All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 371:

Chapter 371:

71: Despicable Outsiders! Shameless! (Part 2)

Mo Pura’s strongest blow rolled down like a mountain, crushing all the black sword qi that Ye Wuyou desperately cut out!

Looking at it, the match was about to be decided!

“Haha!” Ye Wuyou, who was forced into a desperate situation, suddenly laughed!

“???” Mo Pura was stunned for a moment, and then he felt a horrific crisis of life and death, which suddenly erupted behind him!

“Entering second gear!” He Yiming appeared directly behind Mo Pura, and he exploded without saying a word!

The next moment…

“Sword Intent! Hengtian!” “Sword Intent, Windchaser!”

“Sword Intent, Fusion!”

“Sword Intent, Breakthrough!”

“Sword Intent… Falling Star Galaxy!!!”

He Yiming didn’t talk about the so-called martial virtues at all. He seized the opportunity of Mo Pura’s full force attempt to crush Ye Wuyou, and the four great sword intents erupted at the same time, turning into four swords and slashing towards Mo Pura!

Almost at the same time, the four sword intents merged together and condensed into an incomparably powerful force!

“The sword falls to the galaxy!” He Yiming directly launched his most powerful move!

“Despicable outsider! Shameless!” Mo Pura frantically used all his cards and defensive measures, and finally blocked the four great swordsmanship slashes. He was also scarred and severely injured.

As a result, I saw the huge spirit sword that filled the sky crashing down and slashed at him!

“No!!!” Mo Pura let out a desperate roar, and was swallowed by the gigantic black sword.

Boom boom boom!

Hundreds of huge spirit swords were densely packed, falling down continuously, directly smashing the place into pieces!


He Yiming let out a long sigh, and after, he retrieved the magic core of Mopula’s twenty-nine to the magic mark. He looked at Mo Pura’s only incomplete demon head.

“It’s not dead yet? The life force of the Demon Race is really tenacious!” He Yiming couldn’t help but exclaim.

“The master of this demon……Lord Morisa, soon, will come here, all of the time…you, all of you will die, hahaha! Poha!” Before Mo Pura died, he came and said this last words. He vomited his last mouthful of blood and died completely.

Mo Pura didn’t think about it until he died.

The great traitor Ye Wuyou, the first demon general with breakthrough strength, turned out to be a bait!

He Yiming, the terrifyingly powerful He Yiming in control of the Four Major Achievement Sword Intent, was so despicable. He seized the crucial moment when he was about to crush Ye Wuyou, seized the moment when he was too excited and careless, and launched the attack on himself from behind. A sneak attack!

This exchange…

Mo Pura couldn’t stand it, and ended up dying.

“Your move is really despicable! However, it’s very practical!” Ye Wuyou sat on the ground, running the magic energy to heal the wound, glanced at Mo Pura, who couldn’t rest, and said immediately.

“It’s useful to talk about martial arts? I’m sorry, the blood is already being spilt. Should I just have let my disciples go!”

“I always only seek the most stable, most efficient, and the most likely to kill the enemy!”

“Which method has a higher chance of winning? I will use whichever one!”

He Yiming said calmly.

After all, players have countless lives, but only one of his!

“Although you won, but you have consumed so much. What if Morisa appears?” Ye Wuyou looked at He Yiming, but worried about this key issue.

The Million Demon Army Corps and the First Corps Commander Mo Pura have indeed been killed!

However, He Yiming, two times in a row, activated the four Major Achievement intents at the same time, and the consumption was simply not ordinary!

Even if he swallowed a medicine pill, he would not be able to recover immediaely!

This was not just the consumption of cultivation, but also the consumption of spiritual power and intent!

In Ye Wuyou’s opinion, He Yiming would have to rest for at least a few months before he could recover.

However, He Yiming laughed.

“It consumes a lot? It’s okay, as long as I break through to the peak of the Sea Wheel realm now, all problems will be solved!” He Yiming smiled slightly, and then said something that made Ye Wuyou stunned.

“I’ll let you see what it means to break the realm in three seconds!”

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