it would definitely arouse the attention of the Sword Sect’s elders. I must pass through the 15th level!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Yuan sat cross-legged on the ground and silently recovered his Profound Energy.

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