Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 10 – Basic Sword Technique

Chapter 10 – Basic Sword Technique

On the Life and Death Arena, at a certain moment in time, both of them opened their eyes at the exact same moment before their gazes collided. Duan Jun’s eyes flashed with undisguised ghastly killing intent, whereas, Yang Ye’s eyes were calm and tranquil.

The two of them stood up. Duan Jun waved the Green Hornet Sword in his hand while he revealed a ridiculing smile and said, “Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. I’ll allow you to strike three moves against me first!” Even though Yang Ye was already a Profounder, he wasn’t afraid. Not only was he at least two ranks of cultivation higher than Yang Ye, his weapon and sword technique were things that Yang Ye didn’t possess. So, he was prepared to play the role of a cat that was playing with a mouse.

Idiot! Yang Ye cursed in his heart while walking towards Duan Jun with sword in hand. When he arrived two meters before Duan Jun, Yang Ye’s indifferent eyes suddenly flashed with a wisp of a savage expression. In the next moment, Yang Ye’s right leg suddenly stomped on the ground and relied on the force of this collision to shoot out like a cannonball and stabbed his sword at Duan Jun.

At the place where Yang Ye’s foot descended, the hard floorboard there had already completely sunken down now. Yang Ye had utilized his full strength in this strike!

At the instant Yang Ye’s figure had just charged out, the Outer Court Elder at the bottom of the arena who was originally on the verge of falling asleep had suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes revealed a wisp of surprise.

At the moment Yang Ye’s figure suddenly charged over, Duan Jun’s expression changed greatly, and his eyes were filled with terror. At such a close distance and coupled with Yang Ye’s sudden charge, he was utterly not in time to dodge or block the attack, and he could only watch as Yang Ye’s sword stabbed on his chest.


Yang Ye’s sword stabbed at Duan Jun’s chest, yet a clear and resounding sound of collision resounded, and then Duan Jun’s figure retreated by over 10 steps.

Yang Ye frowned when he noticed the sword actually hadn’t pierced into Duan Jun’s chest, and he didn’t pursue Duan Jun and looked at the green clothed man’s chest instead. He saw that a layer of silver light was ceaselessly flickering beneath the green clothed man’s clothes!

He’s wearing armor! When he thought up to here, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while the Profound Energy in his body surged.

Duan Jun took a deep breath while he felt a lingering fear in his heart. He glanced at his chest, and he saw that the high-grade Yellow Rank armor he wore had already sunken in!

What formidable strength! It was at least 500kgs of strength! Duan Jun had a solemn expression, and he knew that he’d underestimated Yang Ye.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Ye had blasted Duan Jun back with a single strike, and it caused all the Labor Disciples below to explode with an uproar. Moreover, some of their eyes even flickered with a glow of excitement. No matter what, Yang Ye was a Labor Disciple, and a Labor Disciple had blasted an Outer Court Disciple back. So, they were naturally excited!

“Even a lion utilizes its full strength when hunting a rabbit, yet this Duan Jun actually underestimated his opponent like that. He really is an idiot! Luckily, he was wearing an armor!” Jiang Qiushui’s expression was gloomy as he spoke after watching Duan Jun almost be instantly killed with a single strike.

The other Outer Court Disciples by his side nodded in agreement, and they heaved sighs of relief at the same time. They’d placed a good few months of Energy Stones on Duan Jun, and it was even to the extent that some greedy fellows had placed one or two years’ worth of Energy Stones on Duan Jun. If Duan Jun lost, then they would truly be unable to endure the consequences!

On the other hand, Bao’er had clenched her small fists tightly while her eyes flickered with the glow of excitement.

“I admit that I underestimated you slightly. However, I’ll tell you right now, you still have no chance because I’m going to get serious!” Duan Jun gazed at Yang Ye while the Profound Energy within his body circulated slowly, and as his Profound Energy poured ceaselessly into his sword, his sword actually started trembling slightly at this moment.

“A sword technique?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice when he noticed the light fluctuations being emanated from Duan Jun’s sword. After that, the light gold Profound Energy within his body poured into the sword in his hand. As soon as it entered the sword, a light golden glow instantly flickered into appearance on the sword in his hand. However, this glow was extremely weak, and it was utterly impossible to notice unless one inspected it carefully.

