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Chapter 50: The counterattack in adversity

Chapter 50: The counterattack in adversity

“Colored Arm!” Without a word, Wang Lufei crossed his arms and received a blow with his Colored Arm.

“Is it a Blood Tiger, the beast in the early Spirit Vein Realm? Today, I will kill you!” Wang Lufei was fighting mightily, and he squatted on the ground, clenched his fist and posed by touching the ground with his fist.

“Eight Gates Release … First Gate! Open!” Wang Lufei had a few confrontations, and he was already familiar with the attack method of this Blood Tiger, so he stopped hesitating and opened the First Gate.

Boom boom boom!

Within a meridian in Wang Lufei’s body, the strength of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body was reversed, and while he suffered from the severe pain, it also gave Wang Lufei a powerful force.


Wang Lufei stomped and rose in the air, raising his right fist.

“Die!” Wang Lufei punched out and hit the Blood Tiger’s head fiercely.

The Blood Tiger was hit by the punch and fell on the ground, vomiting blood, but then roared furiously. The tiger’s tail flicked, and Wang Lufei vomited blood and flew out.

“One gate is not enough? Then two!”

Wang Lufei landed, but he said nothing. He opened another gate.

Suddenly, a more powerful and terrifying aura burst out. This time, the Blood Tiger also seemed to perceive the danger, and for the first time, began to retreat.

Because Wang Lufei’s aura was even more terrifying than before.


The Blood Tiger turned around and wanted to run.

“Want to run?” Wang Lufei smiled disdainfully and raised his left hand.

“Frost Arrow!” A Frost Arrow flew and hit the blood tiger’s right foot.

Suddenly, the frost was filled, and the Blood Tiger’s movements were a lot slower.


Wang Lufei stomped and jumped seven or eight meters into the air before rushing to the Blood Tiger.

“Die!” Wang Lufei struck with heavy fists. He clasped his fists together, and after the power of the jet black Colored Arm, it fell on the head of the Blood Tiger.


The bone-shattering and explosion sounded, and the Blood Tiger’s skull, including its brain, was smashed.

Huh …

Watching the Blood Tiger fall, Wang Lufei slowly stopped the reversal technique.

After a while (the time enough to burn an incense stick), Wang Lufei used the strength of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body normally, and he basically recovered the damage caused by opening two gates.

“The next one!” Wang Lufei turned his gaze to look for the next beast.

At this time at another place, a huge bull with a length of seven or eight meters, burning with flames, was attacking a figure.

ID: Indomitable Bear.

This bull was astonishingly one of the powerful monsters in the mid-Spirit Vein Realm, the Blazing Mad Bull!

The Blazing Mad Bull opened its big mouth and sprayed flame towards Indomitable Bear. It covered a radius of tens of meters, blocking all the hiding places around the Indomitable Bear.


As soon as Indomitable Bear raised his hand, he threw his hands out and hung the rope high on the treetops. Immediately, Indomitable Bear grabbed the rope and jumped, swinging, and avoiding the jet of flame.

“Go!” With a strong wave, Indomitable Bear threw a bottle at the Blazing Mad Bull.

The bottle exploded when it hit the flames of the Blazing Mad Bull and turned into a large cloud of smoke, blocking its line of sight.


The Blazing Mad Bull closed its eyes to the smoke, its tears kept streaming down, and it couldn’t see the surrounding situation for a while.

Seizing this opportunity, Indomitable Bear rushed to the side of the Blazing Mad Bull. Following up, Indomitable Bear made a strong jump and rode on the back of the Blazing Mad Bull.


The bull was furious, jumping wildly, trying to shake off Indomitable Bear. But Indomitable Bear exerted force on his strong legs, clamped tightly, even pulled out the dagger from his shoe, and stabbed it into the neck of the Blazing Mad Bull.

“Colored Arm!” With a strong growl, Indomitable Bear’s right hand, which was holding the dagger, was dyed jet black. With great force, a huge hole was made in the neck of the Blazing Mad Bull.

The blood spurted out. Indomitable Bear firmly followed the Blazing Mad Bull, and after his feet loosened, he landed easily.

Although the bull struggled madly, it bled too much and eventually fell to the ground.

Hoo … Exciting! It’s so cool!” After successfully single-handedly killing the Blazing Mad Bull, Indomitable Bear could not help but raise his arms and shout.

“This is the game I want!

“This is the challenge I want!

“Wandering endlessly, there will be more challenges!” Indomitable Bear’s favourite thing was challenges.

He wasn’t afraid of monsters being strong. He was afraid of monsters with low intelligence, and there were too few types of monsters. If he killed it a few times, it would be tasteless.

But in these hundred thousand mountains, monsters seemed to be endless, and there were many kinds, all kinds. There was almost no repetition.

Even if Indomitable Bear ran away several times, he finally succeeded in killing the Blazing Mad Bull.

Indomitable Bear resolutely tidied up, marked the location of the Blazing Mad Bull’s corpse, and turned around and started looking for his next prey.

“The Brindle Python is about to launch a tumbling attack. Melee, retreat!” With a roar from Star, six players holding daggers and bone spears retreated.


A giant python that was more than 20 meters long was tumbling, smashing many bushes and rocks around it.

If it wasn’t for Star’s timely command, these melee players would be out cold.

“Team 2, Team 4, attack!” Star ordered through the voice function of the team system.

Immediately, eight players used Frost Arrow and shot one after another.

A series of Frost Arrows bombarded the python. Although it did not cause any damage, it successfully slowed the python.

“Team 5, launch a rope attack!” As soon as Star gave an order, there were four players waving ropes all over the python, and then, they tied the other end to the huge tree trunk.

After these four players turned their arms around, they pulled the rope tightly to restrict the movement of the python.

Hiss hiss!

The giant python was furious, and it exerted force. A player was hit by the snake’s tail, flew out, and was directly injured.

“Don’t rush, hold on! If you are injured, retreat. The others will continue!” Star commanded skillfully and adjusted according to the status of the players in the team.

After a stalemate, the smaller half of the python’s body was frozen into a block of ice by the continuous Frost Arrows. A dozen ropes also greatly restricted its movement.

The opportunity is here!

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