Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 28 – Unexpected Even

Chapter 28 – Unexpected Even

After he returned to his senses, Yang Ye hurriedly checked the situation within his body. Just as he’d expected, the grey wolf that he’d originally bashed up to the point of being on the verge of death was sizing up the surroundings within his Vortex Dantian with curiosity.

After being momentarily stunned by the scene before it, the grey wolf revealed an extremely delighted appearance just like the violet mink had when it just entered his Dantian, and then it started ceaselessly roaming about within his Vortex Dantian….

After roaming for a while, the grey wolf noticed the pool of Profound Energy, and this discovery was extraordinary to it. It seemed like a man that had been hungry for a few days and had finally encountered a plate of meat, and even its eyes turned red. However, the grey wolf didn’t charge into it and start bathing in it as the little fellow had. It paced up and down by the side of the pool, and it wanted to jump in yet seemed to be fearful of something….

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at the violet mink before him. Needless to say, this was extremely shocking to him. He’d truly never imagined that the little fellow could actually send Darkbeasts into his Vortex Dantian. Moreover, after the grey wolf entered his Dantian, it seemed to be extremely happy, and this caused Yang Ye to be extraordinarily bewildered.

Why was the little fellow able to enter his vortex? Why was the little fellow able to send Darkbeasts into the vortex? Why would the grey wolf fear the little fellow? What exactly was that vortex? Why was it so miraculous?

A string of questions appeared in Yang Ye’s mind, but he was bound to be unable to figure out the answer.

Because after he asked the little fellow about all of this, the little fellow was even more bewildered than he was, and it ceaselessly shook its little head to indicate it didn’t know why. Or perhaps it was hiding something.

Yang Ye gave up on pursuing an answer, and then he pointed at the location his Dantian resided and said, “Can it help me to fight in the future?”

The little fellow didn’t possess any combat strength, and he could accept this because the little fellow was extremely cute and little. However, if this wolf didn’t help him fight, then he wouldn’t allow the wolf to eat and live within him for free.

The violet mink blinked, and then it nodded.

Yang Ye started laughing when he saw the little fellow nod, and he laughed in a slightly complacent manner. It was a ninth rank Darkbeast! A ninth rank Darkbeast as his goon! Just thinking about it was extremely delightful!

After his excitement passed, Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head and nodded with satisfaction, and then he said, “Mmm, you did very well, little fellow. Hmm, that grey wolf is your underling, and you have to teach it well and make it obedient, understand?”

Yang Ye wasn’t stupid. The grey wolf was hostile towards him, yet it wasn’t hostile to the little fellow, and it was even very fearful of the little fellow. So, the responsibility of disciplining could only be given to the little fellow.

The violet mink blinked and then nodded.

People are always in high spirits after encountering happy events. A brilliant smile was constantly present on Yang Ye’s face after he left the cave, and he’d already started thinking of a grand plan. His Vortex Dantian was extremely big, and it ought to not be a problem for it to accommodate a few hundred Darkbeasts. If he had around 100 ninth rank Darkbeasts, then he would even be able to crush a First Heaven Realm expert!

Yang Ye became more and more delighted and excited as he thought about this and he seemed to be already able to see the scene of a pile of Darkbeasts appearing with a swing of his arm.

Suddenly, the smile on Yang Ye’s face froze.

In the next moment, he entered into a dense bush as swiftly as he could. At the same time, he hurriedly held his breath with concentration and made himself into a statue!


Right at this moment, through the spaces between the dense bush, Yang Ye saw a faint black shadow approach from afar with extreme speed. The black shadow was swift like a ghost, and as the black shadow flashed on the treetops, the trees didn’t even shake in the slightest. With a few flashes, the black shadow descended merely around 40m away from Yang Ye.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he cursed this person’s entire family in his heart. You just had to run over to me. How can my tiny body endure the trouble caused by all of these monsters?

The black shadow wore a black robe, and he didn’t continue fleeing after descending to the ground. He flipped his right hand instead, and a bloody blade that seemed as if it was forged from fresh blood appeared in his hand.

The bloody blade was extremely unusual, and the stench of blood within it was something Yang Ye could smell clearly from around 40m away.

