All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 46: The Sect Master Leads The Disciples

Chapter 46: The Sect Master Leads The Disciples

Yan Huang Sect Hall.

He Yiming opened his eyes and let out a long breath. “Huh … the injuries finally healed! This Azure Emperor Immortal Body is too strong. In such a short amount of time, it has helped me recover from all of my injuries, and I even broke through!” He Yiming flipped his palm and took out a fist-size inner pill.

If there was no system, He Yiming would’ve refined this inner pill into a high-grade condensing pill to improve his cultivation.

A high-grade condensed spirit pill could greatly increase one’s cultivation base, and even have a small chance of helping break through to the peak of the Spirit Vein Realm in one breath. But …

Thinking of the players, He Yiming pondered for a while, and then made a decision. With the matter of Karmic Luck, it would only be a matter of time before he broke through to the peak of the Spirit Vein Realm, so it was better to refine it into a high-grade Spirit Ascension Pill!

As long as the spirit grasses in the Spirit Grass Field matured, they could be refined into Spirit Pills from the inner pill of the Deep Sea King, and they were highly likely to be top grade.

After all, there were many formulas for the Spirit Pill, and the main ingredients of the inner pill were basically all top-grade!

After all, a hundred years of cultivation towards the Foundation Establishment Realm was not a joke. It was very difficult to kill a Foundation Establishment monster, and it was even more difficult to get its inner pill. Because many monsters would explode when they died, they would rather destroy their inner pill than let the cultivators acquire it.

With a decision, He Yiming put away the inner pill.

“Brother Ming? Are you there?” Suddenly, the voice of a player rang in the hall.

“Yes!” He Yiming thought for a while and walked out of the secret room.

It was Wang Lufei.

“Wang Lufei, what’s the matter?” He Yiming smiled slightly, looking like an elder asking with concern.

“The disciple … has some questions about cultivation, and I want to ask Brother Ming for some advice!” Wang Lufei hurriedly replied.

“Okay, let’s talk!”

“It’s just that …” Wang Lufei nodded, and directly reversed the Azure Emperor Immortal Body.


Soon, the blood was filled, and Wang Lufei’s body began to boil and become damaged, but his aura also became extremely strong.

It’s just that He Yiming knew that although he had temporarily gained power comparable to that of the Spirit Vein Realm, he would only shatter his meridians and become a useless person in the end.

“Brother Ming, I always feel the potential of this reversal method is endless! But when I circulate it, the effect is not what I want! Is there a way to solve it?” Wang Lufei stopped reversing the technique and looked up expectantly to He Yiming.

Wang Lufei was not convinced. He researched the reversal of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body and had entered second gear.

It turned to acupuncturing after fighting the Deep Sea King for a long time. There were even some friends on the forum who had given him the nickname, Acupuncture King, Wang Lufei!

That’s why Wang Lufei couldn’t wait to find He Yiming. If someone in this world of cultivation played like this, He Yiming could say that he was suicidal.

But if it was a player, then, what if their meridians were broken? They could be resurrected, why would they be afraid of this?

“Naturally!” He Yiming smiled. “The Azure Emperor Immortal Body is one of the ten strongest divine bodies!

“If you reverse the operation in one breath, not only can the body not bear it, but the strength is too chaotic, and the conflicts cancel each other out. This results in a little increase in your power!

“It’s not as good as when you first reverse one meridian, and after you adapt, reverse two more and gradually improve!

“In this way, not only will the duration of power will be greatly lengthened, but the power can also be gradually increased to far beyond what you are capable of now!” He Yiming explained.

To talk about the understanding of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, who could compare to He Yiming who had perfectly controlled it?

“In other words … is it equal to Eight Gates? Reversing one meridian is equivalent to opening one? Brother Ming, I get it!”

[TL/N: In reference to Might Guy’s Eight Gates in Naruto]

“No, the operating mechanism of the Azure Emperor Longevity Body is not …”

“Eight Gates. Hold the grass. I found Eight Gates?”

“Wait, the operating rules of the meridians are not what you think …”

“Hahaha, I, Wang Lufei, am indeed a genius! Brother Ming!”

“Well, congratulations, you have created Eight Gates!” He Yiming was convinced. Facing a teenager, it was better to … just follow their ideas.

As long as Wang Lufei is happy! Why would I correct his obsession? Let’s wash up and go to sleep.

“Thank you, Brother Ming!” Wang Lufei respectfully saluted, then rushed out.

“Brother Ming?” As soon as Wang Lufei left, First Ice Man came in.

“Huh? Do you need something?” He Yiming asked curiously.

“Brother Ming, I have been studying the Cold Ice technique for a long time … But the previous battle, my three-in-one attack did not work at all! Is there really no chance for the Cold Ice Technique?”

Before facing the Deep Sea King, First Ice Man’s nirvana, the Frost Charge Kick, did not even break the Deep Sea King’s skin.

First Ice Man was very unwilling.

“Your cultivation level is only at the Body Forging Realm, while the Deep Sea King is at the Foundation Establishment Realm. The gap in cultivation level is high.”

“But, you might as well change your mind!”

“Your power alone is ultimately limited! But, what if you gather a few people, ten people, or even a hundred people and use it together?” He Yiming smiled slightly.

It’s normal in this world of cultivation to work together to use powerful spells. In Haotian Academy, there were more than a dozen of these methods. After He Yiming taught the easiest and most useful one to First Ice Man, he thanked him excitedly and left.

“Brother Ming, are you free?” As soon as He Yiming sent off First Ice Man, Star came in.

“If you have something to say, you are welcome!” He Yiming nodded.

“Brother Ming, I know how to battle, but I can’t command them well!

“As a result, I have no tactical ideas. The team members also can’t follow my command in time!

“Is there any sound transmission spells, or … can add some team interface, plug-ins … Hey, how can NPC know these …” When Star talked about the back-end technicalities, he was a little discouraged.

He Yiming was just an NPC, and he was telling him these game mechanics problems.

“I know what you mean!” He Yiming’s eyes lit up.

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