All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 41: Deep Sea King Is Too Naive

Chapter 41: Deep Sea King Is Too Naive

“Hold the grass, how did Brother Mian hide poison? Tell me?” Some players had yet to understand.

“Hey, these kids are too naive!”

“No, the Deep Sea King was too naive!”

“This old man can only give you a hint with the experience of a ten-year-old driver … In ancient times, there was thunder in the crotch, but now there is a face that hides drugs!”

Following the clues, all players instantly understood.

“Fuck! Actually …”

“It turned out that the chrysanthemum flower is hiding the poison?” First Ice Man had the slowest response, but he already understood.

He deserves to be the big brother! First Ice Man discovered that if he was on the first floor, then Ronal was on the second floor. However, Beef Noodles was already on the fifth floor.

“Damn …” Ronal was already severely poisoned, but Ronal was still in the Foundation Establishment Realm. After forcibly coagulating his blood and suppressing the spread of the poison, he began to gradually force the poison out of his body.

As long as Ronal had enough time (enough time to burn an incense stick), he could get rid of all the poison in his body.

But how could He Yiming miss this opportunity?

At this critical juncture when Ronal was extremely poisoned and unable to move, He Yiming leapt into the air, raising his right hand even more.

Above his fingers, golden thunder roared and surged like traction.

Boom boom boom!

In the sky, a terrifying thunder sounded, as if attracted by the power of He Yiming’s Heavenly Thunder Technique. A bolt of terrifying, massive lightning suddenly appeared in the sky, traversing a thousand miles.

One of the bolts suddenly got attracted to He Yiming’s Thunder Body.

It was nearly one meter thick and it fell on He Yiming’s right hand.

“Heavenly Thunder Technique!!!” He Yiming roared, and when the lightning fell, he waved his right hand and took advantage of the momentum to direct the lightning to Ronal.

Boom boom boom!

Thunder rushed towards Ronal. Ronal was extremely frightened, desperately trying to escape, but the poison in his body caused him to be paralyzed and slow to move.

“Damn, humans!!!” In the end, Ronal could only utter a desperate curse and was directly penetrated by that terrifying thunder.

Between the thunderous roars, a huge hole was blasted in Ronal’s body.

The huge bolt of lightning raged and completely shattered all of Ronal’s vitality. After He Yiming landed, Ronal was already dead. On his huge body, the huge bloody hole, which was close to two meters wide, was extremely shocking.

With the help of lightning, He Yiming finally succeeded in killing Ronal.


Congratulations to the host for completing the mission. Evaluation: S

Task Reward: Supreme Spirit Tool: Flying Sword Mingyue!

[TL/N: Ming Yue means Bright Moon]

With rewards of the system, He Yiming’s heart moved, and a silver flying sword appeared in front of his eyes.

The sword was clear and slightly transparent, with faint moonlight shining on it. There was no hilt. Instead, there was only a cylindrical end with a metallic texture flashing with runes.

Under the power of the system, Mingyue, the flying sword of the top spirit weapon level, had long been united with He Yiming’s mind.

He Yiming slightly moved, and Mingyue flew tens of meters, and then returned quickly.

“This reward is great!” He Yiming was overjoyed. But this was not the time to study the sword.

“Disciples …

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“With the battle against the Sea Race … We … won!!!” He Yiming stood up proudly, raised his right fist slowly, and shouted hard.

“Wow, we won?”

“Epic mission, succeeded?”

“Hold the grass. We finally won! It’s so special, it wasn’t easy!”

“This is an epic mission!”

“Fuck. This is the first time I was moved to tears when playing a game!”

“You are not alone!”

Many players were so excited, and some even wiped tears from the corners of their eyes.

Many players really thought that they had crossed into another world. Under the leadership of Brother Ming, they really resisted the Sea Race’s invasion and protected the Yan Huang Sect.

Especially for this epic mission, the plot had ups and downs. When Wang Lufei and others lost one after another, the players once thought that the mission was about to fail …

However, Beef Noodle hid poison in his chrysanthemum and reversed the situation. Then, Brother Ming showed off his mighty power and used lightning to kill the BOSS.

It was done in one go, and it was wonderful.

Every player was deeply moved.

“I’m here, I’m here. Where’s the BOSS?” At this time, Beef Noodle hurried over and asked loudly.

“Brother Noodles is here!”

“Brother Noodles, I am going to follow Brother Noodle from now on!”

“Hold the grass. The greatest assist must be rewarded to Brother Noodle!”

Many players were so excited that they rushed and held Beef Noodle high in the air.

“Huh?” Beef Noodles was confused.

“Brother Noodle, your chrysanthemum poisoning method is too awesome! I am deeply impressed!” First Ice Man also stepped forward and couldn’t help but flatter with admiration.

“What?” Beef Noodles looked dumbfounded.

Why do they think that I am hiding poison in my chrysanthemum?

But Beef Noodle quickly became serious and spoke lightly. “Yes … I had guessed that this BOSS would see through my first layer of disguise, and naturally prepared for it with both hands!” Beef Noodles said with a flushed face.

It seemed that all this was a premeditated one.

As for the truth, why would there be poison in my chrysanthemum? I have forgotten …

Let it be a secret forever! Beef Noodle whispered in his heart and decided to keep this secret forever …

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