Right at this moment, a white shadow flew over from afar on a sword. Yang Ye’s heart thumped when he saw the appearance of this woman. The woman wore a moon white dress, she had willow shaped brows, slanted eyes, snow white skin, cherry lips, and a flawless face that was crystalline like jade. As she stood on the enormous green colored sword, her white dress fluttered, and she seemed otherworldly, noble, and pure like a celestial maiden. It seemed as if it was a sin just to take a glance at her.

The woman was extremely swift, and she was even slightly faster than the blade shadow. In practically an instant, she’d arrived near the black shadow, and she stood on a treetop while she pointed the green sword in her hand at the black robed man. Moreover, there were a few strands of fierce sword qi flickering ceaselessly on the sword.

How beautiful! How formidable! As he looked at the woman that seemed like a celestial maiden, Yang Ye gulped. She’s able to fly with a sword, so she’d at least at the Spirit Realm.

Of course, he wasn’t concerned about their strengths, and he was concerned about whether the two of them were about to fight. If they were to fight here, then with their strengths, probably the slightest aftershock would be able to annihilate him 10 times over!

“Fairy Su, you really do refuse to go away! You’ve been chasing me for a few days now. Do you really think I’m afraid of you?” The black robed man gazed at the woman that stood on the treetop, and he spoke with a hoarse voice. His voice was extremely unpleasant, and it was like a sharp object scratching on a rock and was extraordinarily jarring to the ear.

“Bloodhand, why waste your breath? Since your Ghost Sect dared to come to kill at my Sword Sect, then you ought to have thought about the consequences. You can dream of fleeing today!” The woman called Fairy Su spoke in cold voice.

The Ghost Sect? The Sword Sect? Yang Ye was shocked in his heart. This woman is actually a member of the Sword Sect!? Right, she was able to fly with a sword, and her sword even emanating such fierce sword qi! Doesn’t that belong precisely to the Sword Sect?

“Flee?” Bloodhand laughed coldly, and then he looked over to the spot where Yang Ye was hiding.

Shit! Yang Ye cried out in his heart when he saw the black robed man look over towards him.

Right when Yang Ye was about to flee, a strand of blood red light had already struck his chest, and he let out a shrill cry before his figure that just stood up fell flat on the ground again.

“As expected of you, you aren’t even willing to spare a Mortal Realm Profounder!” The woman’s expression turned even colder when she saw Bloodhand execute a lethal strike against a Profounder at the Mortal Realm.

“Spare?” Bloodhand laughed with ridicule and said, “Now is the time to fight a battle of life and death, and I don’t want any variable to appear.” As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly slashed the bloody blade in his hand towards the white clothed woman, and then a bloody glow that was over 30m long flashed out from it before it shot fiercely towards the woman who stood on the treetop. The bloody glow seemed as if it was condensed into form by countless strands of blood, and a bloody smell of blood effused out from the bloody glow and covered the heavens and the earth.

The white clothed woman’s expression remained unchanged when she saw the bloody glow shoot towards her. Right when it was about to arrive before her, the white clothed woman’s figure flashed like a spirit and instantly vanished on the spot.

She appeared on the ground next, and the sword in her fair hand carried a revolving gale as it stabbed forcefully towards Bloodhand.


The bloody glow blasted onto an enormous tree behind the white clothed woman, and the enormous tree was instantly split into two while bits of wood shot through the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the sword in the woman’s hand was pressing down towards Bloodhand. Bloodhand’s eyes focused while his right leg suddenly stomped on the ground, and his figure leaped up. His hands held onto the bloody blade in his hand as it emanated a sharp whistle through the air, and then it slashed down fiercely at the woman.

The woman’s eyes narrowed slightly upon noticing the bloody blade’s approach, and she flicked her sword upwards.


The two of them collided directly with each other, and sparks shot out from the point of the collision. At the instant they collided, a few strands of sword qi suddenly left the woman’s sword, and they slashed towards Bloodhand’s neck.

Bloodhand’s expression turned grim when he noticed the sword qi approaching him. Fortunately, he’d fought the white clothed woman a few times now, and he’d taken precautions since the beginning.

When the sword qi left her sword, a few strands of bloody light surged out from Bloodhand’s body, and these bloody lights formed a blood red barrier around him. Along with a few clangs resounding through the air, those few strands of sword qi didn’t cause any trouble to Bloodhand before they were completely dispersed. On the other hand, the barrier formed from the strands of bloody light instantly broke up into their previous form and assaulted the woman’s face.