“Looks like Duan Jun is about to get serious!” Jiang Qiushui’s gloomy expression eased up slightly. “This time, he’ll determine the outcome with a single strike!”

“Duan Jun intends to utilize the Energy Split Sword Technique!” A wisp of a smile appeared on an Outer Court Disciple’s face. “The Energy Split Sword Technique is a high-grade Yellow Rank sword technique. Since Duan Jun dares to utilize it, then it represents that he’s able to execute a strand of sword qi. That Labor Disciple is dead!”

“The Energy Split Sword Technique? I never expected that Duan Jun has actually learned it. Hehe, that Labor Disciple is dead!”

“Haha! 300 Energy Stones, it’s sufficient for me to cultivate until the First Heaven Realm. Haha!!”

“Alas, if I knew Duan Jun has already cultivated a sword technique successfully, then I should have increased my bet. It was only 100 Energy Stones. What a waste!”

“Yeah, what a waste! Seriously, that Duan Jun really concealed his strength!”

At this moment, the Outer Court Disciples seemed as if they’d already seen piles of Energy Stones being placed before them.

When she noticed the excitement of these Outer Court Disciples, Bao’er grunted coldly with dissatisfaction, and then she glanced at Yang Ye while a wisp of worry flashed in her eyes.

Suddenly, a savage expression appeared abruptly in Duan Jun’s eyes, and he held the sword in his hand before suddenly slashing towards Yang Ye.

“Energy Split Sword Technique!” As soon as his voice resounded, a snow white strand of sword qi around a meter long shot out explosively towards Yang Ye from the tip of Green Hornet Sword. The speed of the sword qi was extremely swift, and it whistled as it arrived before Yang Ye in practically two breaths of time.

When the sword qi arrived a meter away from Yang Ye, he moved. His right leg stomped on the ground and relied on the strong repulsive force from this to shoot out swiftly, and at the same time, the sword in his hand stabbed towards the snow white strand of sword qi.


Perhaps because the force behind it was so enormous, everywhere Yang Ye’s sword passed, numerous fluctuations that were visible to the eye had appeared in the air, and it emanated a sharp sound from the air being torn apart.

“Waiting for the enemy to attack before reacting to it!” When he saw Yang Ye go head-on against it, the Outer Court Elder below the arena said in a light voice, “Interesting. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone cultivate the Basic Sword Technique to perfection. Not bad!”


The sword and snow white sword qi collided with each other, and an explosion resounded. After that, Yang Ye’s sword instantly sliced through the snow white sword qi like it was hot oil melting through snow, and then his speed didn’t reduce while he instantly arrived before Duan Jun with his sword in hand. After that, under Duan Jun’s astounded gaze, the sword swung swiftly towards his right and left legs!

Duan Jun’s face was covered in disbelief. Never had he imagined that the sword qi he executed would actually be so easily slashed into two by Yang Ye. That was a sword technique! However, before he could recover from his shock, Yang Ye had appeared once more before him, and he was terrified in his heart. He instinctively utilized the sword to block Yang Ye’s attack, and then retreated backward.

Ding! Ding!

Their swords collided without end and emanated the sounds of metal colliding, and it was like a beautiful musical composition.

When they saw Duan Jun being suppressed and ceaselessly retreating, all the Labor Disciples in the surroundings were utterly stunned. It wasn’t just the Labor Disciples, even the Outer Court Disciples nearby were stunned.

A Labor Disciple was suppressing an Outer Court Disciple in battle? Is that the number one piece of trash in history?

All the Outer Court Disciples at the side had shocked expressions. Never had they imagined that the sword qi would actually be cut apart by Yang Ye. Exactly what sort of strength and speed would be needed to accomplish that? Originally, they wouldn’t care even if Duan Jun lost, but now, if Duan Jun lost, then they wouldn’t be able to repay that little girl even if they sold themselves!

When she saw Yang Ye slash through the sword qi with a single strike, a smile bloomed on Bao’er’s face, and her lively eyes flickered with the glow of excitement.

In the arena, Yang Ye was actually able to finish Duan Jun since a long time ago, and the reason he hadn’t finished Duan Jun was that he was training his sword. He was extremely familiar with the Basic Sword Technique, and he was able to execute it even with his eyes closed. However, he lacked actual combat, and since he had a chance now, he would naturally not let it go.

