All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 38: It Hurts A Little Bit!

Chapter 38: It Hurts A Little Bit!

Ronal didn’t move, his expressions were as if he was acting as a mere observer observing them all from above.

“Is your combo over? It hurts a little bit!” Ronal spoke lightly, then slapped Wang Lufei.


There was a roar. Wang Lufei spun for 3600 degrees before he finally landed.

“Oh, I got a little serious by accident! Maybe it was because of the heavy rain!” Ronal spoke slowly.

At this time, the weather was more gloomy, and the rain was getting heavier and heavier. Ronal’s aura constantly improved, becoming more and more terrifying.

His body, which was still close to a human form, was once again enlarged by three meters, reaching a full ten meters and more. His upper body was almost like a fish. He completely transformed into a monster.

Wang Lufei’s Second Gear streak not only did not hurt Ronal, but it also managed to incur Ronal’s ferocity.

“Hold the grass. Lufei attacked for a long time, but there wasn’t even a scratch on him!”

“This BOSS is too strong! How can we fight this?”

“This is why the Deep Sea King is at Dragon Level!”

“Be reasonable, who is the Deep Sea King? Why are you all calling this name?”

“You don’t even know who the Deep Sea King is? You’re still too wet behind your ears!”

“Guys, go offline and search for One-Punch Man!”

Seeing Wang Lufei’s sudden death, the players not only didn’t panic, but they were even more enthusiastic. There were even a few players who had already begun to shoot at Ronal.

After all, Star was in a coma. First Ice Man was lying flat, and even Wang Lufei was killed in seconds. Who else could fight Ronal, the Deep Sea King?

“Ahhhhhhh!” A crowd of players shouted.

Ronal decided to hunt some players to calm his hunger.

“Ah, don’t eat me!”

“Hold the grass. This BOSS is going to eat us!”


Many players saw Ronal and suddenly started to crawl in a hurry.

“None of you can escape! Hahahaha!” Ronal laughed, very satisfied with this feeling.

The lowly and weak human race should crawl around, frightened and desperate!

“Here comes the Sect Master. The leader of the Sea Race sure is huge!!!” A loud shout pierced the sound of rain!

Ronal turned his head and saw He Yiming walking slowly. As for the others besides He Yiming, Indomitable Bear and Evolutionary Player, he didn’t bother about them.

“Late Spirit Vein Realm …” Ronal saw through He Yiming’s cultivation level at a glance.

Among these small slags of Body Forging Realms, he is definitely the strongest!

“You are the Sect Master, right?” Ronal laughed and said ferociously.

“Yes! Sea monster … you dare to invade my Yan Huang Sect. I will kill you today!” He Yiming said every word with killing intent.

Between the Human Race and the Sea Race, there was no mercy; there were no second chances.

“The players are really not his opponents!” He Yiming glanced at the dam and saw the players lying on the ground.

Obviously, the player army had been destroyed. He could only rely on himself.

“Then go die! I will tear you up bit by bit in front of your disciples!!!” Ronal said fiercely and then stomped at He Yiming.

He Yiming was shocked, this Sea Race Foundation-Establishment powerhouse was so fast. It was far beyond He Yiming’s imagination.

“Colored Arm!!!” He Yiming let out a low growl, and the jet blackness colour around his left arm to block the blow.


He Yiming felt like he had been hit by a train. He flew, and his left arm was broken and shattered.


Before landing, He Yiming vomited blood.

“Colored Arm can’t stop it at all!” He Yiming was shocked.

“Huh? Even though he’s only at the later stage of Spirit Vein Realm, he managed to block this king’s serious blow?” Ronal was more shocked than He Yiming.

He was in the Foundation Establishment Realm. Even the strong, fleshy Ironscale Sea Race warriors at the pinnacle of Spiritual Vein Realm could never stop a serious blow from him. They would die!

This human cultivator, whose body is far inferior to the Sea Race, only broke his arm?

“Can’t fight melee!” He Yiming’s expression sank, and he immediately made the judgment.

“Retreat!” Without a word, He Yiming adjusted his figure in the air, and after landing, he slipped back and tried to get some distance.

Boom boom boom!

However, Ronal quickly chased him into a big pit, and he did not give He Yiming a chance to breathe.

Just when Ronal was less than ten meters away from He Yiming, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

“Heavenly Thunder Technique!” He Yiming suddenly shouted, and a golden thunder roared, directly hitting Ronal.

“Success?” He Yiming was overjoyed, but his complexion changed drastically.

“There is such a heaven-defying technique …” Ronal clutched a burning wound on his chest and whispered slowly.

Perceiving the crisis, Ronal raised his arms and removed most of the attacking power of Thunder.

Although the Heavenly Thunder Technique still penetrated his body, it did not cause much damage.

“It can hurt the king who is at the Foundation Establishment Realm. Your physique … is it a Heavenly Thunder Body?” Ronal suddenly said.

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