The woman’s beautiful brows knit together upon noticing this, and her body suddenly leaned back like it had been split into two. After that, her wrist spun and the sword in her hand slashed horizontally in an extremely natural manner. At the same time, a few strands of sword qi on the sword had shot out from it, and they shot towards the vital points throughout Bloodhand’s body.

Bloodhand’s eyelids twitched when he sensed the sword slash towards his stomach and those strands of fierce sword qi assaulting him. His wrist moved to place the bloody blade horizontally before him, and then his right leg tapped lightly on the ground, causing his figure to shoot backward. During the process of his retreat, the bloody blade in his hand spun without end.

Ding! Ding!

All the strands of sword qi were blocked off. However, after he did that, Bloodhand’s expression changed once more. He saw a cold glow flash before a sword and a few strands of sword qi were stabbing towards his face.

Bloodhand didn’t dare be careless when facing this attack. His right leg stomped once more on the ground, and his figure shot backward like a cannonball.

The woman didn’t stop, and she transformed into a shadow while the sword in her hand was like a whirlwind and it carried a few strands of fierce sword qi as it stabbed explosively towards Bloodhand.

How formidable! After he witnessed the battle between them, Yang Ye who lay in the bushes was shocked in his heart. He’d naturally not died. Because when the bloody red light had just shot towards him, Yang Ye had forcefully twisted his body, causing that blood red glow that was originally targeted at his heart to strike his left chest instead. Even though there was a hole in his left chest, it wasn’t lethal!

He wanted to flee, yet he didn’t dare flee. Even though the two of them were in an intense battle, it was simply too easy for them to kill him!

So, he continued laying on the spot and watched their battle.

Yang Ye was extremely shocked by the sight of their battle. Especially that woman’s sword technique. Every single sword strike carried a few strands of sword qi as it attacked, and that sword qi was extremely troublesome to the black robed man, causing him to be hesitant, cautious, and not dare to exchange blows with her for extended periods of time.

It really was like a single sword that could overcome all techniques!

As he gazed at the whirlwind and sword qi, Bloodhand revealed a wisp of a savage expression, and the bloody blade in his hand suddenly started to tremble.

Bloodhand let out a furious shout before the bloody blade suddenly slashed down!

In an instant, a bloody glow that was numerous times larger than before shot out explosively from the tip of the bloody blade, and everywhere it passed, a deep trench appeared on the ground.


The bloody glow collided forcefully with the whirlwind. Instantly, numerous blast waves appeared out of thin air within the forest. The waves swept swiftly towards the surroundings, and everywhere they passed, all plants and trees were completely destroyed. They left a mess in their wake!


Right at this moment, a delicate shout resounded amidst the blast waves. 10 strands of sword qi shot out explosively from within the blast waves, and they were lined up in a row and seemed to tear air apart. Everywhere they passed, numerous sharp sounds of the air being torn apart resounded.

As he gazed at these 10 strands of sword qi, Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. This woman has actually cultivated the Energy Split Sword Technique to the highest level, and she’s even able to make it attack in this sort of way. She’s too… too formidable!

Bloodhand’s expression was extremely heavy when he saw those 10 strands of sword qi shoot explosively towards him. He stretched out his left hand before suddenly clenching it.

Instantly, a bloody glow effused out from the point he clenched his hand at, and it instantly formed into an extremely thick blood red shield that stood before him.


The 10 strands of sword qi collided one after the other with the enormous shield. Under the impact of the sword qi, Bloodhand’s figure was shaken to the point of retreating without end, and every single strand of sword qi that collided with that energy shield was able to cause it to dim down slightly.


When the ninth strand of sword qi collided with the shield, the shield instantly became extremely thin as if it was translucent.


When the 10 strands of sword qi collided with the shield, the shield instantly dispersed to reveal Bloodhand who stood behind it with a terrified expression!


A sword pierced through Bloodhand’s chest like a bolt of lightning, causing a strand of fresh blood to spray out. The white clothed woman flashed by Bloodhand and appeared behind him to catch her sword, and then her figure spun rapidly before she stabbed the sword through Bloodhand’s back.

At this moment, Bloodhand’s left hand was holding forcefully onto the tip of the sword that pierced through his chest from behind, and fresh blood instantly dyed the sword red.

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