Yang Ye felt more and more relaxed, and his attacks grew more and more smooth as he fought, whereas, the battle grew more and more exhausting and strenuous for Duan Jun. Yang Ye actually merely utilized a few moves throughout the battle. Even though it was only a few moves, those moves were a great headache to Duan Jun when utilized in a nimble manner. Moreover, Yang Ye’s speed and strength were shocking to him, and he’d never imagined that the Basic Sword Technique actually possessed such might!

“It’s about time to end it!” As he sensed himself being more and more skilled in the Basic Sword Technique, the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth curled up into an arc. After that, the sword in his hand sped up, and he launched a ferocious attack against Duan Jun.

When he saw Yang Ye suddenly attack ferociously, Duan Jun panicked in his heart, and his sword moves fell into disorder. Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and his sword stabbed straight towards Duan Jun’s chest. This caused Duan Jun to be shocked and immediately blocked it. Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s sword suddenly changed from stab to slash, and it pierced into Duan Jun’s right hand at an extremely tricky angle.


A strand of fresh blood sprayed out from the injury on his right hand. The intense pain at that instant caused Duan Jun to let out a shrill cry, and then the Green Hornet Sword in his hand fell from his grasp and onto the arena. At the same time, a sword that was covered in a cold glow touched his neck.

Duan Jun had lost!

When they saw Yang Ye’s sword touch Duan Jun’s neck, the clamorous noise in the surroundings had vanished at this moment, and there wasn’t a single sound coming from below the arena. Everyone was utterly stunned, and even a falling pin could be heard.

“Hahaha!!!” Bao’er roared with laughter while she glanced at all the Outer Court Disciples around her. She seemed as if she was saying. ‘Look, I had the better foresight!”

At this moment, all of those Outer Court Disciples still had stunned expressions. Never had they imagined that Duan Jun would still lose after utilizing a sword technique, and they were unable to accept such an outcome even until now.

In the arena, Yang Ye gazed at green clothed man whose eyes were filled with terror, and he said, “I can spare your life!”

Duan Jun revealed a delighted expression when he heard this, and then he said, “Really?”

As if he’d thought of something, he continued. “Go, go ahead and tell me your conditions!”

“Your cultivation resources and gold coins!” said Yang Ye.

“Alright! Alright!” Duan Jun hurriedly nodded, and then he withdrew a pouch and a silver colored card before passing it to Yang Ye. He said, “There are 20 Energy Stones here, I just received them today. On the other hand, this card has around 10,000 gold coins within it, and it can be utilized all over the Grand Qin Empire!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids jerked when he heard there were 10,000 gold coins within it, and then he put away the pouch and card.

When he saw Yang Ye put them away, a wisp of resentment flashed in the depths of Duan Jun’s eyes, and he said in his heart, Just you wait, I’ll repay the enmity of today by 100 times in the future.

After he confirmed there were indeed 20 Energy Stones within the pouch, Yang Ye smiled as he nodded to Duan Jun. When he saw Yang Ye smile, Duan Jun heaved a sigh of relief. However, right at this moment, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while he swung the sword in his hand towards Duan Jun’s arms and legs!

“AH!!!” A shrill and miserable cry instantly resounded on the arena. Duan Jun’s hands and legs were chopped off, causing fresh blood to spray out like a fountain from Duan Jun’s arms and legs, and the intense pain from this caused Duan Jun’s entire face to twist and warp.

“Why? Why? Why!!!?” Duan Jun lay on the ground while he shouted hysterically at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “I told you I wouldn’t kill you, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t cripple you. I wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace while keeping a disaster alive by my side!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and withdrew an Energy Stone to recover the Profound Energy within his body.

Duan Jun was angered to the point of spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, and then he started cursing furiously and hysterically on the ground.

The Outer Court Elder below the arena glanced indifferently at Duan Jun who lay on the ground, and then he shook his head before instructing others to take Duan Jun away.

“Hey, hand over the Energy Stones!” Bao’er ran over to Jiang Qiushui and the others, and then she stretched out her small hand and said, “I’ve counted it, and all of you have to give me a total of 390,000 Energy Stones. Quickly hand it over!”

When they heard this, the countenance of all of the Outer Court Disciples here instantly turned ghastly pale.

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